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  1. FloydHendershot

    2012 Chevy Malibu Interior Shots - Inside Line

    That elbow rest thing over the center console looks a bit obtrusive. Guess I will wait for more pictures.
  2. FloydHendershot

    FAIL: The General Lee's got nothing on this Flying Pontiac Firebird [VIDEO]

    Looked like he hit a drainage dip then clipped his left fender as he launched. Fortunately for him caused it to spin just enough.
  3. FloydHendershot

    When GM First Messed Up

    Yea, I, suppose but the bottom line is when this started really doesn't much matter. Whitacre was still probably learning to tie his shoes. 9 years? That's nothing.
  4. FloydHendershot

    When GM First Messed Up

    The w-body was a disaster from the start and took years to sweep up the mess left by Roger Smith. Just about every GM vehicle out now is a result of the combined efforts of the management that was unceremoniously and justifiably let go but maybe not for the reasons you are thinking. This is the pipe line that was and is still being constructed to even get to the point that it is now. The W-body too old? Sure but with what cash could they have used to develop a wholly new underpinning or even a revamped one that would not upset factories and contracts thus adding more cost and confusion to a catastrophe 50 years in the making. Unquestionably a 20 year old platform is too long but the updates kept it as relevant, practical and less costly than starting from scratch in the early 2000's. Even in 08 was still in top 10 selling cars (fleet or not) and this is the last year for the good old W and believe it or not was on its way out anyway. Just a matter of ...time. You want to discuss rearranging the chairs on the Titanic while simultaneously yelling full speed ahead into that rock look at GM in the 80's under Smith. His attention and understanding of the vehicle side of GM was uniquely aloof. It was not until J. Smith and later wagoner that meaningful steps were taken to ease the dysfunction and systemic meltdown long underway. Just a matter of ..time to see it through. And by no means is this to place sole responsibility on R. Smith because he came into a an already sinking ship, thus the above analogy. Interesting article from February of 1988. http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/1988/02/15/70199/index.htm
  5. FloydHendershot

    When GM First Messed Up

    Yup, time not a factor. Hard to believe it was Wagoner who let it all slip away! LINK. There were no sweeping changes and radical overnight turnarounds that ironically were only likely to happen thanks to bankruptcy and an economic implosion. There's your rub. To put it in such blunt terms with no elaboration is to grossly misunderstand the complexity, limits and challenges of the situation. It also dismisses the the success and achievements that were started by Jack Smith and furthered by succeeding CEOs. Had there been no economic collapse perhaps we would be writing and thinking differently of whom was at the helm at the time momentum seemingly shifted Admittedly, we will never know. Does Fritz get the "credit"? Whitacre? or perhaps it is just the dumb luck of being right place right time and all actions and results are independent of each other?
  6. Even more alarming 4 out of 5 don't know how badly they drive and 85% of all drivers self rate their driving in the top 10 % of "good" drivers. Something doesn't add up. :
  7. FloydHendershot

    Hawaii 5-0 Is Back In New CBS Remake

    Clever, you cheeky monkey. Hooray! Drop it like it's hot.
  8. FloydHendershot

    The Penis: Things You Didn't Know

    Well the worst thing you didn't know about being a penis is you live with two nuts, your neighbor is an asshole, your best friend is a pussy and your owner beats you every day. Some life. For some their best friend is an asshole, too
  9. FloydHendershot

    The Road Ahead

    Looks like it is between Dead Man's Curve and Colostomy Corner.
  10. FloydHendershot

    Beijing 2010: BMW surprises with Concept Gran Coupé

    About time. Something from BMW I would consider. Been a while.
  11. FloydHendershot

    Is Ed Whitacre the next Lee Iacocca?

    Ed: You guys working hard? Crew: Yes, Sir. Ed: Can you work harder? Crew: YES, Sir! Ed: Ok then.
  12. FloydHendershot

    General Motors Sales March 2010

    It's not that hard to believe with the media blitz and all the cash and incentives tacked on. If you believe numbers the sales increase was more in the 32%-42% range. Unless of course you want to count Pontiac, Hummer, Saturn, etc then the number was closer to 16%. The real story last month was Ford outpacing the market and doing so with far less incentive than the others.
  13. It's an option. The 4 seater comes with a roof rack, helmet and 2 lawn chairs.
  14. FloydHendershot

    Always check your blindspot.

  15. FloydHendershot

    GM's hydrogen fuel cell fleet holds up in crashes

    Maybe it is just me but shouldn't these have been tested in controlled settings first? What if one were hit by a train? Or a particularly large bird trying to open a similarly large mollusk for a snack crashed into it? Oh the humanity! Better off driving a Toyota.

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