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  1. I'm just pleased to read that Geely has stepped in to bail out Diamler, as I'm sure SMK is as well.
  2. Random Thoughts Thread

    Very nerve wracking, understandably, Uncle Dave. I hope it is resolved quickly.
  3. Well, Jeep pioneered the odd, split front lamp treatment with brow lights (in the U.S.) and they've already dropped it in time for Hyundai to crib it. But it works on this Hyundai. Good looking vehicle. Encouraged and gratified to hear of the diesel option.... wish it weren't paired with a forced, useless third row. Hyundai keeps improving. DIESEL BABY!
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    What is "wee" about 1240 sq ft?
  5. I heard he put a deposit on a 2019 Silverado High Country.
  6. The Animated Gif Thread

    Hayabusa powered?
  7. Random Thoughts Thread

    Slept wrong, horrible neck cramp. One leg. And still taking life like water off a duck's back. Inspirational!
  8. Short term car shopping. Again.

    Agreed. There is nowhere else to go for people who prefer something large and in charge.
  9. If tax credit concerns are in any way a factor in this, then that tells me that demand is not genuine, it is propped up.
  10. Sales are down because fads are shortlived, by definition. I am left wondering who is going to buy all these electrics GM is planning on? Because they're not born yet, based on current electric car sales performance.
  11. Short term car shopping. Again.

    So does this.
  12. VW diesel owners routinely get 400+ k miles out of their TDI powered cars... and no gasoline VW gets 46-50 MPG. Why tether yourself to a cord when you can drive where ever you want without care in a diesel and use just over half the fuel of a gasoline counterpart? No brainer.
  13. Short term car shopping. Again.

    Yeah, I posted about the Ecosport to needle our ancient friend Balthy. Trax/Encore/Ecosport are really too small to be effective utility vehicles, imo. They are fine strictly for commuting... and when one looks at the price, an Escape or Equinox can be had for the same price... or LESS than their respective smaller sibling. Encore went down in price with the MCE, so it is still a bargain compared to Envision. BTW DO NOT BUY an Envision. We had one in our shop for over two months because we could not get parts due to a deer hit. Everything was coming through GM of Canada... and there is no communication link between GM USA and GM Canada for parts tracking. Globalization SUCKS.
  14. This ban should not stand. The diesel engine has been around just about as long as electric, yet it remains far easier to own for the vast majority of people, worldwide.
  15. Short term car shopping. Again.

    On the way home from work tonight I was thinking how much I've grown to really like my Compass. Even on winter gas I'm getting 28 MPG. It is quiet and comfortable for someone my size. It rides well and it is pretty much a perfect compromise on exterior size/interior room and maneuverability. I recommend the Jeep Compass. It is worlds better than the old one.

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