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  1. Model T's were appliances, GM turned out new looks every year to get more sales. Four doors are what most car buyers want, it's not 1970 anymore. Coupes will be around for Auto Shows, but will never sell as they did in the Baby Boomer era 60's/70's. And I agree about that old car shows get boring with same old 50's songs and fake Elvises. Seen enough '57 Chevys where I don;'t even look twice. How about some variety?
  2. How is 'Vauxhall' prononced phonetically? 'vox-all' or 'vo-hall'?
  3. About Can Ams, there is a rumor that they were cut to sell more Grand Prixs, since they used the same dashboards. Sale managers wanted to push as many GP's as possible. Regarding Buick Century GS, the package was available 1973-75, but the Stage 1 455 motor was only in 1973-74.
  4. I think all G body 1978-88 RWD Monte Carlos would be Gen 3. The '81-88 was a reskin, not a whole new car.
  5. There was no other SS wagon than the 1973 Chevelle. The Laguna was the top Chevelle trim level for '73, in sedan, wagon, coupe. But the SS package was only on the chrome bumpered Malibu coupe and wagon. Plus El Camino. For 1974, the Malibu Classic took the place of the Laguna as 'top of line' and the SS package was only on the El Camino, from then on. No Laguna or SS wagons for 1974. The 74-76 Laguna S-3 was a sporty coupe, taking the SS's place, though not marketed as a 'muscle car'. The only GM colonnade era 'sport package' that survived to 1977, and sold OK, was the Olds 442.
  6. "A Park Avenue aimed at Lexus and Acura 20 years ago? rlol" I agree, but back then, GM figured just make it "look imported" with luggage racks on trunks and black trim and it was "good enough".
  7. So many are in denial that GM went BK and had to borrow from the US Govt. They still think GM is a "Money Tree" and they can just hand out jobs for workers to show up and read newspapers all day.
  8. Your premise is still false, no matter how many times you repeat it. Well, GM went Chapter 11 and is still under Gov't control. They can't afford to do 'expirements' and end up losing money. It's notgonnahappen. After the 04-06 GTO getting trashed by 'purists', why bother? All the old timers would complain that 'It looks too plain' and younger buyers cant afford $40K.
  9. I used to know a Buick Zone Rep back in 1991, and he claimed that the PA was 'top of the line', and the Roadmaster was aimed at older RWD LeSabre owners for trade-ins. Supposedly the PA was aimed at Lexus and Acura, even back then.
  10. I assume the NG Impala will have a police package also.. (it will be Epsilon II (FWD/V6). Duh, thanks, I wasn't thinkin!
  11. So many are avoiding the big question, COST! What will people's electric bills be? How much fossil fuel and coal will be used at power plants to generate more electricty for grids? How much to charge at a station? We still get electric company bills, and it's not free! No way will Best buy "give away" electricity.
  12. Maybe Chevy will keep the W body past MY '12 and call it "Impala Classic"? I can't see them investing in the tooling to put the 6 speed into the Impala for only one year [?]
  13. After the W body goes, will there be a Malibu cop car for light duty? Not all agencies need a RWD/V8 Pursuit car.

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