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  1. Ford News: Ford Plans Downtime At 5 North America Plants

    That is not good at all....! Got to drive an Audi A5 at the last Autocross, one of the MINI Cooper guys had it out on coil overs and sticky tires. I am falling hard for European cars at the moment, although I still love American and Asian iron.
  2. September Car Spotters Thread

    Given the new Ford super duty, I have no problem with this. Not a Ford guy, but the current crop of Ford trucks could induce a near religious level of conversion real quick. I once flat towed 12,000 lbs with a four cylinder S 10...very slowly...but anything is possible.
  3. September Car Spotters Thread

    The Euro Beetle and Euro Jetta are rated for towing, the American versions are not. I think a lot of vehicles are this way.
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    The Honda. I am starting to think Honda is sort of like the religious theocracy in Iran, a self curing problem once people realize the existential level of pain they ahve put myself into. My good friend garret was extremely proud of his Civic when he bought it a year and a half ago, family works for Honda, etc. Now he is trying to put every spare dime into paying it off so he can buy a Silverado. His 67 Chevrolet truck (restored) was stolen and wrecked and he would like to replace two vehicles with one. Seventies wagons were the cats ass....nothing today compares in some ways.
  5. GM News: GM's CAMI Assembly Goes On Strike

    I really dislike the UAW and would be much more likely to buy it if it was built in Mexico by a factor of about 500, yes. There is a reason my last two cars were built in Puebla. This would make an infinite amount of sense for GM.
  6. GM News: GM's CAMI Assembly Goes On Strike

    Let them go on strike, I really don't care if they ever return to work. I buy vehicles built in Non-UAW plants for a reason.
  7. September Car Spotters Thread

    BMW's depreciate to the proximate value of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich once they are out of warranty.
  8. Random Thoughts Thread

    Quoted for truth. ...and with a positive comment about this vehicle from you, yes the world really will end tonight at eleven pm. That crazy bearded hippie guy dressed in a bed sheet with a sign was right about the apocalypse after all
  9. Random Thoughts Thread

  10. Random Thoughts Thread

    I have not watched television on a regular basis since the 1970s...
  11. August 2017: General Motors Co.

    Also, people in this class ahve plenty of money and plenty of them are choosing Cadillac. One of my friends who was very unhappy with her CTS traded it for a Jeep Grand Cherokee loaded up....decided not months but weeks later that she missed the Cadillac after all. She and her husband went out and bought a top of the line Escalade. They then decided they missed having a car even though they loved the Escalade and the Jeep. So they went out and bought a brand new Z06 Corvette. They paid cash for all three...
  12. Random Thoughts Thread

    I am on Balthazar's side in this...and I really dislike how the new Lincolns came out.
  13. August 2017: General Motors Co.

    Thanks! There are elements of both that I like...! If your finding things to complain about rather than enjoying what fantastic choices we now ahve you are not an enthusiast. In fact, your making yourself miserable. Besides, if you are worried about the interior plastics on a Vette or Shelby Mustang while driving it you are doing something very, very wrong.
  14. August 2017: General Motors Co.

    As far as fan boi goes, one can imagine the feeling SMK's college room mate had when the bunk started shaking four foot below him every time a new Benz brochure showed up.
  15. Random Thoughts Thread

    And actually copies them badly....one wonders how the Chinese stylists are adjusting to Beer and bratwurst while they live in Germany and Style BMW's finest. Putting idiots in touch with vintage iron almost always ends badly. I remember a gentlemanly soul wanting to buy a green Boss 302 Mustang that was all original paint...but then wanted to paint it metallic red like the one he had in high school....and leave the green interior...