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  1. Hey, its been many moons since I was active on this forum... But I'm stationed here in germany.. I was liking the new cruze, and was curious if the US version is the same as the Euro Chevrolet version of the Cruze... Anyone know what might have changed, are they made in multiple locations, etc?
  2. thank you all, for the welcoming back, I now depart back to the states, long 20 hour flight ugg wish me luck
  3. certainly havent looked very hard at the dodge products, really didnt like the charger platform when they were on our used lot, didnt like the suspension or steering. Maybe it would be worth while to try one out, but i have always leaned toward GM. I was thinking about the CTS-v on the last gen, but I think i've been over here while the specs of the new one came out. dont really know what its all about. 1.)if someone would kindly catch me up, Pontiac sports truck is done? what about the GMC sports truck? 2.)Traverse is currently out? and is it selling well? 3.)Camaro this is its
  4. lol, the requirements were +400 horsepower, and a manual transmission. not too many cars that fit that bill... but I cant decide between practicality and style. seeing that Im getting a divorce no kids, doesnt really matter what its used for, but pleasure is a must.
  5. Wow its been so long since I've been on these boards. Getting ready to end my deployment and come home. It seems GM has changed quite a bit, has quite a few problems at its feet, but I think it will recover. Thinking of getting a new car when I get home. undecided between a G8 GXP Camaro SS or Corvette
  6. its probably about time... he's a bean counter, hopefully we'll get someone else up there who has more operational and manufacturing experience.
  7. regardless they have to import parts...
  8. i think its a step in the right direction he's had the oppertunity to change things, and if it hasnt been done then it wont be... keep lutz around and put someone else in charge...
  9. I really doubt GM's situation is as disastrous as GM makes it seem, while it is unthinkable to have such a slow year, GM wouldnt continue to offer support to delphi if they couldn't run themselves. if there is money to spread, i'm sure i'd get in line and act the part of an ailing business. I believe that Obama will do wonders for the industry, and america... protectionism is in his word and his nature. Having congress on your side when it comes to union contracts, seems to be quite an advantage. I would hope that GM doesnt end up shelling out billions for health care to form a veb
  10. i like what wagoner is trying to do, but undermining the companies previous plan to keep all 8 brands alive will be a waste of money in the long run... it is best to keep all alive, and in the upcoming years, GM should strive, as long as the sales begin to pick up, the camaro will do wonders for GM as soon as it hits the showroom, chevy will be selling again, almost like the old days... i think the camaro is GM's silver bullet right now, and i hope it can do for gm what the camaro did for gm in the 60's
  11. the board of directors and the management needs to be renewed, and replaced. wagooner has cut the fat on the company, but there still remains some expenses that could be removed, that he wont do. wagooner has removed so many subsiderarys of GM... and i dont think that is good... companies like delphi should still be with gm... but whatever. if thats how a company makes its money by selling the accumulation of wealth then i cannot see this company being dominate any longer.
  12. the volt and prius will always have their callings... but at some point it is not cost effective.... if you intend on having a car to drive to the liquor store and back a few times a week... then it is a great idea... but for the average buying public... the price of gas is too shaky... if people's confidence was restored, gm would be selling the GMT900's again...
  13. im not certain if u are considering wamu to be corrupt like enron, but if you are, you are stepping on some mighty big toes... the treasury is corrupt and might have taken lessons from enron on how to sell power/debt to other companies... but at some point... it stops and someone falls big... im thinking its going to be citibank... fdic tried to keep them afloat by giving them wachovia, but as u can see that failed to go through, and citi is stumbling, very badly.
  14. perhaps not... the big guys sure fall the most, from globalization... but it helps the little guy in america, if the little guys in china go out of business... china had a hand in this, a little bit, they raised their minimum wage and put themselves out of work, for cheaper smaller 3rd world countries... now their factories are empty, and the asian bubble has popped. we'll see how this affects japan, as the majority of all their sales are outside their country. the US is relitively self sufficient we have every sector in our ecconomy, and much of the world depends on us for agriculture. s
  15. management... lets try free trade... i guess your right management does need to go.. bush out!

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