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  1. Random Thoughts Thread

    You're such an innocent creature, Mr. dfelt.
  2. 2019 Lincoln MKC Clips Its Wings: Comments

    Looks good. Looks expensive. Looks more "old money" than the XT5, imo. Give me the 2.3 if I can't have the 3.7.
  3. Cool, would look great in a regular cab shortie.
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    While you're up there pulsating in skinny jeans and experiencing extreme shrinkage I'm down here in a tropical depression. Is Spring here yet?
  5. Kia News: 2018 Kia Stinger to Begin At $32,800, GT At $39,200

    Agreed. It's almost Mercedes-like.
  6. Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

    Could just as easily be a Duramax or a Cummins tooo if the village is averse to Powerjokes
  7. Kia News: 2018 Kia Stinger to Begin At $32,800, GT At $39,200

    "Stinger" reminds me of "Super Bee", so yeah, there is that aspect... and I believe Kia is trading on American nostalgia with the name they chose. Would love to see a Dodge Hornet compact with a turbo 4... such a natural family name... Hudson Hornet begat the AMC Hornet (wasn't there a family line there?) and AMC was absorbed by Chrysler... hence the once and future Dodge Hornet...
  8. Sitting at a red light this morning on the way to work, a 5.0 drove by and made its presence known. And I was thinking how the V8 engine was in EVERYTHING back in the good days, and the manufacturers weren't afraid to let them sing. Sure, there was Cadillac with their swift, powerful silence, and Ford for years advertised their LTD as "quieter than a Rolls-Royce", but other than that... we had the '60 Buick in Balthy's endurance film... man that thing's a beauty as it annihilates that track... it just SMASHES those banks flat as a pancake!
  9. Drove Both American and German take on RSes

    A friend of a friend whispered that the high-powered Foci are eating head gaskets.
  10. Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

    I think if it happens, it will be the trusty Ford diesel towing the juiceless Tesla, but maybe I'm the only one in the village who thinks that.
  11. Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

    Yes but then who will tow the tow trucks in?
  12. Kia News: 2018 Kia Stinger to Begin At $32,800, GT At $39,200

    How did he like it. Did he autocross it?
  13. Sometimes the upvoting and downvoting gets excessive around here. On that we can agree. We've all done too much of it from time to time. It's a sign of laziness, basically, when a person doesn't go to the trouble of spelling out their support or opposition for a given comment.

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