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  1. Will the better Buick please stand up? "Since 1989, Toyota's Lexus ES sedans have been raking in gigantic piles of crispy green cashola by employing an absurdly elementary tactic: simply becoming Japan's Buick. You see, Buick's once colossal sales volume hasn't so much evaporated since its halcyon days as it's been incrementally hijacked by a Lexus that's consistently been offering Buick-to-the-bone qualities -- most notably relaxed quietness -- conjoined with Japanese quality." In the end, Buick wins... by a nose. To read the entire article, click here
  2. "Buick sales up 37.4%" Tim Higgins Detroit Free Press, Jan. 5, 2010 Good news for Buick fans - read about Buick's momentum! click here
  3. First, I guess I'd have to say a 1969 Mercury Cougar convertible. A co-worker of my Father's had an all-white one (white body, white top, whitewalls and wire wheels) at the time it was new. I thought it was sharp. I also personally like the big, stylish early '60s Mercs (though not as much as GM's stuff, of course LOL). I recently got my Mother all 6 (so far) of the complete seasons of "Hawaii 5-0" on DVD. I watched a few episodes first and in one, the Mercury logo on the hood of Jack Lord's 1968 car was actually taped over with black tape. Then, in other episodes, it was clearly visible.
  4. Hi ocnblu. No, the Cruze does not. (See the photo linked below.) clickity-clack
  5. From China Car Times, here are some more pictures of the new Chinese Buick Excelle sedan. Maybe it's the gray-ish color of the body, rather than white, but in my opinion, they look pretty good; I particularly like the proportions of the photo in the bottom right.
  6. The Detroit Free Press offers a brief report, but one with Sweeney's photo. Click here.
  7. According to the Detroit News, Brian Sweeney, 42, will be named the new General Manager of Buick-GMC. Click here.
  8. As a Buick fan, this is GREAT news! Richards didn't exactly light a fire under Lincoln-Mercury, did he? Pleaee now... make Dave Lyon the new General Manager of Buick-GMC!
  9. Re-done Buick website homepages now features coming Regal prominently! Buick homepage
  10. "Thank you for taking the time to continue the conversation . . . A member of GM's Leadership Team will review them all. Leadership Team members with specific expertise relating to the feedback will respond often to as many as possible . . . " see it here
  11. I had been hoping he would be the new General Manager of Buick-GMC. But the whole enchilada is fine, too
  12. I think if the grille would extend into the hood slightly, like the NA Regal's does, it would look better. (Instead of having the hood, some blank metal, then the grille.)
  13. "Buick Excelle Hatch - The big picture!" China Car Times, Nov. 24, 2009 "The Buick Excelle hatch is some serious direct competition to the recently launched VW Golf, and with it being available in hatchback and sedan form, GM might be able to keep up the fight against its largest competitor in the PRC." For the complete story, including 13 pictures, click here.
  14. Oh no, don't give GM any ideas... Buick Minneapolis Buick Eau Claire Buick St. Paul Buick Sheboygan Buick Milwaukee Buick Racine Buick Cedar Rapids Buick Kenosha
  15. The name of the new Buick 5-door sedan in China is... Yinglang. Global Times reports that "The Yinglang model is the Chinese version of the Opel Astra. According to autohome.com, the Yinglang may feature 1.6-liter and 1.8-liter engines, and the luxury model will be loaded with a 1.6T turbocharged engine." For a couple pictures, click here.

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