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  1. At the risk of sounding redundant, the Corsica's design didn't bother me. Credit parts bin technology (?), but the Corsica's interior was instantly recognizable as a GM product: the shifter, brake and accelerator pedals, HVAC, and stereo all screamed "I'm a GM car." Yet today, the interior of many GM products could be at home in a Hyundai. In other words, as designs have been updated, they've become more generic/industry standard in feel.
  2. Thank you all, for your replies! Looks like GM camp is split between designs. I guess my main complaint with GM's new designs have to do with the fact that they don't 'feel' like GM cars - function aside.
  3. The GM stalks like the one on the Colorado are even more annoying because they also cram on the cruise controls. Maybe I am a little too sentimental, but the Colorado example proves my point: get into a Colorado blindfolded, and you *know* you're in a GM vehicle - on the basis of the cruise controls on the left hand stalk. Perhaps it's me, but I can't help but feel that automobiles lose their 'uniqueness,' as designs become standardized.
  4. I guess it's a pet peeve of mine, only because for as long as I can remember, GM put the wiper controls on the left hand stalk. Same with OHV technology: driving our 2008 Impala and a 2012 Impala back to back, the 2012 was more powerful, but it was also *a lot* thirstier - even on the highway.
  5. A recent view of another thread (RE: redesigned shifter on the Caprice PPV), prompted me to write about a pet peeve of mine: why does GM insist on configuring its new cars with the headlight controls on the left hand stalk, while mounting wiper controls on the right hand stalk? As owners of a 2008 Impala LT, one of the main drawing factors to our car were the driving characteristics of the Impala, plus the familarity of the HVAC, stereo, and wiper controls. As design configurations become more standardized and generic, so too, do cars become more and more indistinguishable. I often hear that Ford & GM design their cars for a global market, hence the common designs between markets. Yet this explaination doesn't wash - that Chevy would redesign the shifter for police markets, proves this. So why the changes in GM design over the past decade? Why the gross departure from what were GM's design guidelines?
  6. NDL

    I Can't Take It Anymore!

    Perhaps I am wound a little too tight, but my Wife & I will soon be in the market for a midsize sedan, and nothing in GM's lineup appeals to either one of us. A big reason? GM's abandonment of traditional domestic style controls! Wipers belong on the left hand stalk; the headlight switch belongs on the dash, and most of all, I expect a *real* tilt style column in my GM vehicle! Ford seems to get it; GM doesn't. The new Fusion eschewed a Mazda 6 style steering column, for traditional domestic controls. If I want import style controls, I will by an import. Fit and finish and powertrain sophistication, has improved with new GM vehicles. Unfortunately, GM vehicles no longer have a domestic feel, which many Americans prefer. I am open to a lot of things, but user comfortability isn't one of them. Are we alone in our disappointment?
  7. NDL

    Post 5000 and time to say good-bye

    Bob, I have always enjoyed your posts, and I am sorry to see you leave. Thanks for the great pics of Sicily...Did you hit Palermo at all?
  8. NDL

    Mattress firmness

    I actually sold beds for a leading bedding company, for a bit... (Yeah, it went over really well, when meeting a girl's Father for the first time ) Contrary to popular belief, the best bed for your back, is a moderately firm/soft ('cushion firm') bed. Here's the reason: If the bed is too firm, your spine winds up conforming to the bed, instead of the bed conforming to your spine.
  9. NDL

    My Brother wanted me to post this...

    Nothing alike. For although his lineage is clear, my brother looks a little Germanic; I look southern Italian. On a side note, it's kinda funny actually, because, owed to what many people perceive as my having an 'accent,' along with an appearance that's associated with people of Italian extraction, few people imagine me to be the Evangelical Christian that's seen on the board . Likewise, my Brother and I have different abilities and strengths, which I think is cool, because it rounds off the Family very well. I am handy, so while I am good to have around when something breaks, my Brother is very creative; is excellent at thinking 'outside the box,' and can come up with very unique, and perfect, solutions, when situations arise. I'm very fortunate in this sense...
  10. I think you should get the Aura hybrid
  11. NDL

    My Brother wanted me to post this...

    Ocn, thanks for the education I am truly interested in solving this one, for I want to see leak stopped of course, but also for the experience/future knowledge. As I've written before: I have seen some leaks before, but nothing this weird...you've provided for me some helpful suggestions however.
  12. NDL

    My Brother wanted me to post this...

    Ocn, the truly weird thing is that the *entire* trunk has a uniform layer of water droplets around it. If it were a matter of something trickling in, it wouldn't be the *entire* trunk. Even inside of the support folds, in the trunk lid, were saturated with droplets... I have seen many leaks, but nothing even remotely like this. PS: Paolino, the engine is mine, not yours
  13. NDL

    An awesome conversation

    Got 170k on mine. Can't believe it actually, for when you drain the oil, it's as clean as when you put it in! No smoke, unusual oil consumption, and she has plenty of power too! Hope the tranny holds up though. Thanks to a broken thermostat, I ran it *hot* for a couple of months, until I serviced the system. Was hesitant to change the tranny fluid however, as the prior owner never changed it... I was never a fan of the 3100 motor, but I am now . People can take their extra valves and camshafts, and stuff 'em!

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