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Fleet sales: GM largest decrease, Toyota largest increase

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I'm copying this straight from the thread in BON to save time, but it appears GM had the greatest fleet sale marketshare drop (7.66% points) and Toyota had the largest gain (2.06% points). Nissan increased and is almost poised to surpass Ford, which actually decreased its fleet share by 1.4%.

Fleet central has posted the fleet sales for the first half of the 2008 model year. Ford continues to perform relatively well in regards to reducing rental fleet sales. The information below is comparing a full year's worth of data to only half a year's of data for 2008. So this is not an apples to apples comparison in that regard.

Ford Vehicles (2008 and 2007) Rental Fleet percentages

Econoline 25.81% and 24.80%

Focus 20.58 % and 19.38%

Fusion 17.56% and 13.43%

Edge 18.08% and 15.79%

Explorer 23.29% and 15.72%

F-series 3.85% and 3.02%

Escape 12.93% and 14.99%

Mustang 16.82% and 22.03%

Expedition 15.79% and 15.82%

Taurus 16.87% and 62.93%

Taurus X 21.71% and 42.76%

Cr. Vic 7.10% and 7.08%

Ranger .50% and .65%

Sport Trac .17% and .12%

Mustang, Taurus twins, and Escape helped offset increases in the other models. The Ford brand was at 12.96% rental fleet in the first half of 2008 compared to 12.45% for all of 2007. Ford held 11.95% of rental fleet marketshare in 2008 compared to 12.60% rental fleet marketshare for 2007. So even though they increased the percentage of rental fleet sales they did not keep up with everybody else. You might be surprised to see who increased rental fleet marketshare the most in 2008 so far. See below.

Lincoln and Mercury 2008 and 2007 rental fleet percentages

Navigator 9.10% and 6.31%

MKX 3.57% and 2.85%

Town Car 39.43% and 47.91%

MKZ 2.43% and 3.38%

Grand Marq 53.20% and 47.07%

Milan 14.05% and 14.67%

Mountaineer 25.23% and 18.07%

Mariner 13.49% and 9.50%

Sable 10.43% and 48.39%

Percentage of sales to rental fleets

1 ) Kia 33.36% (Increased their rental fleet marketshare by 1.13 points over 2007)

2 ) Chrysler 27.45% (Increased their rental fleet marketshare by 1.12 points over 2007)

3 ) Mazda 24.15% (Mazda6 over 58% rental fleet.)

4 ) Hyuandai 23.48% (Increased rental fleet marketshare by 1.05 points)


6 ) Ford 13.58% (reduced rental fleet marketshare by 1.40 points)

7 ) Nissan 13.07% (Catching Ford fast. Increased fleet marketshare by 1.68 points)

8 ) Toyota 7.40% (The winner is Toyota. They increased rental fleet marketshare by 2.06 points)

9 ) Honda .75% (Honda continues to act like they don't want to play in the fleet dumping game)

Toyota models contributing to their ever increasing dependence on fleet sales appear to the be the following:

Avalon 22.69% rental fleet

Sienna 19.95% rental fleet

RAV4 16.77% rental fleet

Highlander 18.35% rental fleet

Part of GM's success may have had more to do with the American Axle strike rather than a disciplined approach to reducing rental fleet sales. Time will tell.

Nissan appears to pulling out all the stops to increase sales. They are almost matching Ford on the percentage of sales front for rental fleets and they have been giving away all trucks and SUVs at the retail level the past two months. I wonder if management's bonus criteria for this year is closely tied to marketshare gains.

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