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  1. American Customer Satisfaction Index results. Leftlane Article Here
  2. [quote name='hyperv6' date='Aug 7 2009, 06:08 PM' post='527556' But the wise thing to do is let them at least release a whole picture of a vehicle and the information on it before you start ripping on it. But you miss the whole point, how could they garner input to form the final product if they did not throw out these bones to stimulate critique.
  3. In a time when people are strongly questioning Buick's marketing right now, saying it is doing more harm than good, is it timely to rebadge an existing car from a defunct GM brand that did not come near the level of Buick quality. I personally think rushing a warmed over product to market with a Buick grill, just to get it to market, will be even more detrimental to Buick's reputation. As much as I am chomping at the bit to get a smaller Buick CUV, if it can't be as distinctive or as good or better than the Enclave, then wait until you can get it right. GM, and Buick for that matter, needs to
  4. The truth of the matter is that GM saw this day coming a long time ago. Saturn's existence has been under question for some time, plenty of time for Buick to tool up for their version of the vehicle. As much as I really like the VUE, and really want a smaller Buick crossover, this solution stinks of Terraza. If GM can give the Equinox, Terrain and SRX their own sheet metal and interior, then Buick deserves no less. It will be a step backwards, when Buick is just becoming a legitimate mid-luxury division again. This is no baby Enclave, it's a rebadged VUE that shares no Buick DNA other than a t
  5. I know there are many of you that share this assessment of Buick's branding, thought I'd share this article from Autoblog. What might those insights and ideas be? Some of them were looked at in a piece called "New Brand Strategies for GM." The first task given is to define the brands, e.g., Chevrolet should stand for something like "Good value, variety and heritage," instead of "big, small, expensive, cheap, truck, van or sports car." Buick should "stop making cheap Buicks," and Cadillac "can never be a prestige car. The fancy imports dominate that category." Is that glimpse worth setting as
  6. These articles make no mention of the BUE, which has been discussed in several articles and was confirmed to me by a couple Buick sales managers. I think this model will be crucial to Buick. An MPV model like the Business Concept will be a unique offering as well for this target. All of this sounds like an amalgamation of several articles that have been floating around lately, and blatantly steps into speculation at the end. Maybe an attempt to keep the momentum going for the LaX intro, but certainly good news for those of us who appreciate the brand's revival. How many times must the Buick
  7. Looks to be much the same info as the Motor Trend article.
  8. Just checked it, it does, but thanks.
  9. Buick planning model expansion By Drew Johnson General Motors’ Buick brand has been left to wither on the vine for the past few decades, but the Detroit automaker is planning to give the 101 year old marque new life as it consolidates to just four core brands.
  10. Considering that Buick currently only has three models to market, and they are all considered to be their top end, it makes good sense for them to market them as "something for everyone" based on content. I think you will see this change when the Regal and compact entry level models come along.
  11. 1.5 hour round trip to Blowing Rock, NC provided sightings of 12 Enclaves, all with drivers under 50. Somebody's buying them and they don't do blue from the looks of it.
  12. Not at all! I'm all for energizing Buick with youthful appeal. And I love the idea of smaller CUVs, a compact sedan, a really hot compact coupe, even a slick, larger coupe based on the LaCrosse. I'd also love to see a rear-wheel drive larger sedan (Park Avenue). I'm just not certain that this clay represents the vehicle you describe. As I said in another post, I'm excited by Troy Clarke's comment to expect the unexpected from Buick. Seeing Buick go from what was basically a niche brand, back to a core brand with many new models on the way is like Christmas for me. I personally think Buick is g
  13. I have provided a link to the Jalopnik site, where the article about the CBS report is streaming. It is well worth a watch, because there are all kinds of Buick concepts visible throughout the segment, as well as a view of the Corvette Concept and CTS Coupe. Look very closely in the background, just before viewing the CUV clay in question, at the CUV in finished small clay. Also note the person sitting behind the full-size model. This is not a small CUV by the scale of him to the clay. The previous photo did not show this person in full, only the crowd behind, making it difficult to determine

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