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marketing ideas? What's worked before?

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Well, I remember reading throught pontiac's history according to, of course, pontiac.com

and I remember reading that in like 1937 or so... pontiac used a new slogan "Built to Last 100,000 Miles" and "The most beautiful things on wheels"

and also in 1932 Pontiac, although it was a fairly new brand sales rose 50% with usage of advertising campaigns targeting women...

the 60's were the best years for GM... GM had vehicles that women wanted, and guys could impress a woman with.

excuse my quote but like 2pac said "N**ga's want what the B**ches want" so market things for women... make a car that a girl would like to get picked up in... for everyone, not just corvettes...

GM needs new marketing... certain stratagys have worked in the past... but times have changed... simply saying a car is built to last 100k miles these days, someone is gonna question it, and be like really? thats all? what a peice of junk...

What is so hard about being a leader, just standing up and saying hey, our vehicles are just better, and you know what i'll put my money where my mouth.
if you cant make vehicles sexier, if you cant add value to your vehicle,
you've got to add incetives...

lets market these cars, and give them some value even if it will take a few years before they are gotta have it cars... marketing department... lets start working some slogans and get them into peoples heads...

is there anyone here that doesnt know which car is "the fastest new car under 20 grand"?
does anyone in here know which company offers "americas best warrante"

okay these marketing schemes are targeting single minded customers... and when GM advertises... they try to advertise to everyone...
the Dodge is advertising to people who really only care about speed... and Hyundai, is really only advertising to people who want a car to last a while...

but when you see a GM commercial? does it even have a target audiance?
"Employee prices for all..." looks like they are trying to advertise to everyone... and its obvious when they have a hit... like June, that was well marketed...
but marketing to all doesnt really work... this is why Pontiac saw an increase of sales when they targeted women in the 30's...
because they could really get into the mindset of a certain type of person...

GM Marketing has to get renewed... Edited by Newbiewar

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Make cars people want to buy, emulating the 60's cars. An no not all BOF rwd, but desirable cars that get good MPG with power and style.


but sometimes, you have cars that are relitively compareable... or even in the vibes case... identical... to the matrix...

and GM poorly markets their cars... at least they do now...

are GM classics any more desireable then the competition? during the 60's? i'm sure someone would disagree...

but i'm sure they were much better marketed... although i dont know

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are GM classics any more desireable then the competition?  during the 60's? i'm sure someone would disagree...

but i'm sure they were much better marketed...

If this is any indication, then I wouldn't say the marketing was much better. Yecch.

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