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  1. I looked SO hard for them and didn't see them originally!
  2. Sooooo... no center vents? I guess that gets shifted to the passenger side? With rear seat vents in most cars I guess it's a moot point, though. Not digging the center stack at all... especially the way the screen slopes what appears to be very angled away from the driver. The solid row of "chrome" buttons lining the bottom are going to be a distraction from the driver who might need to change something while driving. As others have said, that grille... huge, plastic, and well, eww. I felt the Camry's design was heading in a nice direction... this drove off a cliff.
  3. I'm impressed and intrigued.
  4. I love the idea of cars having names instead of the alphanumeric obsession we currently have... I don't know what's up with Lincoln though; I think they look premium, I know they're trying, but all of their new cars' designs just make me say, "Eh."
  5. Buick News: Buick LaCrosse Goes Upscale With Avenir

    I will say this, Wards voted the LaCrosse interior as one of their top 10 auto interiors.
  6. Quick Drive: 2016 Hyundai Sonata Limited, 2.4L 6A While my parents were away, I took a little time to use their second car to offset some of the mileage on my lease. The Sonata they leased was their first lease ever, and honestly they got it for a steal. The car is nicer than their last Sonata, a 2006 with the 3.3L V6 and a 5-speed automatic. Having spent a couple of hundred miles on both highway and city driving, over the course of 2 weeks, they’ve made dramatic improvements in a decade. They styling I’m not at all crazy about. Frankly, I think it’s ugly and a step back from the previous generation which I thought was very nice and contemporary. The car is loaded with features such as blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, rear parking assist, dual zone auto climate control, auto-dimming rearview mirrors, a 7” LCD screen for the infotainment, heated leather seats, front auto up/down windows, keyless entry, push-button start, etc. Ride and quality are calm and controlled. Bumps are nicely cushioned out and the handling is controlled, but not sporty. Hey, it’s a midsize family car… I’m not taking it on the autobahn. The drive modes do change the car’s personality a bit, with Eco making it a bit sluggish and Sport tightening the steering a little and making the transmission a little more rev-happy. The engine is smooth and not very buzzy… much more refined than the 4-cylinders I’m used to from growing up! I’d put it on par with my friend’s 2013 I-4 Camry. I didn’t calculate actual fuel economy numbers, but the car appeared extremely frugal. I used half a tank of gas in the 200-250 miles I drove. I’m fairly certain my car would have taken three-quarters of a much larger tank, granted I have a larger engine, AWD, and a heavier vehicle. Some features I appreciated: Perhaps it’s just me, but the digital speedometer readout updates instantly. In my LaCrosse it only updated about once or twice per second. This is a much faster readout, and I prefer it (yet I can’t figure out why as once or twice per second is fast enough—maybe it gives the illusion you’re accelerating faster than you actually are). The radio is like in my Genesis in regards to out of the 18 presets, it is always recording the first 6 favorites… even if you’re not on that station, it’s recording. So like a DVR, if I’d like to rewind a song or skip one, or pause the radio, I can. There are plenty of little cubbies all over the place, and even ones that perfectly fit my wallet and smartphone, and another that perfectly fit the key fob. Something that annoyed me: The entire car is LED. The DRL’s are LED. All the dash lights are LED. The taillamps are LED. The front dome lights are LED. The rear dome lights are incandescent. Why?! When you open the doors at night, the front seats illuminate brightly in cool white, and the rear seats illuminate in a dimmer tan. What did that do, save a few cents? Hell, the trunk light is LED! Swap the two!
  7. This is so disappointing... I love a larger sedan, as do my parents, my brother, etc. My friends have always enjoyed being passengers in them.
  8. Exterior: HATE Interior: Good, but not great. Powertrains: Should be fine... curious about the 10-speed White for an interior color--not a great idea.
  9. GMC News: 2018 GMC Terrain To Begin At $25,970

    7-speaker Bose is the top stereo? Okay...
  10. Yes, but unfortunately a base FWD S90 with the air suspension is about $50,000... I do love that they don't force you to go top trim for some creature comforts. I wish more things on cars were a la carte.
  11. I wouldn't mind an S90... not sure if it has the air ride suspension... but I'd love a car with a pillowy suspension if I could afford it.
  12. I LOVE Volvo's interiors lately!
  13. I dislike the exterior as much as I dislike the current one. The interior is nice, in my opinion. I haven't really been a fan of Lincoln since the mid 90's...

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