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  1. Genesis News: No N Treatment for Genesis Models

    Electrification of the automobile is but one more step toward absolutely boring homogenization across the market. There will be even less to differentiate the brands if they all operate the same. A sad, sad fact that electrification is the end of the automobile... if it is allowed to take over. It's like NASCAR, with the common body templates, and nothing but stickers to half-assedly identify the participating brands. And Tesla proudly builds a purposely faceless vehicle, with the Model 3 being the creepiest conveyance out there. It SUCKS!
  2. September Car Spotters Thread

    2010-ish BMW 7 series.
  3. Random Thoughts Thread

    2018 Trax Premiere AWD Midnight Edition with interior protection package is $30,415... plus with the blacked out trim package, it only comes in black like a Model T. Ecosport SES comes in several colors, and it is better equipped than Trax Premiere.
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    What a neat little bugger... and it comes with tow hooks front and rear on the SES. This is man card material!
  5. Random Thoughts Thread

    OMG the Ford Ecosport "Build & Price" site is active! I just went over there and built an SES model. It is the top of the line, above the Titanium. SES comes with AWD standard. Looks pretty cool with blacked out trim, etc. $28,400 with optional wheels and interior protection package... which undercuts the Trax Premiere AWD... when comparably equipped... by about $2k! Ecosport SES comes with Nav, sunroof, cloth and leather seats... on and on and on. Neat little CUV man! And I like the idear of a swing-out tailgate... means I can open it inside my garage with the garage door open, no clearance problems.
  6. Not too bad.
  7. Dammit that is awesome for a beer can truck.
  8. Suzuki delays U.S. launch of the Swift

  9. English as a second language much? Funny that you only post here anymore as a comical sidekick to Booyah, Mr. Dodgefan. It's like you're taking turns typing on the same Commodore 64. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I guess.
  10. You should know after testing a 500e... available for $800.
  11. It doesn't have enough legroom for me. I have to spread my legs around the horse's hips just to be comfortable. Like a Bolt.
  12. ??? Are you Amish or something?
  13. Ohhh... "incentives". You mean where I help some dope buy a worthless contraption with my tax money? Does anyone track resale values of electric cars? They are IN THE BASEMENT for a reason!
  14. Random Thoughts Thread

    Cadillac disappoints me. They have some of the richest luxury heritage in the world. Yet they continue to disrespect that heritage by chasing the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. It just.does.not.work. I prefer Lincoln's take on American luxury, if not their lame naming scheme. They are not apologizing for being true to their homeland. I would love nothing more for Cadillac to return home. These articles pointing out the "problem" of the Escalade not "fitting in" with the rest of the lineup really get on my nerves, when it is the only Cadillac that actually adheres to what made them great in the first place.