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19sixty8 Camaro videos

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I've been saying I'd get these uploaded since I joined the site in 2004.

Well here they are: several videos of how I occasionally abuse my

poor Camaro. The car is tough as nails, unrestored, pretty rough

cosmetically and pretty much all of the mechanical hardware is factory

save for the crate motor.

Enjoy.... & let's see your own shenanigans too!

* these are all only 15 sec. quicktime movies with no sound.

They were taken with my ancient Nikon digital camera.

This footage was taken at the same place where I did my burnout photo

that got published in Car Craft. As a matter of fact this was only about 2

months after that photo was taken. July of 2004 or so. All of these videos

are from 2004.

Oooopps.... I drove over the leg of the tripod a little bit.

Just a quick lap around the parking lot. :P

I need a cameraman... this tripod bull$h! is not effective.

Posted Image

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on a scale of 1 to 10.... I would rate these at a 9... if there was sound.....

15 :ohyeah::thumbsup:

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dont show the future owner these tapes

But schweeetnesss

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That's the thing... you guys would think I'm an asshole who just beats

the F#$@ out of cars all day but trust me, when the '59 Buick is my

classic car I'll be doing all my Burnouts in the Datsun. I'm not going

to beat on that car. I want a hardtop so I can cruise down the street,

listen to Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly, perhaps on occassion some

1960s classic rock if I'm not in the mood for 50s Music. I'll take Sofia

& Marcia out for Ice Cream and me & XP will take crazy roadtrips.

What better excuse to take a roadtrip in a 1959 Bick than to go buy a

scratch ticket.... from Maine. :)

But when I get some serious power in the Datsun that car will become

the beater, burnout, smokeshow, crazy freekin' drifting at the Mall

paring lot, ice racing on a lake in the White Mountains kind of car.

I'm going to get a turbo for the Datsun form the junkyard and do it up

on a budget, if I blow up the Inline Six I'll stuff in a V8 or possibly a

BMW inline six.

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Damn, those are some nice burnouts, Sixty8! Smokey goodness! :yes:

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Those cars were made to do burnouts tho. the beefy axles strong transmissions and such. I love to see a car like those do burnouts. I dont think your and A-hole i think your a good owner. but if you do that to a 59 buick ill have to do some ass kickin. that 59 was ment in the day of 55mph cruising and relaxing. Not racing and tire shreading power of the late 60's.

Just that normaly "i beat the $h! out of my cars" is not the best advertisment for a car. so say "I gave it the gun somtimes but othere than that i was very relaxed with it. Since i never got around to fixing it to show condtion. I ran out of money" type deals. Did that make sense?

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Where I am in my life right now I'm kind of at a turning point.

It used to be the only thing that mattered about a car for me

was 0-60 times and styling. This is why I bought the STS, plus

Marcia loves those Caddys too but it was mostly cause it had

great style and the Northstar is such a beast of a motor.

I've driven a lot of "fast" cars and had a lot of fun burning

rubber in every which way possible, now I'm ready for the

next step. I can not restore the Camaro in the next few years

I do not have tons of cash to pour into th e car and it's getting

old trying to fix it on a budget (half assed) becasue I do not

consider the car as fun as it once was. When it was just me

& Marcia we had a lot of fun in the Camaro. Mostly me, but

even she took it for a drive a couple times.

Now it's turned into a selfish toy that only I can enjoy. Last

time I went to the Tewksbury car show Sofia came along with

Macria in the STS and followedd me in the Camaro... what

fun is that? I want a car the whole family can ejnjoy and as

it turns out my obsession with tail fins, tons of chrome and

the unconventional has lead me to a 1959 Buick. It works out

perfectly, Marcia likes it so I don;t get as much resistnce as

with a 61 Cadillac (she's not as big of a fan of the 61 Caddy)

If I HAVE to restore a '59 Buick ground up it will be worth

it to me versus the Camaro, which is so not all that original

or unique. They're very popullar... there's over a dozen 1st

gen. Camaros in my town alone, like 5 of them are 1968s.

Hell my neighbor's son has two of them!

No matter how much money I invest in a 1968 Camaro I'll

never e the quickest one at the track unless I win the lottery

and I will be one of several guys at the carshows with a 68

Camaro. As cool as they are I'm not going to be that much

of a rebel by having one. It's predictable. But even if I

invest thousands into a 59 Invicta flat top or whatever I will

not regret it. Any 59 Buick short of an Opel by Buick has

bold styling, a menacing presance and unforgetable lines.

It's one of the few 50s cars that can be described as having

both tail fins, ourrageous brightwork and yet super clean

uncluttered styling. The 58 was over the top and the 60 was

tonned down too much. In 1959 they got it perfect.

So when I get one it will not be beat on, jimmy rigged,

half assed or abused in any way. Of course if I could beef up

the frame and drop in a 455 from a Boat Tail with a heavy

duty suspension/rear end set up like Balthazar with his Invicta

I might be tempted to do an occasional burnout. :)

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