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  1. Deuce

    GM introduces 4.5l DOHC V8 Turbodiesel

    This would be awesome if you could get it in a regular cab short-bed pickup. Tire company stock will definitely go up with 520 ft-lbs of torque on tap. I'm interested to see the integral exhaust manifolds up close. That's a new technology to me, I'm not sure if big trucks already have it.
  2. Deuce

    07 SILVERADO Glimpse!!!

    What plant do you work at? I'm assuming it's Oshawa or Fort Wayne. I'll be moving to Flint Assembly in August working on the HD's.
  3. I haven't posted a while (EDIT: First Post) but here I go. I was also a little PO'd when I heard of the Japanese sweep and read through my free copy of the CR automotive issue. Sadly, even though there may be an outside chance this will affect CR a little bit the bigger issue is more excuses and finger-pointing by a GM executive. I work for GM like many on this board and am not one to bash the executives, but it seems like they are the worst at dealing with the press. I know it's easier for Toyota's Jim Press to stay positive since they are on top of the world right now, but I don't remember Dieter Zetsche or Carlos Ghosn always talking about things outside their influence holding them back. That's why Chrysler and Nissan are hot, and GM is on a downhill slide. Just my 2 cents.

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