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In the next few weeks I'm going to post 59 different trivia questions

of all different forms on C&G. Multiple choice, photo identification,

photo match up & even some true or false. Some questions will be

multiple part and others a simple one word answer.

At the end of the 59 individual trivia thread questions all the winners

will be added up and a trophy will be mailed via the USPS to the

over all winner of the first annual Tight Whips Trivia Trophy.

Best of luck to all, I encourage everyone to participate.

Score so far:

Fly: 4

OldsGuy: 2

WMJ: 1

Yellow_Dart: 1

Chevelle7.4L: 1

T.W.T.T. Thread #10

Three Questions this time around.

- Who was born in Switzerland in 1878 on Christmas Day?

- Mr. Benjamin Briscoe has what link to GM?

- Besides Cadillac, what other luxury car company did Henry M. Leland help establish?

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- Louis Chevrolet

- Financier to David Buick's first car

- Lincoln. He then sat around and laughed as they fought.

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& yes... probably rolling in his grave over the FWD

Caddy DTS & "in a coma" Town Car. I think Ford

has spent more money on designing the headlights

of the Fusion than they've spent on the T.C. last

three redesignes.

Looks like Fly is going to be the undisputed

winner of the 2006 T.W.T.T. :D

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I'll have another T.W.T.T. thread up later today.

Things are wicked hectic right now and I can't

concentrate enough to think of a new question.

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