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GM rejects Belgian broadcaster's diesel emissions claim


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GM’s Opel rejects Belgian emissions claim

Andy Sharman in London


The Zafira, a family car sold by the European arm of General Motors, has come under fresh scrutiny for its emissions performance in the wake of the Volkswagen diesel scandal.


GM's Opel division said it had been made the subject of "false accusations" after a report by Belgian broadcaster VRT claimed it had been secretly modifying the emissions performance of its cars using unexplained software updates since the VW scandal emerged in September.


Financial Time's full article.



Bern University of Applied Sciences and environmental lobby club DUH previously found this model to pass European emissions standards only when the rear wheels are not rotating. When the rear wheels are made to spin along, NOx emissions increase to several times the limit set by European regulations.



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The Green people and parties in Europe smell blood after VW and are ready to attack any and all diesel cars no matter how they fared. 


Just the nature of an activist to never let a good crisis go to waste. This is part of the training they get when they read Saul Alinskys rules for radicals.


Even if it passes they can cast a shadow on any model with this kind of engine.  

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So in reviewing the writing on this and the response by Opel, I can only say one word in response to this:




Yup, Opel / GM FAILED to nail the lid on this by showing what the differences are between the existing software and the update that was pushed out.


GM you must keep transparency on this. VW failure and multiple lies with retelling of the lies by multiple corporate talking heads should make you realize that you need to be transparent.


They could have shut them up by saying here is what the software was doing and was approved by the Euro Union. Here is what the update does and this is the differences between them and why.


This should have been a slam dunk for shutting up the Tree Huggers.

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