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  1. I think this could sell... it has coupish looks and a few design elements that although I don't care for, people seem to eat them up.
  2. Oh good, I was wondering what they were going to do with those old Park Avenue grilles... glad to see them repurposed. Are those turbine wheels from the grounded Boeings?
  3. It's going to be two 4-cylinder engines like the current lineup, and a hybrid. I can't imagine anything else. I'm hoping they don't throw a tiny 4-cylinder turbo in as a base engine. Probably an 8-speed auto standard. Would be very pleasantly surprised if AWD showed up as an option but truthfully, I don't know anything about this platform or their desires to offer AWD in the midsize sedan segment. In typical Hyundai fashion, I expect a slew of safety equipment standard.
  4. That interior sells it to me. Timing has to be right, but I'd lease this next.
  5. True.. that was the majority of the fuel behind this purchase. See what I did there? I'd like to see more options for charging stations in public spaces. I know some colleges have a few charging spots. It'd be interesting if like a college student (not owning a Tesla, but perhaps a Leaf or Bolt) could charge while in class.
  6. I believe my friend is charging on a 220 at home, and only once has he needed to stop at a station to charge (he drove upstate and back). For most peoples' needs, having the 440 at home would be a waste of money to install and only there for "bragging rights".
  7. I recall him driving down the highway and his daughter had just shifted to the one-buttcheek-wide middle seat after her sister got in the car, and she didn't want the heated seat on (the middle rear seat is also heated) and he's hovering his finger over the diagram trying to figure out which seat he has to turn off, which he has to turn on, how many clicks each is going to take because they're all at different settings, etc...
  8. It is absurd. Even the image on the screen is rotated to a sideview of the interior of the car... so you have to mentally rotate your head to imagine which seat she's sitting in based on the image rather than a top-down view which in my opinion would make more sense.
  9. Not to get off topic, but it still infuriates me to no end how 99% of the controls are in the screen. I mean, seriously, goddaughter is in the back seat and wants her heated seat on... driver has to go into the climate menu, then tap her seat to the desired level of heat. C'mon. So much unnecessary time looking away from the road. I was amused at the Yulelog you can play on the screen.
  10. I was JUST talking about this last night with my friend in his Tesla 3. I was asking if they shut the stores, how do people test drive cars?! Meet at a park? Does Tesla go to their house?
  11. So I admit to not knowing much about rechargeable batteries, but does charging them so quickly have any effect on the lifespan of a battery?
  12. It's funny, I don't use the power I have or had in a LaCrosse, but I definitely appreciate the smoothness and refined nature of a V6. I just don't like 4-cylinders honestly.

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