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  1. @Dodgefan Some changes are in order then. I guess that just goes to show that you cant believe everything that you hear. I don't mind the name 'Hero,' though, and I'll be remembering it for future contests. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Believe it or not i thought about calling it the Nova, but i hear that Nova means "no-go" in Spanish, so i decided to come up with something new. I had some names that i thought were too extreme like "Ambush" and "Swordfish" that just didn't seem right on a small car, but i also didn't want it to be called Aveo.
  3. Ya its kinda hard to make judgement on the car when all you can see are men in suits. Looks good so far, but i'll reserve an opinion until i see the whole thing.
  4. CHEVY NOVA (Aveo Replacement) CHEVY SUPERNOVA (Performance Version)
  5. nice job, argen. I love the interior and although the outside could use a stretch, its not too shabby either. I only have one problem. What's it's name?
  6. In that case, here's my second and last entry..... PONTIAC GTO Turbodiesel / Zeta powered
  7. is there a limit to the number of entries?
  8. thanks, i'll be sure to fix it before too long
  9. I decided to overhaul the front end drawing because i thought it didnt match the rear. Heres my new entry.
  10. ill take my time on this one. i really like the idea, so ill work extra hard :-)
  11. i no that this was added a while ago, but i just found it now. This is exactly what ive been looking for, cuz i want to design cars as a job and im just learning how to do it correctly. Ill be on this site regularly.
  12. My second entry :-D I just re sized the images. Click on the black bar at the top to see the large pic.
  13. I loved this concept from the start, so im glad that the pics seem to suggest that there wont be much difference between the concept and the real thing. But in a world where small cars are taking over and fuel prices are picking off suv's one by one, im more anxious to see how the production 9x concept is going to look.

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