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  1. I see the not much changes here. Some still have no clue about what they are about to witness. Sad!
  2. Look again never said brought up the Puritans. Get it right.
  3. Sorry but they were only a small part of who came here. Drew assumed Puritans when went on a rant fully off base as he never took the time to gather the facts before he went off. Just line many other things. Don't bother to replay as it may be a while if I ever come back here. Like many others that have left I think my time as come.
  4. It is no wonder we are so F*$&. So many have no clue about the past. Puritans well I hate to tell you they were only a small part of the people who came to this country. As for past sins it is what is as you can not measure what they did by the same standards today. It was a different world and many thing happened from power and right of conquest. Was it right by todays standards no but that is how things were. The world and life has evolved over the years and you can not judge the past by the same standards you can only make sure you do not repeat the past sins.
  5. Drew my people were not Puritans for your information. My great times what ever grandfather and his brothers and father came here as Quakers in the mid 1600's. He even was buddies with William Penn. His name was Andrew Job Jr. Look it up he has a large web site on the web. That is how I learned much of him and his wife's family. So before you try to trash me with your own bull $h! you had better get your facts straight. Puritans were much earlier. Also FYI not everyone who came here was a Puritan but you should know that since you claim to be so smart. The fact is Quakers were persecuted in the 1600's in England and settled in PA and along the east coast. He worked hard to try to stop the abuse of the Native Indians and prevent the sale of Alcohol to them that was creating major issues in their tribes. And don't tell me the Quakers were like Islam either. Different faiths and different situations. The family descended from the Norsemen in France and moved to England. They became a line of the Aristocracy and converted to Quakerism later. They lost their standing and came here to follow their faith in PA and many followed them as time went on. My descendent became a sheriff, a leader in their church, Tavern owner and owned many other business. He was born on the boat on the way over and was sent back to England for his education. He returned and represented William Penn in boarder disputes with Lord Baltimore. So you need to correct your false hoods talking about something you have no connection to and no idea about. As for his family they continued to move south and they ended up in eastern TN where they help usher in state hood serving there as Militia. No one gave them anything and they had to make it on their own. And before you get this wrong too No I am not a Quaker present day. That disappeared from the family years ago. Also the Quakers http://www.hallvworthington.com/Persecutions/whypersecutions.html There are many other documented sites to choose from too. FYI the Quakers as a whole as normally practiced did not execute their members or kill anyone. Because they never fought back is why they took so much BS thought out history. But they were willing to die for what they believed.
  6. Capitalism is far from perfect as stated in my Churchill quote but it is a far site better than any alturnitive. At least here you have many opportunities to change you life and fortune but else where you do as they say and live as they say or else. Speak out you get sent to a cold place if you are lucky if you are not lucky they never find you body or you are hung in a court yard of the village as an example. Socialisam has places that it works but generally they are small low population countries that are very passive. Even then they have to hope the wrong person never gets elected as that person can take everything away from the at any moment since they depend on the Goverment on nearly everything. So yes capitalism is not always fair but so is life in general. I have a cousin dying of cancer that just retired at 48. That is not fair but what can you do. I just saw a small child died of a heart issue just weeks old fair no but it is part of life. Most of life is two choices. We as humans try to fudge it but like the old line a lie is a lie and there is no in between.
  7. The real reason the new deal was put in was to keep the people from rising up. Yes there was a humanitarian side but most all great uprisings against goverments are due to poor economies and poor people. Don't believe it then go back and read your history. Quotes mean little as they seldom show true intent. But if you look at most of the programs none were intended to be long term and most of them went away a long time ago too. Like the Federal income tax it came stated as temporary but became perminste as politicians became addicted to spending other people's money. We are falling behind because we have become a very undisciplined, lazy, spoiled society that expect everything is given. I hate to say it but we have gone way too long with no hard times. My father grew up where they stood in line when he was a small child to get food and most of the rest The grew, raised and slaughtered to put food on the table. Today the guy bumming money at the off ramp has a record, out standing warrants for selling drugs and $4000 of ink on his body. He interrupts his begging with cell phone calls when he takes a break at his car across the street. Isolated no as the guy who replaces him the next day is just like him. I agree there are some in need but most of them know where you go and if they want to escape that life they do,Many just repeat the same mistakes loaded up on Heroin or some other mind altering substance they can not afford because they were never taught right and wrong because Dad was gone and Mom had the same bad habits. This guys kids and grand kids will fall even farther behind and remain dependent on the goverment. It is fine to help people but we need to break the cycle and stop calling everything an illness and hold them accountable. The reason I have no addictions and no record and a generally good life is due to my parents setting standards in how I lived, what I did and who I hung out with. This is a major issue today and the root of our decline.
  8. I would not do it if it were a negative but I do feel it is a neutral. Socialisam while not entirely bad also as some nasty side effects that did not build this country for the first 150 years. social programs came mostly during FDR and many were only intended to be temporary. As a whole I feel many make people less self reliant and the goverment more irresponsible. Many today have been trained not to use the kind social programs as a way ahead but as a way of life. I have spent 20 years in the worst parts of town and learned first hand the good and bad it has brought with it. For some they turn it into a industry. The Arab store keepers buying and selling food stamps amoung other things driving new Jags and much more. Most generations learned to collect the money and now their kids and grand kids do the same. Want more money have more kids or get divorced and double dip, there are a 101 games. The polititions promise the world for free and promise to tax the evil rich to pay for it. They are just buying votes with social programs. God knows we should offer help to those who will work that may not make as much and stop paying many to stay home. I remember many would joke how they made more not working tha working. We do not teach self reliance anymore. We do not teach personal responsibility anymore. We do not teach good work habits or anything about moral or ethical standards. Sorry but just doing goverment hand outs are like free cheese it is a bandaids on a gaping infected wound. The first 15o years of this country and the 300 years before the founding you took responsibility or you died. You made your own way or you died. The truth is we are just one magnetic pulse away from millions dying in less than six months. Why will they die. They depend on the goverment and others to the point they can no longer make it on their own. Also many will turn on others and feed off the weak. Not being doom and gloom here but my family came here in the 1600's to escape pusicution in Europe. They had to take care of them selves as no one else would. It made them tougher, smarter and self sufishiant. Free collage? No one paid for mine. I got a job and payed my way changing oil and other tasks working six days a week. I am one of many doing this. No one owed me anything. As for the rich. Were some see evil if they made it legally I see a lesson to be learned when I see them make it on their own. We should hold these people up as example of what can be legally done. My company owner is a great example as he started the company in a bedroom and today is now a large international company. He also has started other companies and expanded ours and now provides good livings for more than a high tax rate woud ever do. There is always areas the goverment will need to be involved like defense and health on a national level. But much of the rest should be up to the states. I gave you a plus one for the new photo. Much better.
  9. Just passion brother that is all it is. I also love to debate a worthy opponent. Then you have the total idiots on both sides that want to debate but can't even tell you who their Senator is. But I guess it takes all kinds. If we disagree never mistake my passion as a lack of respect for you. We my not always agree but you do have my respect.
  10. No we are just people with our own views that express them as you do. You have your view and we have ours. I am not trying to convert or change you thinking. To me it is nothing more than debate. You appear to be taking it personal when it is just an opposing view. Trust me I lose no sleep over this. I see you as a good person but just with a view I do not agree with and just was debating it. I would trust you see me in the same light. My feathers are not ruffled so neither should yours be.
  11. I can be off as I don't hold your voting records. I can just go by comments espoused on the site. Capitalism is not perfect but it is the best system we have. The fact is if we are all the same no one benefits but if a good portion of our society succeeds then many of us benefit. Like my owner and employer. He has succeeded and with what he has made he provides jobs and many opportunities for the rest of us to hold good jobs and make a good wage. I do not begrudge him his fortune and he was the one who took the risk, time and work to make it. More power to him. Our society anymore is a jealous society. Many think because you succeed you are stealing it, Got lucky or you got it by greed. the truth is many successful people did it though hard work and some luck. They made their opportunities by taking chances. We are all born of the same nature and unless you inherit your fortune we all have the same opportunities to make it or not. Not all lucky people are just lucky many position themselves to be in place to increase the odds of getting a break. Money makes money and once you get a foot hold many take it to the bank through wise moves and discipline. Others with no disciplined end up blowing it and have nothing to show for their luck. Lottery winners are prime examples of not being in control. Hey if someone makes a fortune legally more power to em. They owe me nothing. What ever tax they pay as long as it is legal is ok with me. You don't like it change the law. Here is a quote that sums it up well. The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. Winston Churchill Life is not always fair and the first step is to accept that. The next step is to be smart and work hard to potion yourself in life to make the most of any opportunity that comes along. Too many confuse luck with opportunity. I got no hand outs and no large inheritance. I was taught a good work ethic and had the support of two good parents that lived under one roof. My grades could have been better but I did learn early on that you make the most of anything that comes along and build on it. I may not be rich but I am doing well and learned no matter what I have to appreciate what I have and not be jealous of what someone else has. If you can not be happy with what you have now you will never be happy no matter whatever you do get. There will always be more you want. Never settle but never appreciate what you do have and never worry about what others have.
  12. You can try to explain it away but it is socializam. There are levels is socializam but any of them can fall to this level when any goverment controls this much of every aspect of your life with few checks and balances. Sone if you here would love to have goverment running all things in your life but you need to use care at what you wish for as while capitalisam is not perfect it also has more safe guards to prevent on person taking over your life and all aspects of what you can or can't do. Social goverments when they do work like Sweden works well for their needs to this point. But it can go wrong fast like Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and others. Power should never be focused in only one part of goverment.
  13. Here are realities for the fantasies here. While it may be true people want sedans they are still not buying them. The old 3.6 made torque at 3000 and up not 5000. The new LGZ make good low end torque with the new transmissions. Adding a TT while fun will solve little. I hope I am wrong but the future for the Impala and LaCrosse looks limited unless sales improve. But if trends in this segment do not improve we will see changes. They can not continue to make a buisness case for a segment at large that is stagnate. I do not want to see them end but the market has changed and both the Buick and Impala are both non global models and that may seal their fate. This may also account for the growth of the Regal in size.
  14. See the shock on my face {Not} that there is a V6, Now the real question is how far over 300 HP did they push it. As for the grill change you act like that was a bad thing? It looks fine and a lot less toothy. The real question also is will we get the 4 door sedan here too as I see the 5 door hatch being a limited sale here. It will only be worse now there is a wagon as anyone wanting 5 doors here would opt for the better looking wagon here. Even then I see small number of sales in this CUV market. Too bad they did not have these cars 20 years ago. Imagine this kind of car in the late 90's?
  15. They have sold better mostly due to cheap prices. Discount anything enough and they will buy it.. That does not mean they will come back for a second one. The Mid Size truck market will explode very soon. Having just shopped the market I can say the dealers I n the Midwest have a very limited selection of models and colors. Crew short beds are so very limited in availability. I hope GM also has a smaller unibody truck coming as that segment is going to take off too. There is room for both models mid and a smaller unibody. Some in the segment want a truck feel some want a car and this makes room for both.
  16. Any LS model car. Parts are cheap and they can be easily improved. The LNF Models as they can be easily modified. The pre DEF Duramax desiel trucks again easy to modify. Mustang Fox body cars again cheap to modify. Good condition 3800 SC cars again easy to modify. Anything with a modern hemi Jeeps. Special rare models like CTS coupe and wagon. The PT Cruiser,Prowler, SSR and HHR in good condition extra points for turbo models. Kappa anything. GTO and G8 will hold a special place. And anything from Hummer. The H3T will hold a lot of value. Miata The big boat cars will have their followers but not much more value than we saw with past models.
  17. I think Motor Trend summed this up well. While they like the car and the numbers and who wouldn't the true is still there. What possesses an automaker to invest time, energy, and passion into a low-volume car for a limited customer base when there are so many ways to spend money on future products? To stand out from the pack, become a talking point, and raise awareness for a brand that had lost its way and was sliding under the radar until executives at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles decided to go big or go home. First they unleashed the Hellcat, which put 707 horses and 650 lb-ft of torque under the hood of some large sedans that were getting long in the tooth. People took notice. Awareness spiked. Hellcat sales are low volume, but Scat Pack sales jumped from less than 1 percent to 17 percent of Challenger sales. Dodge is doubling down with the Demon, a car with even more horsepower and torque that can drive to the track and then unleash all its power once it gets there. “Sometimes you need to ignore the data, disregard the focus groups, and build a car that can define itself,” says Dodge President Tim Kuniskis. “A lot of halos don’t have the greatest business cases.” The goal of the Demon is to be the fastest, to make everyone talk about Dodge, and to stretch the boundaries of the brand at a time when everyone is talking about emotionless, driverless pods. Kuniskis’ goal: tattoo the Dodge name into the subconscious of every performance enthusiast and draw people into the showroom where they might leave with another Dodge. I agree with this fully. It should be able to do this job. But it also is a sad statement on the status of Dodge under Fiat. This is kind of like the Hail Mary Pontiac put up in the 80's to beat Olds to the death sentence. Basically they built a street legal Cobra Jet and COPO. While the others can be raced as they are delivered this one can't. But while the others are not street legal this one is. All I know is Dodge has played their last card as what else can they do remove the fenders for less weight. What worries me is the longer they delay bringing a new car the more risk there is for Dodge. I really think unless Fiat gets a partner who really holds an interest in these cars they may be on their way out. It is getting harder to justify sales of a large coupe like this unless it has global sales and even then will they be enough. Ford and GM are about to find out. And Stew I do not hate this car. It will hold a special place like the Hemi Darts in auto history. But I do really hate the tacked on fender flairs. They really should have done proper fenders or had the stock ones flared out to blend in better. Even if they were fiber glass. I really think we had better enjoy all these cars while we can. the future gens really show little interest and the government and others do want us in autonomous pods. I hope we can hang on as long as i drive but I think we are finally seeing the end of real V8 powered performance coupes that are easily affordable coming to an end. Sure we will have some left but they will not be cheap and they will not be plentiful. Sorry for the downer but that is really hanging out there. I have owned many of these cars. They area blast to drive and they have their own personality. But compared to the modern day coupes they really suck at about everything but go. While that is a negative that also is their positive charm. Much like driving a Model T. It sucks compared to todays car but the experience is special. Even the same can be said for a 50's Vette. There is a good and bad to all of them. The one part I really do hate is brakes. having had a 1968 Chevelle SS with 4 wheel drum and standard brakes there were times you wondered if it was going to stop. I did add power brakes to it but the drums really suck. I could live with the no power steering but the brakes were useless even under new pads.
  18. Mine is 30 min but I take to the back roads in the Lake, park district passing two golf courses including Firestone country club. The surroundings make for a nice trip the one road was my own Nürburgring road but too many cops anymore.
  19. Well it was not broke so they did not need to fix everything. They kept the good and only made the rest better. The interior look amazing but yet functional. lighter and updated drive line should improve drivability. The Buick here will continue to lead. Lincoln Mathew must be not happy at the moment. While they were going backwards Buick was moving forward. One has to wonder what Cadillac has coming.
  20. Drew the fact is The physics of moving the same amount of mass takes the same amount of force. The 4T of similar power of the 6 can do it at the same rate just one can do it a little more efficiently on less size and cylinders. The 2.5 can also do it with the same amount of power with much less reserve and needs to use more of a percentage of RPM and fuel. The fact is while you can make max torque at low end you still can make more torque even at half or one third throttle. My Turbo does not need 23 PSI or full throttle to spin the tires at 40 MPH it also does not need 5300 RPM to do it. The Malibu spin the tires from a dead stop to a point but just no low end power till 3000 RPM and even then no torque steer as there is just not that much torque. Horse Power is like thunder but torque is like lightning and does all the work. This is why so many are paying $3700 for the 2.8 Turbo in the Colorado. HP just the noise while Torque does all the work.
  21. What can I say your glass is half empty mine is half full. My experience is mostly with several 2.0T. I will not comment on the 1.5 as I have limited seat time there. I would expect less due to just less power and torque. As for the lag issues in the Nox and other 3.6 models it is real and I have grown tired of it in the Terrain. But even today the lag is no where near GN levels accept the Nox, Terrain and Colorado V6 and they do not have a turbo. Sad. I find it more a psychological thing. Today these systems work well. I really do worry that they may be expensive to fix in older cars. Also like traction control I would like to shut it off when getting stuck or in a situation that I prefer to keep it running. Too much on today's cars are not in our control and I prefer to have the ability to manage my own vehicle.
  22. They do not have much lag even stock. Not everyone has a tune FYI. As for the torque it is there and all you have to do is step a little on the gas. Not full trottle. You can't use 1/3 of 315 FT LBS at 1800 in a FWD if you do not want the traction control to kick in. Just no traction with FWD. As for his Turbo it must be a 1.5. You get that low on power it lags turbo or not.
  23. First off since this was a GM Buick thread that is all I am speaking on just for full disclosure. Not all Turbo engines are the same and can not all be lumped into one group no more than all V6. Now take a look at most of the GM torque curves and you will see what is going on. In most of them it is not even a curve but a table top is a better reference. As for the AFM on the V6. Funny you bring this up. Guess what one of my 3.6 has this too. So here is a first hand observation of someone who owns one and drives it more than one. Yes the engine will drop two cylinders to improve MPG but generally you have to be very light on the throttle or even coasting down hill. Moving down the freeway at 65 MPG you will remain most times in V6 mode. I am sure there is some fuel savings but 85% of the time it is in V6 mode and the MPG is no where near what the Turbo 4 can get even driven hard. Yes there is half a second less lag on the 2017 V6 but about the same on the older version that many in the Mid size trucks complain about. Go to Coloradofans forum and see the topic Pedal Commander and just see what they say about lag in the 15-16 V6. Now go to the HHR and Cobalt sites and see if anyone there complains about lag? Not really a topic anyone has an issue with. Even the non performance models the lag is even less noticed and most of the people really if they are not told would even understand it has a turbo. I fully agree on the smooth and as for noise both are about the same as the V6 is far from a silent engine even in a well insulated truck. I like both engines and would not own both if not. I even own more 3.6 than the Turbo 4 but having as many miles as I have I have really gotten to know the engine inside and out and the lag argument is negated as well as the durability complaints that are today groundless with the better materials and oils. You have a right to your opinion but I do also. Yours comes from limited driving my comes from where I put my money. I have 4 vehicles purchased new with these engines and know them very well by this point. The weakest is the Terrain as the lag is at times scary. The throttle lag is 10 times worse than the Turbo. The Malibu once in a while gets a dead spot too. The new 2017 3.6 it appears to have been resolved. I challenge you to spend some time in a 2010-2016 Equilnox and not say how the lag is in the throttle. Here is a SRX thread but I can also give them for the Terrain and Nox. Even my Bu will do it on a turn. http://www.srxforum.net/index.php?topic=2226.0 It I would imagine is a drive train issue in the combo of the engine and transmission. But the lag is much more than you will ever get in a turbo. It often feels like the engine died. It also covered cars for 8-10 years as my bu is a 08.
  24. I take it that you have the six speed? The 8 speed has resolved much of the down shift and low end complaints.
  25. Stop playing the victim. You can believe what you want but I will call you out if you drift from the truth. Since I own both engines involved and even own more 3.6 models I should have a right to defend the turbo when it is being put down for untrue reasons. I would think owning and driving one for 8 years would give me a little more insight over someone that just drove one here and there. If you want an informed opinion on a medical issue do you speak to a Doctor or someone who has put a band aide on. I have no problem if you don't like the Turbo just prefer the V6 but when you give reasons that are not true. To better qualify this I just bought my last 3.6 two weeks ago so I have nothing against that engine either as the latest version is the best refined one so far. By the way I never called you stupid. Trust me if I felt that way I would have no problem doing so. I will say you are not accurate in your assessment due to your limited time with the product. The only advantage on this is I have for the last 9 years owned these engines and bought a few more and have first hand experience. I do not disagree based on opinion but based on experience. I was once a never a 4 or turbo guy and I have been converted as I have spent enough time with this engine to know what it can do and how well it can hold up. Spinning this thing to 23 PSI and never having enough traction due to the FWD is enough to tell me the advantages of this engine as it will do things the V6 never would do. All I say is be honest and I would like to see both engines offered. Make the V6 a higher cost option to those who just have to have it and leave the Turbo standard.

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