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  1. Here's something I wish the media and others understood: the length of the wheelbase means nothing if ts not a space-efficient design to begin with. Pontiac G6 is a classic example-a mid-size car with a 112.3" wheelbase and about 189" overall length, the EPA regarded it as a Compact Car, since it did not make 110 cubic feet of total interior volume (cargo space-a substandard 14 cubic feet in this case) plus passenger cabin volume. Back to the ELR-I've only seen one out-and that was the Rochester Auto Show a year or two bvack. I've never, ever seen ones otherwise out and in person. More than
  2. I'd replace both Regal and LaCrosse in their current forms with ONE Epsilon II mid-size, front or all-wheel-drive, 5-6-passenger model: and it'd be called the Century! Special, Super, Ultra, (later) GS trims, 3.6-liter DOHC High Feature 290hp V-6 (standard all except GS) or 2.4/2.5-liter ECOTEC eAssist I-4 (Special/Super) engines, 6 or 8-speed OD automatic TAPShift III transmissions, front split-bench or bucket seats for Special/Superl bucket-only for others, cloth (like velour not that sandpaper crap in everything these days for the last decade-its horrible) or leather for Special; leather fo
  3. I have no idea why there was no Cruze Coupe since Cavalier/Cobalt predecessors always had them and sold well, and its nice to see the ATS Coupe finally make its way to production-it should've been out with the sedan or 6 months after-the ATS is the template example in pre-bankruptcy excuses that GM has come up with since they came out. We were told sedan, coupe, convertible, wagon, and that the latter two were canceled. Bring them back and compete GM! Other than a small 10.4 cubic foot trunk and offering the Malibu-spec 2.5-liter ECOTEC I-4 standard on sedans and not just the other two engines
  4. Hey we just got a 2014 Camry SE (likely 4-cylinder they don't badge anymore, and I doubt Enterprise would blow money on a V-6, especially ours) except its gray. For today's pathetic standards 'in the name of safety', the seats were comfortable, yet somewhere between firm and rock-hard. Would I buy or recommend this car still? Hell no, and the same goes for any modern Malibu that's not the 1997-2003/2004-05 Classic or the 2008-12 models, which never should have been redesigned as hastily as they were, but by no means perfect, or levels of the 1982-90 Celebrity in any case. Back to the Camry, I
  5. I'd much rather have one of these over any crossover that's not a Kia Sorento or the Lambda's...all of the others have significant compromises and are woefully inefficient, most of them. Didn't realize the long-lived Cavalier or Celebrity (and some of relatives) had such vast towing capacities! If I were in charge of product planning, Cruze, Malibu, Verano, and Regal would definitely be getting wagons, though the Buick successors would be called good ole' Skyhawk and Century! And the mid and large ones would have 3 rows of seating for up to 8-and that third row would seat 2, so figure out the
  6. Mule Bakersdozen LS here-logged on and shocked to find my old password worked-nice to see C&G still alive and kicking in the AutoBlog/etc. age! How's everybody? Been working at Dunkin' Donuts in eastside suburban Rochester, NY for almost 5 years, got my permit re-tested/back after dragging my feet for years, slowly snagging our 2002 Buick Century Custom w/Special Edition to drive at least once a week and still biking it! Always wanted to style/design GM or Chrysler cars/trucks, but think I eventually want to be a salesperson at a dealer and go into Product Planning instead, and from what I
  7. I think Nassau is the name that will replace Sebring.....and leave the subcompacts to Dodge.....
  8. Even though the truck market is shrinking and the Acadia is a spectacular vehicle (I can't say that for the Terrain-stylish outside, but little else), GMC should stick to truck-based vehicles, and regrille/rebadge the Granite as a Chevrolet Groove and never, ever again think of making a GMC car-leave it to Chevy, Buick, and Cadillac-and for the record, if its a car-based platform (i.e. Terrain/Acadia), its a car, and therefore has no place in the GMC lineup.
  9. I haven't been on here in so long but thank you very much for the birthday wishes from awhile back-hope you're all doing well-Merry Christmas in a week everybody!
  10. Its a pretty intensely ugly car, the Nano, but it fills a need/niche-hopefully this "Chevy Joy" I'll call it (after a 90's Mexican or Brazil subcompact) will be much easier on the eyes and have decent passenger/cargo room for its size....
  11. Needs a V-6 engine option, preferably the 3.6, and hopefully the 4-cylinder LaCrosse will be a temporary stand-in until Regal arrives....a car that big needs a V-6, even the 3.0 which Consumer Guide said was adequate, almost underpowered I think....looking forward to this car too, I hope it has a good-size trunk and rear-seat room!
  12. In all honesty, I never even knew (except for the hush-hush/low-profile AN future lineups thing around early August) GM planned a unibody, car-based pickup anyway. The Honda Ridgeline isn't a real common sight (and even when it is I'm not exactly taken arush-I'm sure its nice, but just nothing special to me), and does anybody remember the 2006 Dodge Rampage concept? I didn't think so. GM needs to focus on other things, like going from far below average to well above average cargo space in redesigned vehicles such as Malibu, LaCrosse, Equinox/Terrain/SRX, etc., for one example.......sounded lik
  13. Not as ugly as a Fit or most of the other cars but I still don't understand the high-looking ground clearance, poorer-road country or not.....
  14. I hope GMC stays and continues to thrive....there's so much yet to explore, and I mean with trucks and far different styling/equipment practices from Chevy, but with trucks, not car-based (Terrain/Acadia/etc.) products....

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