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  2. Random Thoughts Thread

    I can Respect that! EV powertrains are actually easier to install, setup and run. The controllers used are able to be managed via your own smartphone or a laptop. The hardest part would be the fashioning of a brackets to hold the battery packs, motor mounts and the change of how they drive the wheels. Plenty of places can do that for you, but I think not much different than if you did a conversion of a suburban to have a Duramax diesel. All ICE includes some custom fabrication, not much different than EVs. EV West is a great company where you can check out the latest motors, controllers, batteries, etc. http://www.evwest.com/catalog/index.php?osCsid=3la266in6grmm3bvk6h3rchhr4 They also for a fee will do the conversion to your spec. Not a bad way to go if you are not a wrench turner. They have 2 speed transmissions for VW/Porsche EV conversions. These are drop in replacements for existing autos. http://www.evwest.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=464&osCsid=3la266in6grmm3bvk6h3rchhr4 Tesla Model S drive unit for sale as a complete drop in package. This unit will run up to 400 Volts and 400 kW, delivering more power at an affordable price than many of the other packages available. This kit includes the Tesla motor, inverter, gear box, dash display and control unit (EV Controls), throttle pedal, and 2 axles. 535HP, 750 lb-ft of torque. http://www.evwest.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=476&osCsid=3la266in6grmm3bvk6h3rchhr4 I also love this racing motor so if you wanted to, you could keep your auto the same, use an adapter kit to connect this motor to your existing transmission. Just replace the gas tank with a battery pack and add the controller of your choice. 420 HP and 560 LB-FT of torque using 150kW controllers. Double those figures if you use 300 kW controllers. http://www.evwest.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=8&products_id=300&osCsid=3la266in6grmm3bvk6h3rchhr4 Plenty of solutions that allow you to pull the ICE engine, replace it with a EV motor connected to the Transmission, add your choice of controller and battery pack replacing the Gas Tank and ICE cpu. This opens the world of options for custom rides using old iron and much lower insurance rates.
  3. Cadillac 4 Da WIN!!! CTS-V vs E63S AMG Head 2 Head

    Enthusiasts ahve a right to choose what they love. No condemnation from me.
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    You don't have to have screaming exhaust on an LS. You can make them virtually silent when cruising at 2000rpm or below. Retrofitting EV's just sounds sketchy. An EV that's a do-it-yiourself kit just doesn't give me confidence like an ICE does. Modern and OE, completely different story. I'm for those. I just don't like the idea of rigging up a system to a different car.
  5. And I think we've come full circle on why there aren't mini trucks. A small CUV can already do what the tiny truck could do. A 1.5T Escape can tow 2000lbs. A 2.0T Escape can tow 3500lbs. Most of the competition is in the same range. I think the Cherokee stands out with a 4000lb capability. Unless you're using it for dirt or mulch or something a CUV has about as much open hatch space with the seats down as you would in a truck that small.
  6. Random Thoughts Thread

    Get a Frunk, in wheel hub motors or like many, the electric motor is in between the wheels. Since no drive line, the space between the 4 wheels under the main seating area is where you get a nice thin battery sled that also offers a bit more rigidity to the auto for a better lower center of gravity giving a better ride. You can have your LS, I will take an EV. Silence in a road cruiser is golden.
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  8. Random Thoughts Thread

    There's this FANTASTIC engine line called the Chevy LS and they're extremely reliable and modern. I'll take a classic Ford or Mopar with a Chevy LS swap over an EV all day. Keeping a gasoline engine up front doesn't sacrifice any of the interior room of the Lincoln. Those batteries to go 300 miles minimum have to go somewhere. That Lincvolt is a hydrogen electric hybrid so they're using the under-hood space.
  9. I also think we need to stop thinking a truck has to have everything your SUV / Car has. A mini pickup truck that can hold 3 people if in bench or two people with buckets can work for an alternative auto that can haul. The death of the Mini was also due to someone wanting a SUV/CUV 4 door people hauler with a bed that can handle a 1000 lb payload. Still think a basic Kingcab mini pickup would work for many people.
  10. Random Thoughts Thread

    Personal Choice! So many great options to take older classic auto's and give them a modern life while looking classic with low maintenance powertrains. Some Great Examples: http://www.autofocus.ca/news-events/news/kreisel-blends-classic-porsche-910-with-modern-ev-tech https://jalopnik.com/5079498/neil-youngs-lincvolt-an-all-electric-1959-lincoln-continental-mark-iv-convertible Just think of the room one would have in a Lincoln Convertible with Suicide doors and a Frunk plus trunk. Talk about a road car that would be roomy, comfy and can carry all your stuff.
  11. Cadillac 4 Da WIN!!! CTS-V vs E63S AMG Head 2 Head

    That'd solve the 2WD problem from Dec-Mar! Blah Blah Blah they're so damn close around a race track that I don't care that that is the only reason it won. I'd utilize AWD more than a race track superior car. I'd utilize the superior interior and the slightly softer ride more than a superior track car. What GM do I hate? I love the CTS-V. I just know it isn't perfect nor perfect for me. That doesn't make me delusional.
  12. The only benefit about the Asian love affair with the Predator grill or a big mouth billy bass grill like above is the after market can build a wide variety of options for people. Totally agree, so much you can do with an ugly black mess like that!
  13. Mercedez Benz News Mercedes-Benz Drops Plans To Sell Diesels In U.S.

    Agreed. EV cannot get here soon enough IMHO.
  14. Cadillac 4 Da WIN!!! CTS-V vs E63S AMG Head 2 Head

    U're fuckin delusional and biased against anything GM. A win is a win... Not to mention that the Benz has a newer tranny and adaptable awd.. Oh and for some reason costs more.
  15. Cadillac 4 Da WIN!!! CTS-V vs E63S AMG Head 2 Head

    Agreed completely. Why you need a Grand Cherokee to be a garage mate for the caddy...
  16. Random Thoughts Thread

    Well, in 50+ years, that can be the solution. Until then, I don't want no stinkin EV in anything classic.
  17. Well, we knew this was coming. Won't be surprised if BMW is next.
  18. This is an opportunity for the aftermarket...create replacement grilles with the non-cooling parts of the grille replaced with LEDs...so the front can light up in various patterns..or fill the mesh with chrome beads, ala '59 Buick..;)
  19. Very much so! I think that's why small trucks went away in the first place. They were just too close to half tons while being so much smaller it was just a no-brainer to get the bigger truck for not much more money. Looking at Silverado and Colorado pricing, Outside of base 2WD and work truck trims, they're roughly 8k apart when both are 4WD, extended cab(double cab but not crew cab for the Silverado), and the lowest trim that isn't "work truck" and that you'll see on lots. Both in LT trim with no added options. I'd think for something substantially smaller than a Colorado or Tacoma you'd need another 5k difference for a mini truck again. At least in my opinion. I agree. Something smaller would need to be a real truck still otherwise they'd fall into the same spot as the Baja.
  20. Random Thoughts Thread

    EV drivetrains could give older cars a new lease on life once gasoline sales are banned..
  21. Random Thoughts Thread

    Classic cars and EVs just don't match up well, imo. I don't care how neat of a powertrain an EV might be they're just not suited for an older car.
  22. Cadillac 4 Da WIN!!! CTS-V vs E63S AMG Head 2 Head

    A win by a 0.02 margin is a wash. I'd still take the sleeper-looking Benz.. I think. I don't need the superior chassis but would prefer the AWD for the winter months(assuming this is the only vehicle in the garage). Our landscape in the mid west is too flat to genuinely take advantage of the superior chassis but I'd rather the slightly softer cruiser.
  23. There is just way too much 'open' space on the front, and the design is not cohesive at all.
  24. Cadillac 4 Da WIN!!! CTS-V vs E63S AMG Head 2 Head

    Yes, the Benz has an updated interior, but otherwise totally subjective. I still would take a cadillac over the Benz.
  25. Random Thoughts Thread

    Sorry my friend but this is one time I have to disagree with you. Purist can be purist, but anything goes when it comes to auto's and customization. I understand number matched collectors and that is the beauty of our country to do what one wants, but there are plenty of cool auto's that if someone wanted to rebuild it as an EV or hybrid, why not. It is their money after all. Let them enjoy what they want. Would love my old Grandmas 1970 2 door skylark with it's big V8 back and convert it to AWD EV and then blow away people.
  26. Cadillac 4 Da WIN!!! CTS-V vs E63S AMG Head 2 Head

    Was there ever any doubt?
  27. Random Thoughts Thread

    Let's make a deal: no EV-ing anything built before 1980. Because this truck is definitely 'good stuff'... or was.
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