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  1. A bit too rusty for a restoration....
  2. Was in quarantine for 14 days after getting tested, got wildly ill. Tested negative...but not seeing people is odd. First day back to work, essential personnel so I can work. If someone would have told us three moths ago that this was going to happen, few would have believed it. Agree completely. Neat old truck!
  3. Welcome back, so happy to see you back. You were missed! :D 

  4. Very modern and sleek. A little more 50's love...notice the cameo the Pontiac makes on the return road.
  5. Even a die hard anti Ford guy like myself can't help but be hugely impressed by how nice a job they have done with the current Lincoln SUV"'s. Back in our horribly contorted threads about the conti, I stated that Lincolns design language worked well on the SUV's but not the cars.I stand behind that statement. Lincoln gets a big bravo from me, actually, for their SUV's. Worth if for a work truck... I will second that Amen. I run regular gas frequently in my beetle no problem, it has the GTI motor and should take premium. Especially for interstate road trips, zero difference, moderate drop in performance.
  6. Ford Vs Ferrari was Epic... The woodworker in me likes the above video.
  7. I like this product and wish them the best...glad to see them doing this.
  8. Lucky guy.....I remember quite a few of these on the road back in the early 1970's.
  9. I am one of the few huge fans of this bodystyle...but have loved them since I was a kid. My mothers great aunt had a 68 wildcat she bought new...it almost became my first car back in 82. In was in immaculate shape. Almost 40 years later I still miss it.
  10. Except free market economics, they are selling them at 33k new, no price on car love...lots of people dump far more cash into cars than they are worth. I love this body style Ford, This is the exact car I wanted as a kid...thanks for posting this up, seriously made my day. One more way to have OCN walk around with a woodie...wood be perfect for him... Thoughts on above video...?

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