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  1. Took a CTS out for a test drive last night to get a feel for the suspension on the current model and was chatting with the dealer afterward. They are still expecting a Sport Wagon by July 4th. He's going to call me as soon as it gets there! I can't wait!
  2. Nice response Mr. Lutz. And Bob, it's properly called The Washington Compost for a reason.
  3. Wow, tough stance. Needed though. I especially like this part: I still would like to see a list of who got the termination letters. Chrysler was apparently required to publish it, why not GM? I home my small town Chevy/Caddy dealer survives, I'd really miss them.
  4. Ford will be a force to be reckoned with. As said above, lots of new models coming, plus the great Fusion. Go Ford! Maybe New GM and Ford can beat down the toy. Lincoln is only up because of the Town Car. 103% sales increase! LOL! People must be stocking up before Ford kills it. A little but still outsold it's Caddy competition (STS) by two to one. But then the STS (as much as I like it) is a disappointment too.
  5. Is GM going to post a list of the dealers like Chrysler did?
  6. Rather than start a new thread, thought I'd post this here. Here is GM's "restructuring" web site. Lots of documents here on plant closings and such. http://www.gm.com/restructuring/
  7. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/GM-confirms-...85493.html?.v=8
  8. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/fiat-wont...n-gms-opel-unit
  9. Just one, '96 Impala SS. Gone but not forgotten.
  10. Caddy web site now says availability of the CTS Sport Wagon is Fall 09 instead of the previous Spring 09. Ugh...
  11. I'm upset that they're killing the SS. But the reason I'm upset is the reason why they're killing it. They're killing it because it isn't selling. It isn't selling because GM SCREWED UP and hasn't updated this car like they should have been! Sure, GM is out of money but had they given their flagship model (and lots of others) the attention it needed, it wouldn't be a fleet queen and perhaps they would have more money because they'd be selling to RETAIL customers at a higher profit. See also, G6, STS, Cobalt, Colorado, etc, etc...
  12. http://www.thestreet.com/_yahoo/story/1049...ected-loss.html Pardon me while I search for a tiny violin....
  13. Looks like the 3.0 DI will be the standard engine in the sedan as well as wagon. Wagon does appear to get the backup camera as an option as well. Requires NAV of course. Here's the full option list so far: http://eogld.ecomm.gm.com/NASApp/domestic/...8498&type=0
  14. When the GMT900's first came out, the "work truck" package had a different dash which used knobs so that a driver in gloves could easily operate them. I would hope that is still the case. Personally I don't have use for all those "nice" features in a truck because mine is used as a true work truck. I've sat in the TuRDra and those knobs are very inconvenient to reach if needed. Stupid design but at least consistent with their designs lately.
  15. Click the link in my post. In the box at the top of the press release is a link to a PDF file containing the sales charts. Hence my comment below the link.

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