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  1. Matt276

    GM RWD on hold?!

    So we might see a lwb epII Impala instead of zeta. I'm not totally against it. Cause I'm not sure there's enough demand for all those RWD cars. People who love RWD will have the G8 and Camaro. GM has to put money on the development of the Volt, which would be a lot more successful than a RWD Impala and it would change its gas guzzler image.
  2. Matt276

    March 07-FOMOCO sales

    Title is misleading, sales are down 12%. 28 selling days vs 27 last year.
  3. Matt276

    March 2007: Toyota Motor Sales

    Toyota cars are filling up rental lots in my area.
  4. Matt276

    FIRST LOOK: 2008 Pontiac G8 GT

    Perfect design, I don't think it's bland. Personally, I like the hood scoops.
  5. Matt276

    Jan. 2007 Sales: General Motors

    Easy to explain the sales drop, product not good enough!
  6. Matt276

    FIRST LOOK: 2008 Saturn Astra

    Oh no, bad fuel economy! Seems that GM can't build a small engine with world class fuel economy.
  7. Matt276

    Jan. 2007 Sales: American Honda

    From what I heard, u can buy an Accord for up to 5K$ under sticker.
  8. Matt276

    Will the 2008 Cobalt be in Detroit ??

    Any word on the 2.2 getting VVT?
  9. Matt276

    Discounts on New GMT 900 Silverados/Sierras?

    Not good. Anybody else thinks that the new Tundra is gonna sell like crazy. Becoming the best selling fullsized PU? I would not be surprised at all.
  10. It will look nice in person. But what a hood!
  11. Matt276

    Cumberford on AURA

    I kind of agree with him that GM is still a bean counters company. G6 and Aura concepts were great, but production cars are just ok. why?
  12. Matt276

    Nov. 2006 Sales: General Motors Corp

    Congrats. I like mine too, but you will find that some interiormaterial are cheap and tend to creak and rattle a bit. Was there a huge discount? Cause GM is supposed to get away from rebates.
  13. Matt276

    Nov. 2006 Sales: General Motors Corp

    SRX up 9.5%, new interior paying off????
  14. Matt276

    Nov. 2006 Sales: Chrysler Group

    The average of incentive spent per car is more than 4000$. It's going to work for a while.
  15. Matt276

    Nov. 2006 Sales: Toyota Motor Sales

    34000 more slippin tranny on the road. Toyota is giving more rebates than ever.And I wonder the % of fleet sales. I see so many fleet Camrys.

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