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93 S10, 350 V8 $2800

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I went to look at cars today and I checked out the S10. Turns out it has a 350 V8, Edelbrock parts, 1997 Sonoma rims, updated gauges and it is a 93. It is $2800 and has fair bit of rust. it look to bit going to start rusting around the rear wheel well as I have seen that on many older S10s. The $2800 is pretty much paying for the engine and tranny and rims. The car needs new paint and is a little bit rusty on the rockers and frame. WOuld this be a good deal or would I negotiate lower. It needs paint pretty badly as it is actually purple. I like that it has the 350 though because I really wanted to put one in an S10. What do think and can the rust be fixed? I really like it but my dad wants me to get a car with no rust. I told him that all cars have rust but he cant get it through his head. The frames always rust. If I got this I would probably repaint it black, fix the rust, find some IROC-Z rims or Rally rims like from the older Corvettes, etc, keep the Sonoma rims for winter since they are pretty beat up, and I would tint the rear lights. I would also have to check out brakes, etc. I dont know exact kms but the 350 is maybe 2 or 3 years old so it shouldn't have too much on the engine. The truck looked to be a base model at first. It has the grille surround being all plastic. I would probably want to try to paint that the same as the truck. What do you think?

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Guest YellowJacket894

A-Rev: Go for it. God knows it'll cost at least twice as much to install a V8 in an S10 yourself.

That's why I'm really going to hate paying the five-grand or so it'll cost to install a 5.3 DOD V8 in my truck (of course, mine needs a new transmission with the engine overhaul, but still, it's costly to install a V8).

As for the rust, it didn't sound too bad. But, if it is, all-new rear bed quarter panels will run you around $250 (U.S.) a piece. I'd have the owner either subtract that amount from the price or have them buy you new panels.

Also, if you buy the S10, go to www.LMCTruck.com and order one of their S10 catalogs. It has pretty much every part for every year model of S10, and you'll be able to find all kinds of good parts for that truck. Also, they're not too expensive, either. I've got a new grille and and rollpan on the way for my truck, and that only ran under $250 for me.

Set a price to the owner for $1,500 and work your way up to around $2,200 if you desire to pay that much. I know the powertrain is worth that much alone.

Good luck. :)

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S10 chassis & SBC power is a great combo...

Almost like the T-bucket/32 Ford w/ 350/327 power of the 21st century.

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