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  1. ocnblu

    Review: 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SEL

    People down the block traded their CR-V for a new Outlander. Eclipse Cross AWC whipped the Compass Limited 4X4 in several drag races over onto the YouTube... CVT v. 9 speed auto... Mitsu is way down on advertised horses but has better torque... results were shocking to me, moreso because of the Mitsu's 153 hp rating and CVT than the Compass' pronounced, and verified, lack of speed. Yes yes, a drag race is a narrow measure of a vehicle... but it is a valid one... the whole powertrain working together to give a result that belies the advertised ratings proves what I'm saying. It is not the sheer numbers but the competitive comparison of a drag race that bears this out. Eclipse Cross also acquitted itself well on their off-road course... leading me to call the Mitsu AWC system as "unsung hero" in comparison to the Jeep, which performed flawlessly of course on the same route, but that is expected. I have to remember that Mitsu has a pretty good history of authentic off-road and rally vehicles, so their lighter duty system being capable was only a mild surprise. Haha, now I want to go lurking on the Mitsu lot this weekend to put noseprints on the Eclipse Cross.
  2. I'm still having trouble believing these governments are going to bring the people around to the so-called "virtues" of EVs when there has been no preponderance of evidence that people want them... unless they are subsidized by taxpayers. How is that sustainable?
  3. ocnblu

    Ford News: Ford Slices and Dices Their Car Lineup

    Shocking. Radical. Stark. We haven't heard anything about direct replacements for Fusion, Focus and Taurus, except for the "white space" comment. We've seen the "white space" filled before by Subaru, Volvo and Maybach with their "sport utility sedans". Yes the current Ecosport is not suited for North America, it is a rush to enter a fast filling segment. I do like the Focus Active. But there is suddenly no real entry level vehicle at Ford... Ecosport base at $19,995? The new normal? A new Ecosport is already past due, one that can cover the emerging markets and be suited to American and Chinese customers... or else build something else for emerging markets. Ford can say the Ecosport is a replacement for the Fiesta in North America, but it is a different type of vehicle, it just isn't the same. We've heard about the new RWD/4WD Explorer/Aviator, the Ranger-based Bronco, the "baby Bronco" which is on what platform? Let me gather these together for my own mind: Ecosport Focus Active (needs option of AWD) "Baby Bronco" Mustang Bronco Escape Ranger Transit Connect Wagon Edge Flex (?) Explorer Expedition short and long F-Series They will need something else that is not "rugged and outdoorsy" between the Focus Active and the Escape in North America, I feel.
  4. ocnblu

    Random Thoughts Thread

    A pickup truck tailgate should be able to handle a substantial amount of weight.
  5. ocnblu

    Ford News: Ford Slices and Dices Their Car Lineup

    Remember what they said when the cut the Ranger... Ranger people only bought them because they were cheap... the Fiesta would take up the slack... blah blah blah
  6. ocnblu

    Hyundai News:Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup is Still Coming

    $2.89- $2.93 here. New Santa Fe has a trucky face, I can see that face on a pickup version of the Santa Fe. Base model Ioniq has an MSRP of only $21k, seems like a good deal for 58 MPG.
  7. ocnblu

    Random Thoughts Thread

    New Silverado and Sierra information is up in the GM Online Order Guide.
  8. Abundantly clear: California is a problem.
  9. I was going to say, Chevrolet is lucky the sedan market is tanking (after ALL THESE TRIES, SMH) but then I remembered, this engine is in their Equinox as well...
  10. ocnblu

    More content for the price...

    Could be but OMG a $400+ emblem on an $18k car?
  11. ocnblu

    April Car Spotter

    '71 LeMans sedan, light green, with dark green vinyl top. Sadly, the sedans (and B-bodies) get sacrificed to save the A-body coupes, so I felt a little special seeing it intact.
  12. ocnblu

    More content for the price...

    They don't sell. They are trying to make money. Just be careful what you wish for. We recently fixed a 2018 Corolla, and the GRILLE EMBLEM costs over $400, and that does not include the spy unit behind it. A lot of these cars are going to total out quicker than ever... maybe the carmakers like that idea...
  13. ocnblu

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Beliefs, firmly held: My dad and brother are staunchly pro-Chevrolet. When I told my dad I was considering a Jeep, he let me know what Consumer Reports had to say about it. I brushed it off and went ahead with my plan. Yesterday, I let my brother know I am looking at pickup trucks... he asked me what brand. Now we're in an argument because I told him the beercan Ford is not bad (but it won't fit in my garage) and the Tacoma eats the Colorado's lunch when it comes to sales. Ford and Toyota are BAD, you know, when it comes to pickups. So then I reminded him that he bought a Kubota instead of a John Deere and I supported him in his decision to save money. This prompted him to leave our Facebook conversation because he "had to go to work." Does anyone else go against the grain on vehicles, based on family tradition? Or am I the only one? Do you drive something different from what your parents drive? Is it a cause of friction?
  14. ocnblu

    More content for the price...

    I've always been an advocate of a la carte option availability. My current vehicle was ordered with two options: power driver's seat and an alternative alloy wheel.
  15. Now now mister, I am more than delighted to downvote baloney, BUT that doesn't mean I'm trying to stop you. I will get myself a kevlar scrolling wheel because ain't nobody got time for dat. If I answer you word for word all of us will go deaf and blind from age trying to read all of this STUFF.

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