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  1. Yeeros are good. Why does everybody say gyro?
  2. Longtime local Dodge dealer took on FIAT when it was clear that Dodge would not be selling small cars anymore. This will be another blow to them financially if it happens. Not sure how many they sell... not sure how much investment they had to make to get the franchise. Sad to see such gross mismanagement of parts of FCA, when Jeep and Ram show they can make brilliant products if they care to.
  3. Co-worker, a daughter of a retired Buick dealership owner, drives one, silver over gray, V8 loaded. She keeps it in absolute showroom condition.
  4. NO ONE has made a penny of profit on pure EVs. They are all money LOSERS, subsidized by taxpayers and profitable ICE vehicles. Change is FAR off in that regard.
  5. Last time I rode in it with him, it was still solid as a rock. I think he put a crate engine in it at around 170k, higher state of tune than original.
  6. Even my left-leaning U of PA radio station prominently mentioned "waning interest in Tesla cars" as one reason for Tesla's stock plunge.
  7. The Fleetwood is sorely missed. The last ones were a return to former glory after disastrous missteps. Only thing missing was a Cadillac V8, but the Chevrolet smallblock was in highly evolved form at that time, it was more than adequate.
  8. I was surprised when I texted my brother and told him the 6.2 is coming to the Custom Trail Boss, because he mentioned wishing for the chance to order that combo and finally let go of his 2004 Silverado with 271k miles. His reply? "How about the diesel?" He was also interested in an Equinox AWD Diesel for his wife, they test drove it and liked it, but the dealership insulted him with a trade-in value on their 2017 Tahoe.
  9. 1977 Caprice Classic sedan, in that popular light green color and in beautiful condition, crossing the mighty Susquehanna over the Wrightsville bridge.
  10. Well when a vast majority of people just buy what's on the lot instead of ordering exactly what they want... and with FoMoCo likely "guiding" dealers to order more EB trucks, of course it's going to happen (waning V8 "demand"). I would much sooner choose an NA engine over a turbocharged one, and in the Ford, the 3.3L is a dog... the only other alternative is... the good ol' 5.0.
  11. Bulletin for those hungry for muddy fun with a stiff upper lip: the 2020 Cadillac XT4 adds an OFF-ROAD mode to its AWD range selections. Yee-haw, do you have any Grey Poupon?
  12. Escalade Kindergartner, Escalade Awkward Teen, and Escalade Senior In High School. That way, the halo effect of the big boy stretches downward.

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