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  1. GXD D@#$ if that was a woman I would become a buddhist mon k just to embrace celebacy. Hideous. I don't see this selling well for a number of reasons.
  2. With a small and little version for Blu.... We now know why they fight like brothers...they ARE brothers....!
  3. Probably a darned fine little car.
  4. Yep, a sad day for me also. Ford advertrs keep getting better and better.
  5. Yeah, unsure of what I want to do. Local dealer ahs a clean used VW alltrack ins tock but would rather ahve a truck.
  6. I am kinda falling in love with the midsize pickup segment when it comes to new cars, Tacoma, Ranger, Colorado, Gladiator. Some interesting vehicles in that group. The Tundra that started this thread, not so much. All the truck you really need....I love it...
  7. Except that I do think Aesthetics should matter on a truck. That was my whole point. Daughter of a co worker is having a hell of a great career in the air force serving her country, 20 years old, just bought a new Tacoma 4 door 4 wheel drive. She has American falgs all over the thing. Hardly think that she hates her country. But would like to see her maybe buy an American vehicle. My ideas about them are changing. I could really use one, thinking hard about buying one.
  8. Agree completely. Spark based. Sonic based Tahoe SS coming soon.
  9. Quoted for truth. ...you wonder why I am not here much. Yeah, strangely in this surreal world, the Shelby Mustang and Bronco seem to be the only things really exciting me at the moment. Chris Given Michigan roads consider Tracked vehicle conversion, might be the only thing that will work. And you will be able to park anywhere, even if someone is already aprked there.
  10. By this logic I shouldn't do business with any German company....time to get rid of my festool woodworking tools, and other quality German items. Actually I really like Pick up trucks, thank you very much.
  11. Truth A broken clock is right twice a day.... Should blend in well with the average parking lot full of uninspired vehicles here in the USA. Reason, or one of the reasons, I don't post much here any more. No doubt about this at all. Not a fan at all of Trump, but at least he tried to take care of American workers. He did feel a bit of responsibility to the folks in Michigan who elected him. We now return you to your ranting and spiteful Stang/Horse/Horse's ass....
  12. It's actually a good truck but getting dated. I would consider one. But I think (and yes I have changed my mind, don't faint, please!) the Ranger is the peach of the crop. Don't faint, going to give props to Ford, they employ more Americans in America thatn anyone IIRC. See my remark about Ford above. In all fairness to GM look at how many Robots are not used to build vehicles.

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