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  1. Maybe an XT4-V with a 350 hp version of the new 2.0t and some aggressive bodywork?
  2. They could have at least put some effort into making it attractive. The 300 is a great car, and I guess one of the last chances to buy what I consider to be an aspirational American car. The Portal is a pathetically weak replacement. They'd better have an ICE version of the Portal if they want to sell in anything approaching decent numbers.
  3. The venerable, revered Slant 6!
  4. ocnblu

    Audi News: 2019 Audi e-tron Joins the Electric Car Fray

    LOL there is the problem of SELLING them though. A bit of an important point when OEMs invest money in development.
  5. ocnblu

    Random Thoughts Thread

    *very limited delivery area
  6. ocnblu

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Amazing isn't it? Must be radiation from Japan.
  7. Right. Makes so much sense. The Hellcat engine would fit SO WELL... sideways... under a van hood...
  8. Somebody said there will be an XT4 V-Sport.
  9. ocnblu

    2019 Ford Edge ST Configurator is Live!

    Well I just hope Chevy checks itself with Blazer pricing. The Blazer RS, while cool looking as heck, certainly lacks the performance balls of the Edge ST.
  10. ocnblu

    Random Thoughts Thread

    "necessary"? Not necessarily
  11. ocnblu

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Yuppie. I bet you still pop the collars on your Izod shirts.
  12. ocnblu

    Ford News: Ford Drops Mustang-Inspired EV Crossover Teaser

    With little demonstrable return on investment, is it any wonder so many hybrids of all stripes have been killed off?
  13. You are such a BRAT Wow, I agree with ccap... WAY too long to wait! I would take one RIGHT NOW with the 3.6 Pentastar or a diesel!
  14. ocnblu

    Mazda diesel hybrid cx-5

    Sounds like a rotary. Or aka wankel there, BUCKO.

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