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  1. Traded it at the end of 2015 for a Nissan Altima. Water pump was failing again (3rd pump) and valve cover gasket was failing again (2nd gasket). Got lucky and had the engine light go out just before I traded it. Still, a car with 240,000 km on it is not worth much anyways, so it probably didn't matter. Have now driven the Nissan 80,000 km with absolutely no problems. Such a welcome contrast to the Cruze.
  2. ps. Careful with iOS 7! You can end up getting other people's text messages... Your family members keep receiving iMessages/text messages that are meant for the other person You and your family members must all have individual Apple IDs unless you want to keep receiving messages meant for the other. .. If you and your family members are sharing the same Apple ID across multiple devices, every time you use iMessage to text the other person, whoever else is using that ID will also receive the same message. To stop your kids from receiving messages meant for Dad and vice versa, they will need to set up their own Apple ID, or log in to iMessage using their phone number instead of a group email. The same goes for you and your significant other.
  3. I was so happy to see the Nexus 4 at $200... finally a smartphone I would want that my wife would let me buy! ...but then I realized they're sold out permanently. Bastards! Guess I'll just keep waiting.
  4. Hold on, diesel's more than regular there? That makes no sense... it's less refined! Gas station on the corner here is showing $1.307/l for regular, $1.239/l for diesel. (=$4.95/gal reg, $4.69/gal diesel)
  5. The capacitive touch volume control worked. He showed us that. The screen however, just sat there off the entire time we drove the car, covered in other people's fingerprint smudges. Not exactly a good way to sell a car.
  6. The Cadillac is the only one where you touch the screen, meaning it will get smudged, again and again. Audi and BMW both have the click-wheel interface. Oh, and we didn't get to experience CUE, as the dealer couldn't get the screen to work at all. I took a look and couldn't figure it out either. As far as rear seat headroom, that is my gripe with the Cadillac. I was most comfortable in the back of the Audi, and the BMW was close behind. I had to have my head permanently over at an angle to even fit in the ATS rear seat. it's not a matter of how far back the seat is - leg room is not the issue for me, it's room for my long torso that's the problem.
  7. My father's looking for a new car and is choosing between the 320i xDrive, A4 Quattro, and ATS4. All three have a turbo 2.0 L i4 and AWD. It's interesting to see how different the numbers are for the output, however... BMW 320i xDrive city l/100km 8.9 highway l/100km 5.6 hp 181 tq 199 Audi A4 Quattro 2.0T city l/100km 9.5 highway l/100km 6.3 hp 211 tq 258 Cadillac ATS4 2.0T city l/100km 10.3 highway l/100km 6.6 hp 272 tq 260 Optioned up this way, they are also very very close in price. ($41-42k after fees, tax, and trade) We went out and drove all three back to back to back. I wasn't very impressed by the touch screen on the ATS vs. the wheel navigation of the screens on the other two. The ATS screen looked smudged and dirty when we got in. It also had the least usable back seat. To me, it's between the Audi and BMW, and I can't exactly say why but I have a small preference for the Audi.
  8. Hey thanks guys... I'm officially old now (30).
  9. It's just a renaming to make their other naming conventions make sense... 1=sedan 2=coupe of 1 3=sedan 4=coupe of 3 5=sedan 6=coupe of 5 7=sedan
  10. I only have powertrain warranty left, so they wouldn't be covered. I guess I'll just leave it there.
  11. Noticed that the green paint is starting to come off my Eco badge today. Would removing the badges from the car impact resale value in any way?
  12. Japan's mountain road fans and drifters may disagree with you on that.
  13. I like the size and styling of my Cruze. I just wish it was as efficient as advertized and didn't break all the time. Other than that, I have no further wishes.
  14. Drew, I never saw that picture you posted until I just searched for this thread to add this! Wierd!

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