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  1. ocnblu

    Chevrolet News:Chevy Cancels the City Express

    Well I think they should be in this market... a market that Ford practically owns, just like the fullsize van market. GM will never approach Ford's van sales with halfhearted offerings like this.
  2. ocnblu

    2006 Jeep Liberty Sport 4X4 6-speed MANUAL

    Hello, jeepsterkj, happy to see another Jeep, and diesel fan here.
  3. Exactly what we were saying back when the announcement was first made... OUTBACKS FOR EVERYONE... except...
  4. ocnblu

    Volvo News: Rumorpile: Next XC90 To Drop Diesel Engines

    Fading into white space... off the radar...
  5. ocnblu

    Will subscribing avoid the formatting issues?

    Yes I've been a "premium subscriber" for a few years now, but the site is riddled with ads for places I've been other than here. Cars.com, Home Depot, Lowes, they all come along for the ride now.
  6. ocnblu

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Are you really that naive?
  7. ocnblu

    My comics finally out, check it out and share!

    Is that true for rendered artwork? I can understand photos completely.
  8. ocnblu

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I walk along the mighty Susquehanna River on a leg of the Enola Low Grade Trail, and from time to time a train thunders by with coal cars, full and long... it stretches out of eye's view. This is America.
  9. Clear, active intent by a site owner to restrict the range of ideas and viewpoints presented on an internet forum. Do you believe this will lead to increased traffic at Cheers & Gears going forward?
  10. Well dfelt, it's the only way anyone will give it a second glance.
  11. ocnblu

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Absolute junk.
  12. ocnblu

    July Auto Spotter

    H3T, black. '57 Nomad, pristine stock condition, black. 914, red. Maverick with loud pipes, red. Bolt, blue. All rare as hen's teeth.
  13. ocnblu

    What Are You Listening To?

  14. Well I am happy this discussion is happening. The U.S. cannot be the world's piggybank forever. Thank you Mr. President.
  15. ocnblu

    July Auto Spotter

    Nice '74 Chevelle. Pontiac has potential, and the Mustang looks like a cruiser under the radar (would not have to deal with would-be racers at every stoplight).

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