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  1. I really like it. As mentioned earlier, the A-Pillars are really cool. The interior is pure Saab.
  2. The withe car is a CXS with the optional 19" wheels. I think they look great.
  3. Notice the rear winshield shade raised beind the rear seat headrest... I love it.
  4. CXL optional chrome wheels. CX wheels shown on car above.
  5. Here is a NICE looking exterior pic of a CX exterior, inlike the CX exterior pics we've been discussing recently. It is shown with the optional alloy wheels on this car. Note that this car is clearly a CX because all CXLs and CXSs are with foglamps as standard equipment. Note that this car also doesn't have the puddle lamps on the outside mirrors. It's AMAZING what just wheels can do to the appearance of a car. The standard wheels covers for the CX should be abandoned IMO.
  6. I hate cheap wheels and I really don't like the cloth option. I agree that Buick is still being dragged to downmarket. The CX trim level should really go. Here are some fantastic pics... These pics are on a CXL. Please note the fog lamps, optional chrome wheels, and side-mirror puddle lamps.
  7. It's really interesting to hear these comments. I agree with many of you guys. I'm definitely excited to at the possibility of the return of this car; it does raise very interesting questions though. Though the article only mentions the G8 (Zeta), the pics I've see on the net, and here, are of the middle eastern Caprice (LWB Zeta). I hope that it's the LWB Zeta that makes it to the NA market. Also, would the Chevy version be the Caprice, with the Imala becoming the high performance trim (as it has been before), or will GM keep the Impala model name for it's Chevy flagship and then off
  8. HA! My initial gut feelings have only been concreted after reading the entire article. After seeing the new pics, I love the design even more, and the rear is no exception. This car oozes both luxury and sport, and it looks like it can drive circles around it's competitors. I look forward to reading the road test reviews. It was rumored that Jag would again introduce an X-Type replacement in the upcoming years. Now I feel confident if they it, it would be done right. IMHO, the interior is class leading, period. There isn't an element I'd change. BRAVO JAG... This car is HAWT.
  9. This car's styling is perfection, IMHO. It's easily the sexiest concept in recent memory... period... In a perfect world, this car would be Infiniti's halo; a CL550 competitor, while a four door version can be an S-Class fighting flagship.

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