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  1. This will sell well I feel. Wonder what pricing will be.
  2. Paolino

    Volvo News: 2019 Volvo S60: A Swede with An American Accent

    Love it!
  3. Paolino

    Lincoln News: Lincoln: We're Still Committed to Cars

    I absolutely can't get on board with the styling. The current ones are better than the 2000s, but I haven't liked its styling since the mid/late 90s depending on the model.
  4. Paolino

    Lincoln News: Lincoln: We're Still Committed to Cars

    It boggles my mind how I once liked Lincoln more than Buick and now I could care less about their entire lineup (although the newest Navigator's interior choices made me look twice).
  5. Paolino

    What would cause this?

    It's probably the battery--it's the original! I'm going to leave it for them to cope with--they'll be home soon and I'm insanely busy. Why this ended up in the Cadillac forum instead of the Lounge where I thought I posted it, I don't know. Thanks for the response.
  6. Paolino

    What would cause this?

    So, parents are away for an extended period of time. I try to drive their 2013 LaCrosse once every week or two just to move it around. Today something odd happened... started it up, and the first things I noticed is there was no gauge sweep and the animation for the LCD screen between the tach/speedometer was out of sync with the animation on the radio's screen. I figured, no big deal. I put the car in reverse, reverse camera comes on, sensors pick up that a girl is walking past the car on her way to the bus stop, everything is normal. I back up, shift into drive, and start going along my way. About a minute into the drive, the radio screen goes black, reboots, and now is showing the startup animation. Car is driving perfectly fine. I get to work, no problem. I go to leave work, start up the car, same thing... animations are not in sync, no gauge sweep. This time the radio stayed on without restarting. I checked the numbers for the volt meter, and although it was SLIGHTLY higher than normal (it is usually mid 14's and today it was 15.2), it wasn't really showing anything alarming. Again, car feels fine. Just a fluke? Anything to be concerned about?
  7. Paolino

    2019 Lexus ES Grows In Size, Adds F-Sport : Comments

    There's something about the side of the car that makes me feel like I'm watching a late 90's movie and someone souped up a generic midsize sedan with a spoiler and some wheels and a big exhaust... nothing about the exterior screams premium or luxury to me. Nothing in my opinion is attractive at all. And the interior looks awful and looks like it'd be frustrating to operate.
  8. Paolino

    2019 Lexus ES Grows In Size, Adds F-Sport : Comments

  9. Paolino

    More content for the price...

    Who ever said I was complaining I can't afford it? I simply said I was looking for better packaging and equipment, and that I didn't want to spend that kind of money to get what others offer on cheaper cars. You took it to another level. Again, you're being inappropriate and rude. Nothing in my original post said I couldn't afford it--it said I was displeased with the layout of the trim levels. You're making a lot of assumptions, man. And you're completely off-base with what you're saying. What on earth could you possibly know about my life to make those assumptions from a simple post? You're going out of your way to start an argument where none was necessary.
  10. Paolino

    More content for the price...

    And if I love Buick and want them to do better and succeed? I love the LaCrosse. I just wish I could get a LaCrosse how I want it. Well, it's kinda rude to be honest. You have NO clue what my situation is or what I've been through. I've been through a hell of a lot in my life, and as for "He has another year to go to get another car. He KNOWS he will get another car. He just does NOT know what he wants yet." You couldn't be more wrong. Having lost my job several times, still paying student loans, and dealing with a shitty past, I can safely say I do not know if I will get another car in a year. I do not know if I'll be working in a year. I've been through several transitions where I've had to borrow a car or get rides because as hard as I've worked, things haven't worked out. And even with all that... and perhaps it's foolish on my part, I give SO much of my own money to those who are less fortunate... all the time. Thousands each year.
  11. Paolino

    More content for the price...

    One of my biggest gripes with Buick is it appears the competition (and often cheaper cars that don't compete) have a lot more content, and better packaging. I have to jump up 3 trim levels or even go to the top trim to get certain features that are standard on a Corolla. Sure, the LaCrosse is a much nicer, larger car, but I can't help but feel at this price and time, some things should just be standard like Blind-zone monitoring. Then there's the gripe that in order to add one feature you often have to add several other expensive packages. Anyone else get frustrated? I know I have another year before I need to get my next car, but I want to start looking now so I'm ready to go right before my lease is up.
  12. The front doesn't really do much to make me think "Buick". It looks like a Prius was turned into a wagon and had a Buick wing/insignia thrown on it.
  13. Paolino

    Toyota News: 2019 Toyota Yaris Sedan Drops the iA

    To be honest, I never heard of the Rain-X washer fluid... does it spot up the non-wiper portion of the windshield when you use it and it sprays out?
  14. Paolino

    Toyota News: 2019 Toyota Yaris Sedan Drops the iA

    My only problem with RainX is you have to like drive at least 30-40 before it really starts blowing the water off the windshield--which means it's useless in city driving/traffic which I'm in daily. And in my own experience, the wiper blade would streak across the windshield when you used it at lower speeds, rather than smoothly wipe the windshield--otherwise I loved it. Oh it definitely works. I like using it on my side/rear windows... water flies off it when you hit a certain speed like you're in the dryer of a car wash. When not flying off, I'd say it beads up more like a freshly-waxed car. You have to reapply every now and then, but it's a good product.
  15. Paolino

    Toyota News: 2019 Toyota Yaris Sedan Drops the iA

    It's offered on other Buick models currently. It was standard on my parents 2006 Lucerne CXL. You've never had your wipers at a certain speed only to have a car plow a wave of water at your windshield? The rainsense usually reacts quicker than you... or how about being at a red light and hearing the wiper chatter go over a mostly dry windshield because it's drizzling, but you stopped... but the wipers are on a preset intermittent cycle? Or how about when the weather keeps changing between downpours and lighter rain... and your wipers just take care of it because they're automatic...

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