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  1. Random Thoughts Thread

    As the former owner of a 55 Chevy...this is painful to look at.
  2. Large woodworking machines are cheaper now than they were 30 years ago by far.
  3. I would agree one hundred percent with you here.
  4. As for the Amish all I care to know is that I really enjoy talking to Amish woodworking people when they shop at the same supply house or lumber mill I like to use.
  5. That also. Your answer is essentially non competitive with mine...we are both correct. Something can be environmental waste and an act against personal liberty at the same time. Or better yet just don't take the bait if you think he is baiting you. There is a world of ideas relating to the fossil fuel side of the equation. Deal with those ideas. I don't give a damn about who has sand in their manly bits about what was said here. I want to talk about cars.
  6. Porsche News: Rumorpile: Porsche Reconsiders 911 Hybrid

    Hell yes they need to do this.
  7. Hopefully the three gets off of the ground and Tesla moves forward. That would put your fillings through the back window...of tow a freight train...or both...
  8. I certainly don't advocate all of the points above in exactly the format made, but we did have a rational discussion.
  9. Ohhhh very much so. The writing was on the wall for passenger trains in 1941 but they continued on for another 30 years. They have a place, but nothing like they once did. Same with internal combustion passenger vehicles. I remember reading an article published in 1941 that said the same thing about the passenger train. My point in posting all of that is that there is a way to debate the pro EV folks rationally without stomping off to your room like a 9 year old who won't eat his porridge. Some day humans will no longer be the dominant life force on this planet.
  10. #19. Fossil fuels are uniquely transportable-for things like exploring the antarctic where no EV re-charging structure exists or is very remote, fossil fueled vehicles make a lot of sense. Same thing could be said of deep jungles. #20. Aesthetically, the smell of race gas, the sound of an internal combustion race motor on a cold morning, and the joy of internal combustion competition should not pass from this planet. I just wrote this up quickly to show that there is an alternate side to the argument we are not looking at. It's a shame when this needs to be brought up by an Ev fan and not an internal combustion advocate. Open to additional debate and discussion about the future of propulsion.
  11. #16. People have a right to free choice in vehicles. Forcing an EV mandate treats people like small children unable to determine the course they want for the future. If someone wants to buy an F350 knowing full well fuel prices could spike in the future, giving them the freedom to make that choice is the adult thing to do, and treats them like adults. #17. Planning everything for the future and leaving nothing for today is a form of futurism that is toxic. We don't know what course humans will take in the future, so over planning can be harmful. Fossil fuel vehicles are a well established technology that works well for today and should be embraced. #18. An over emphasis on EV vehicles takes away credit from two things...A. fossil fuels ahve been a huge gift and a huge blessing over the last two hundred years and B. Fossil fuel companies are not the anti-Christ-they bring us on a daily basis what we need to keep society running. Without fossil fuels, anarchy and chaos would result, ending the lives of millions, perhaps billions of people and diminishing the lives of all 7 billion of us.
  12. #15. The affirmative for the proposition would affirm that if we are honest dealing with climate change may be best done by other means than EV automobiles. One could stop giving federal aid to say Miami after hurricanes, and also inform people buying property in Miami of the long term environmental peril of their situation. People should be free to buy property there...we as the rest of the country should not be forced to bail them out. And people have a right to know what will happen with their insurance premiums and the city they choose to live in. This is a form of dealing with the problems we face honestly that does not involve electrification of passenger vehicles and light trucks.
  13. #12. Governmental plans than force change against peoples will such as prohibition or the outlawing of narcotics often fail spectacularly, government coercion will actually slow down the change over to EV vehicles. It could be argued that by doing nothing change will happen at the rate society deems best. Advocacy for things like global warming/climate change and other environmental issues may be best done by social movements and not the government. #13. Supposing the government was actually able to force the issue and cause widespread EV conversion in the short term (5-10 years) this may well convince people that we had solved issues relating to climate change and global warming. Counsel from Lancaster, PA OCNblu was essentially correct in postulating that many sources of C02 would have to be regulated/changed for a significant impact. #14. Automobiles are therefore non unique in terms of being polluters causing gross economic damage. As mentioned previously, regulating other sources may be beyond the scope of both current human technology and current human willpower to solve.
  14. #8. Aircraft are uniquely unsuited to EV propulsion, and our lives are made infinitely better by aviation. Commerce is encouraged by aviation and a reduction in aviation may well lead to increased alienation between countries. This could well lead to un-desireable impacts like nuclear war, economic stagnation, increased racism and intolerance as people become alienated from their fellow humans, a drastic reduction in tourist income, a loss of religious freedom as people are no longer able to make religious pilgrimages. #9. ccap41, counsel from St Louis, needs to mow his damned yard and forced conversion to EV would be a form of governmental tyranny and also a pain in the but for the above mentioned. Plus ccap needs something cool like a mustang Gt to cruise around in, an EV lawn mower would put him further from that goal. #10. As mentioned by Balthazar, tons of things are made from petroleum, it isn't going away any time soon. #11. Social change works best when it is done on a gradual basis, our infrastructure for petroleum has taken well over a century to build, the EV infrastructure will be over a century replacing it.
  15. Actually, let me play devils advocate, because there is a case for fossil fuels. We stand resolved that fossil fuel vehicles have value; Points of contention- #1. Vintage vehicles are a valuable and unique art form and should be preserved, we should allow fossil fuel to be used indefinitely to power them. #2. Motorcycles are available as EV but there are aspects of motorcycling where fossil fuels are inherently superior, we should allow artistic freedom and freedom to riders in terms of their motorcycling experience. #3. As mentioned by intrepedation, two stroke internal combustion engines are torque monsters, certain types of motocross competition would be adversely affected by an Ev changeover, we should allow indefinite use of fossil fuels for motocross. #4. As mentioned by Drew, certain portions of branch line railroad are unprofitable in the extreme to electrify, such as low volume track-age utilized primarily to move food after harvest. there may be an indefinite need for older internal combustion locomotives in this case. #5. Shipping is uniquely difficult to adapt to full EV, this will remain internal combustion for the foreseeable future. #6. Developing nations have the right to automotive transport, and may lack the electrical infrastructure in rural areas to support large scale vehicle charging. We should allow and encourage fossil fueled vehicles in this case, as it brings needed commerce, tourism, medical supplies, religious freedom in that it allows religious people to make pilgrimages, etc. This is of very high value to humanity. #7. As brought up by Balthazar, counsel from new Jersey, we have a lot of ICE cars currently on the road and large scale scrapage of these vehicles is unprofitable and environmentally wasteful. To be continued. The Affirmative will take this counsel into advisement...

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