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  1. Love the new look of the site guys!

  2. Flying out of Fargo on Friday and going to hopefully make it for the tail end of SEMA. I have a buddy who works for a company up here in North Dakota that mainly sells Semi Trailer and Farm equipment covers. They also sell ATV and Pickup snow plows as well as pickup truck bed covers. As long as I don't get delayed I should be able to make it for the last couple of hours. We are staying for the weekend to drink a few as well Anyone else going to make it down? Bryce
  3. scharmer05

    Hey guys

    Hey guys, I haven't been around the site in a good 8 months or so probably, but with all the GM news going on right now, and a break in harvest because of the rain, I decided to poke around here for a while today. Poked through member showcase. Congrats to everyone on the new rides. Very nice. Hope everyone is doing well, and who knows, maybe once winter comes I'll stop by a little more often. Bryce
  4. They had the concept on Top Gear last week. It looks better than this picture gives it credit.
  5. Just found this. Thanks guys. It was a really good day.
  6. Sweet pics 68. Well here in ND, it is getting ready to dump another 8-12 inches on us. I f@#king love it. Driving around town in the Suburban is great. Although people are absolute idiots on a little bit of snow. Even here in ND where it is on the ground at least 4 months out of the year. On Tuesday a deadbeat came around the corner by my house, lost control, and smashed into the back of the Suburban parked at the end of my driveway. Here's the kicker, he had no insurance, no license, and then took off. I was still awake, got outside, followed him, and caught him. My insurance is
  7. I like this a lot. With a nice sedan that someone besides seniors might like driving, I could see Buick becoming a hit. There are a lot of 30 somethings cruzin around in Enclaves that I've noticed.
  8. For those of you who haven't watched SNL in a while, give it a chance. It is definitely on the up swing with this cast....Andy, Kristin, Seth, Amy up until a few weeks ago....All great! Anyway, this skit was definitely bull$h!. My roommate said something about the Big 3 bailout and I had to rip him a new one. I asked him where he heard all this $h!......perezhilton.com. I walked away before I lost it. People are misinformed and this skit didn't help at all. If only everyone read C&G.
  9. 1.78 a gallon here. We are trying to use up the diesel and gas in our farm tanks right now that we paid A LOT more for so that we can fill up at these prices. We are putting in a couple 10000 gallon diesel tanks too.
  10. Just got an email from a cousin of mine that works as a car salesman asking me to do this. I think this deserves to be on the front page. I think everyone here would be willing to take part in this.
  11. Just saw this....glad that your brother is back at home. I wish him a speedy recovery. Also, it takes a lot of pressure to break your femur....like 1500 lbs I have been told. That had to be one heck of a crash. Glad he is relatively OK.
  12. The Cruze is awkward as well...but I do like it a little more. The rear 3/4 of the Toyota is pretty good looking, but the front looks like they threw some experimental headlights on a Camry and did whatever they needed in order to make them fit. If I lived in either of these markets, I wouldn't buy either. There a lot better looking cars out there.
  13. Just found out this weekend that a family friend's brother is married to Sarah's sister. It was in the paper last week too that her son attends hockey camp each year at the same college my sister is currently attending, University of North Dakota. Small world.
  14. Great pictures KF....I always enjoy your Montes.
  15. I just bought a macbook 2.4 core 2 duo 2gb ram 250gb hard drive....I am really excited for it to get here, but it doesnt touch most of your guys computers. Should do plenty for me.
  16. The D Pillar is not my style...although either is a wagon, but to each his own I guess. The rear does look downright classy for a wagon though. Love the taillights and the extra touches.
  17. I was at the lake this weekend, no dish at the moment....long story, so I went out to the bar just to watch the race. After the second leg it was closer than I would have liked. I was glad to see them win it though.
  18. The greenhouse sucks, it looks like a nice Vibe. I like the front end though. The chicks will dig it.
  19. Hey guys, sorry that I got busy and didn't get to check in on this thread again. Glad to see people had a lot to say. Thank you for the well wishes and I wish all you guys and gmpartsgirl the best of luck in either gaining or losing weight. I just realized I am way to young to not be healthy, even though you should always try to be in your best health despite your age. WW really has been easy for me and I don't see quiting it until im at a healthy weight again. I basically promotes eating healthy and on a regular schedule to keep your body completely satisfied so that it feels like it
  20. So recently I decided I needed to lose some weight. My genes make it very likely for me to have high blood pressure and high cholesteral, and as I recently hit 215 lbs this spring I noticed I had started to feel like crap. I went to the doctor for a physical and sure enough the high BP had hit and my cholesteral was on the border. At 5'9" I was a relatively healthy 175 about 3 years ago. My metabolism has obviously slowed since high school, I started drinking beer more often, and I just didn't have enough time in my life to make myself healthy meals. I had a part time job that I was wo
  21. One thing I did was go to americanracing.com and put the same wheel on a Bonneville and a Grand Prix of the appropriate year. It put the same bolt pattern, 5x115, and the same offset on each vehicle as well, a +42. I found a set of Bonneville wheels that claim they are a +48, and a set of the Grand Prix wheels that are a +52. If I know my wheel numbers well enough we are talking about a difference of a centimeter here right? And only a 4 millimeter difference between the two wheels I found. I wouldn't think it would be a big deal but when the number gets higher isn't there even less room?
  22. So I bought an 04 Bonneville for the girlfriend to get around in. Her old car was nearing the end and I got a hell of a deal on this car that was out in Boise. It seemed to be pretty well optioned and I never saw a picture of it, just knew it was in decent shape, had 65K on it, and was white and that was enough for me. So I fly out to Boise to drive it back. When I get there, to my suprise it has hub caps on it. I was over it pretty quickly and figured I would throw a nice set of 17s on it and call it good. Well the girlfriend hates how aftermarket it is going to look with most of the
  23. When I bought my 42incher I ended up going with a 720 LG. I bought it about a year ago and got it for about 1600 (1300 without it) with a 4 year service plan from BB. A decent deal for when I got it. It has been a great TV, and has the QAM tuner in it so that I can pick up free HD channels that my cable company sends out. That is nice. I have a 1080 Samsung DLP Projection and have had that for almost 2 years now. The quality of my DLP Samsung didn't seem to shine through quite as much with the LCDs. And the Samsungs didn't have the QAM tuner when I bought, they might now. Sonys are ni

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