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  1. Form me, it would have to be the 99 Charger Concept, I actually gota chance 2 see it @ the Chicago Auto Show. The Dodge T-Rex Cuz its just a monster truck, I think if it would have gone into production, it would beat the pants off the Raptor. The Hemi convertable,had it been a Plymouth instead of a Chrysler. The F-body Chevy Nomad cuz it was just f@#kin cool!!!! The Mercury Messenger, cuz it would have given Mercury a Flagship vehicle. THe Ford Forty -Nine, cuz I love the whole throwback look of the 49 Tudor.
  2. EPA Says: 5,771-Pound Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe Is A Compact Car

    If that's a compact then I'm Jet Li!!!!
  3. Report: Lexus expects to sell 1,000 CTs a month despite HS flop

    Lexus is beating a dead horse with this one, seriously, its dog ugly. Maybe the only people who'll buy them are blind people, so I say to Lexus, good Fonkin luck!!
  4. New GTOs

    nice, i need 2 start back collecting model cars
  5. Does Cadillac need a Mini-fighter?

    In a word, no!!!
  6. Well damn!!! GM has 2 bring this here, make it a GMC if they have 2. I'd buy it no questions asked!!!
  7. This year's big auto sales loser: Acura's new ZDX

    You'd think that automakers would have learned from GM when they were building the Pontiac Aztek. But apparently not, in Acura's case guess they didn't get the memo.
  8. A friend asked me this question

    personally, i'd like 2 c the ford t-bird back on the road again, the plymouth fury based on the dodge magnum wagon,and the murcury cougar
  9. The Regal Buick Returns!

    It's about time GM started listening to it's loyal customers. Bringing bnack the Regal is one of the best ideas they've had since the restructure.

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