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  1. Clearly an Alpha Male, from an actual fashion show...
  2. I just thought the image looked good, yes I know Balthy doesn't like colorized pics....but the boys and th car...priceless...
  3. Coachbuilt modified MGB... MGB Berlinette Jacques Coune Edition. Built in belgium of all places.
  4. Cake my boss baked....lots of random in my random thoughts this morning.
  5. Lost Cypress forest, some of the trees are 1500 years old....see...I do want some trees left standing.
  6. This is my Wife's maternal Grandfather. He made crankshafts for ships. He would have been 114 yers old this week.
  7. Not my work either but gorgeous. I know this is an automotive forum, but I am passionate about a lot of things, including furniture, inerior design, and woodworking. Interior view.... Again, NOT my work, NOT taking credit for someone elses work. Built by Drew Nelson. Major chops!
  8. Random wood turning pic for Sunday, Not mine.
  9. Was very touched by this.....how all who serve should be treated...

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