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  1. A Horse With No Name

    Ford News: 2019 Ford Edge ST To Begin At $43,350

    Actually I think this will do well for Ford.
  2. A Horse With No Name

    Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: June 2018

    In all fairness they sell in huge numbers kool aid or not.
  3. I would be for free and open trade. One wonders how hard everyone will gun for the F150 if the chicken tax is removed.
  4. A Horse With No Name

    Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: June 2018

  5. It is a hoot...like Reg said...would actually like to own one.
  6. I thought Ford was going to discontinue the Fiesta.
  7. A Horse With No Name

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I have a fetish for old American sedans....love it!
  8. A Horse With No Name

    Who Wore it Better?

    Maybe the new Blazer will spice things up in other ways for you.
  9. A Horse With No Name

    Who Wore it Better?

    Or maybe he is just a normal dude who loves cars.
  10. A Horse With No Name

    Who Wore it Better?

    Hell yes on a golf R....
  11. A Horse With No Name

    June Car Spotter

    That Era of Skyalrk convertible is sublimely cool. I love my Denim blue Beetle R type... The kid in me would love to key the dog crap out of that car...
  12. A Horse With No Name

    Who Wore it Better?

    I am actually glad to see someone else here to express a passionate opinion....other than OCNBLU ragging on ICE vehicles and my endless bashing of FORD MOTOR COMPANY products. To me though this Blazer looks as hot as the current Shelby Mustang almost...
  13. A Horse With No Name

    I know what I'm getting next!

    I prefer Hyper drive myself...Spock and his 65 riviera don't ahve squat on me...! Love the styling also myself. To each his own...if he wants ICE I have no problem with that. Different strokes for different folks. When it can roll diesel style coal, he might be interested. I like the JGC myself...love it actually. Lots of good choices.
  14. A Horse With No Name

    1963 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight sports coupe

    This is absolutely fantastic!
  15. A Horse With No Name

    Industry News: Daimler and Volvo Begin Bracing For A Possible Trade War

    Not sure if you are being sarcastic but I rather like Audi products. All things considered I probably would buy an Audi over a Cadillac or Lincoln...do not appreciate the administration restricting my choices. There is something subjective I really like about the current crop of GM pickups. Hopefully the continue to do well in the sales department!

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