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  1. johnnyb

    Spy Shoots Back

    No problem. We all have different passions and I respect that.
  2. johnnyb

    Spy Shoots Back

    Did they even have credibility? They're an online magazine for chicken's sake! Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if their magazine downloads go up! Hooray for publicity stunts!
  3. johnnyb

    Spy Shoots Back

    I'm going to be one of those guys and say "so what, big deal." There's a lot of talk about credibility and being professional, but I think we need a wake up call once in a while. I think what these guys did is pretty amusing. Were they being a bit childish? Yeah I think so. I'm pretty sure the spy photography community are a little peeved. There's a little slant in the editorial obviously, Chris takes pictures and is afraid of losing credibility. But we need to take a joke I guess. Personally, I think spy photos are just a waste of time. (I have a slant too) Cars with big pieces of black plastic and zany paint jobs that basically show nothing aren't my cup of tea anymore. I actually find it funny that a couple (or many) magazines and websites had a joygasm when a car with black plastic that could possibly be that oh so elusive Corvette stinray/ss/whatever finally got photographed. Personally, I really don't give a shish-kabob until it's in a dealership. Then we're talking... Anyway, wish you the best Chris with your business.
  4. johnnyb

    FIRST LOOK: 2008 Saturn VUE

    This car just looks ugly. Like a rebadged Kia. Sorry GM, you should know better by now.
  5. johnnyb

    Life Liberty & The Pursuit - since 1902

    Lol, amen to that...
  6. johnnyb

    Despite cuts, GM adds designers

    The problem won't be addressed by hiring new designers, but by actually allowing the designers a free hand in everything. Current and older GM designers were/are talanted, they just never had a chance to show it with all the roadblocks that were in the way. So GM: Take risks, make a change, and for God's sake give us something to envy besides the Kappa roadsters...
  7. johnnyb


    Who wants to bet that the only influence from the Prevue (which is an awesome concept) on the Vue will be...... ummm....nothing....
  8. johnnyb

    2007 Outlook Teaser Pic

    Which Opel? I don't recall Opel having a similar vehicle (the headlights aren't Opel at all, if that's what you mean.) And away, here's my evidence:
  9. johnnyb

    2007 Outlook Teaser Pic

    The front end is pretty ugly/bland. Almost to pre-Lutz level. Everything else great... What happened? Were there two designers (one for the behind (great job!) and one for the front end (japanese car wannabe?))
  10. johnnyb

    Mustang GT-H

    Hertz...... And no I'm not kidding... (You didn't know that?) I like it though. Bad *ss!!!
  11. johnnyb

    Mustang GT-H

    Is this the new Mustang to be shown in New York?
  12. Do these people seriously have any job other than telling people what to boycott? Pure lunacy... I hope it goes as well as their Disney boycott, which had no affect...
  13. johnnyb

    New Info 2007 LaCrosse

    A little sprucing of the exterior won't do anything to make the LaCrosse appealing to non GMers. Dump the whole design and start with a clean palette. It's the only way in my opinion.
  14. johnnyb

    AutoExtremist: Auto Mags Are DEAD

    I agree wholeheartedly. I have a whole stack of magazines that I'm suscribed to that I still haven't read (Road & Track, Automobile.) The only thing I have bothered to look at every time is Automobile's design review written by Cumberford and Egan's articles in R&D. Other than that, it's all the same. When I read a new magazine called MPH in a stand, it was like a ray of light. It's a breath of fresh air sometimes to hear some humor and wit in a magazine. It's something you don't see often anymore.
  15. johnnyb

    2006 NAIAS: Buick Enclave Concept

    LOOKS AWESOME! Now let's see how they ruin it in production form!

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