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  1. Love the fastback style of the car on the far left. Awesome old pictures.
  2. This is actually one of the better ones you have posted up. I loved the precision driving and the photography. Plus I am a sucker for black cars...esp a black Olds.
  3. And battery life is a huge concern. Would actually love to own a model 3 but if you ever have to replace a battery pack...yowzers. And yeah...I have replaced a bunch of those detectors that didn't last ten years
  4. Huge difference between a four dollar nine volt battery and a twenty thousand dollar Tesla battery. Point is made though. Although I bet if you pulled the history of the ten Rangers built right before mine and the ten Rangers built right after mine...and did it in ten years...there would be a wide wide variety of natural life spans for that Ecoboost four cylinder motor. This is why I only use internal combustion smoke detectors in my home. Those extra pipes through my roof aren't vent stacks for plumbing they are exhaust stacks for the detectors. Getting a little tired of runn
  5. Good to know. I didn't know they had such a high trailering capacity. 6200 pounds IIRC. Ironically just turned 50k on the Aveo when I went to pick up a chainsaw.
  6. These reviews are done by Canadian folk.
  7. And I love those guys and thier input. They make me think....as do you.
  8. No one is asking for you to change your opinion. Enjoy your weekend.
  9. I would prefer that we ignore it and let Drew delete the post. People loosing thier shit and starting silly fights drives people away from the site.
  10. Wouldn't it be easier to ignore people and talk about cars? Asking for a friend.
  11. If I wanted automotive reality I would read the Detroit Free Press or talk to someone inside the industry. I'm just here for the psychosis and delusional ranting...and the pics of vintage iron. They will sell a million Rivians in 2022...but it will be outsold by the Pontiac Grand Prix and the Plymouth Prowler. See how easy it is to live in an alternative reality?
  12. In all seriousness that is the problem a lot of legacy car makers have. EVs seem better as EVs from the ground up. Converted gassers as production vehicles don't seem to work as well. Mini didn't sell a lot of EV Cooper's nor was the E Golf a particularly good car. Your angry inner dude is showing and it's not a good look. You have good automotive content please bring that instead.

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