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  1. silverss/sc

    This Just In: 2010 Buick Lacrosse CXS

    A trunk release button would be a little redundant given the fact that as long as the key fob is in your pocket all u have to do is lift the trunk to open it . No buttons to push at all .
  2. silverss/sc

    What Cruze variants would you like to see?

    Did a sedan SS too . Original SS
  3. I dunno , I wish GM lots of success with the Cruze ...BUT , I hope they dont overhype its premium status like they did when the Cobalt came out . They acted like it was the only premium compact ever offered and it was barely just average ( I owned one for 3 years , and while nice in design ...the interior materials were anything but premium ) . To me ( and we all have our own opinions ), Chevy is just getting up to par for the course with the Cruze . Subjective design aside ...The Mazda 3 , Jetta , Golf and the Civic are all strong offerings that have been doing the premium compact right for years . Hopefully the Cruze really is better than anything out there and its premium hype is warranted . Given GM's history , a history of over promising and under delivering with small cars , I shall remain a pesimist untill I see the real deal in person .
  4. silverss/sc

    What Cruze variants would you like to see?

    Haha ....heres a few more I did of the front .
  5. silverss/sc

    What Cruze variants would you like to see?

    Heres what Iwanna see with the Cruze . A SS coupe , LNF/6-speed = buy in a second . These are photoshops I did . Started with this ugly modified Cruze . And ended up here
  6. silverss/sc

    Rainsense on Cruze?

    I would hope ....Mazda 3 has had a rain sense windsheild for years now .
  7. silverss/sc

    World Car Fans: Baby Buick Spied With Less Camouflage

    ^^ That interior pic is heavily under the influence of photoshop
  8. silverss/sc

    Buick??? Making Car Buying a Tough Decision:BUICK GNX

    Unfortunately that interior on the states would prolly trade all that attractive brushed alum. or fake brushed trim for gaudy bling chrome and yes wood . Maybe not , I could be wrong , but US designed still seem to have this undying need to use chrome everywhere . The G8's holden intact interior was refreshing . Eh maybe they are learning , theres virtually no chrome , save for couple accents , in the new camaro ...again refreshng . That opel interior is stunning just the way it is , please dont americanize it . Get this thing over here AS IS . That circle in the Opel grill will hold Buick emblem just fine . Just for kicks I ps'ed . Heres how said car should arrive "IF" it does . Notice how barely anything changed . With a TT 6cyl , its time to revive the ol turbo6 logo
  9. silverss/sc

    Vauxhall Astra VXR mk 6

    I think that rendering pretty crude . Current gen corsa greenhouse stretched at bit , oddly chopped current gen Astra rear fenders and Insignia headlights and grillwork and current VXr 19" wheels . I wouldnt be putting to much faith into any details of that pic .
  10. silverss/sc

    Edmunds Drives Chevy Cobalt SS Turbo

    Once you remove the heaton you most certainly can make 400 hp on a stock LSJ engine . There are 4 guys over the 400 hp mark now in daily driven cars using turbochargers , 2 of them DO have a ported head and valvetrain work , the other 2 are stock engines . Once you remove the blowdryer heat pump , the 05-07 Cobalt SS is completely different ballgame Looks like Chevy adressed just about any gripe a 05-07 owner had Its nice to see the balt finally getting good reviews . Its been a very fun car to own , the 08 oughta improve on that 10 fold ....in a stock to stock comparison anyways .
  11. silverss/sc

    Malibu production numbers

    Same deal here , except out of 5 local chevy dealers I havent seen a new Malibu on the lot in 2 months . Naquin's got a batch of 10 cars in and they were gone witin 2 weeks . Lots are bare ever since .
  12. And hows that gonna work with 1/2 of Holdens lineup being Opels=Saturn
  13. silverss/sc

    BMW may sell engines and transmissions to GM and Fiat

    I think this is probably more indirect . I dont think youll see directly transplanted BMW engines in a GM car or the current SMG trans . I think GM probably likes what BMW is doing with their V6 and new 5 series V8 turbo systems and they want spread some develpment costs and technology on their own clutchless manual . It would be suicide to just plop a beamer engine in a Cadillac , pretty sure GM gets that too .
  14. silverss/sc

    2008 Holden Coupe 60 Concept

    Just and overlay over a Commodore . The C60 uses the Commodore front rails(the Camaro uses long front rails ) and the Camaro "short Zeta" mid and rear sections . It similar in size to the Camaro , but still bigger .
  15. silverss/sc

    Astra dealer backlash?

    I work part time at a Saturn Dealer , I can tell u first hand ...our dealer anyways are beyond happy to see the Ion die and are doing backflips over the Astra . This car looks GOOD . The interior design is a bit long in tooth compared to stuff now , but the interior materials are first rate ....again it looks really good . All this car needs is a optional 1.9 Turbo/6-speed from the Euro Astra to match its handling ability .....oh yeah , and a redline/vXR/OPC . Hopefully GM expands the lieup with the next gen thats soon to come .

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