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Headlight Aim off

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About two months ago I had taken my fog light out to clean it out and to really get to it the headlight cluster has to come out. So I had taken just the driver's side headlight and foglight out and put the headlight back in no problem. I had driven it for a good two weeks and the aim was straight on. Well when I had put the fog light back in and put everything back together the headlight aim was about a foot lower than it should be. I tried turning the adjustment clockwise and counter clockwise with not effect. I've tried reseating the whole headlight fixture several times and it's still aiming too low. Friday I had taken in my car for regular maintainable (Coolant flush, oil change, & tire rotation/balance). When I dropped my car off I asked them if they could take a look at the headlights and told me they'll see what they can do. Well when I picked the car up the mechanic told me the same thing I was getting.. he tried the adjustment knob and reseating the headlight and it wasn't budging. This is a small garage nearby where I live and my whole family takes their cars there so these guys get some really good business from us and I get the feeling these guys don't screw us over and are honest workers. So I'm curious if any mechanical gurus here could possibly lend some info. I'd rather not have to go out and buy a whole new headlight fixture just to correct the aim. I'd appreciate any help anyone could provide. Thank you.

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If the adjuster is not working, it sounds as if maybe you busted it somewhere along the way. Unless you can adjust it some by hand somehow, you might just need to by a new housing....check ebay or a junkyard, you could probably get one for a pretty reasonable price.

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