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  1. torobud

    Aug 2 finds

    Damn I am going to have to find the 442s now... thanks for NOTHING OldsGuy!
  2. torobud

    Another Olds Pace Car For Sale

    That engine is what makes me like it :AH-HA_wink:
  3. torobud

    Another Olds Pace Car For Sale

    I am more than a wee bit suspicous of this car but I will post it anyway... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Cars-Trucks...0276052380& Interior says 1988 but outside says I have been rebodied ~1996 If it only has 6500 miles then why was it rebodied??? Either way the price is rediculous... Thoughts? Opinoins?
  4. torobud

    Original Olds pace car available

    Well what is interesting about that was there was one driving around at the Oldsmobile Homecoming show in Lansing two weekends ago... This was not one of the replicas either - this one has the same targa roof as shown above...
  5. torobud

    Chevrolet Camaro One More Step Closer

    Apparently you are unfamiliar with the Mercedes CLK or CL coupes? :AH-HA_wink: http://www.mbusa.com/models/body-style-ove...w.do?body=coupe
  6. torobud

    My OLDS Collection

    Uhmm that is going to take me a little longer to check - Next time I am home (parents house) I will take a better pic... Ok - I will ask - Is there one particular color that is rare or something?
  7. torobud

    My OLDS Collection

    Off the top of my head: Hot Wheels: Auroras: Teal Color, Yellow (taxi?) and black (police car) <-- the Teal color ones were difficult to find 10 years ago Aurora GTS-1: White, Yellow, Silver, Red and Orange (All with Hot Wheels Logos) 442s: White (w/Hot Wheels Logo), White (quasi Hurst Olds) and some Japanimation character Demolition Man - Silver Aurora and Red 442 <-- Quite Rare
  8. torobud

    My OLDS Collection

    If only I had my camera that day..... well in June I will take some pictures as I set them out in the swap meet area and post them up...
  9. torobud

    My OLDS Collection (1:64)

    Posted over in the Merchandise Lookout http://www.cheersandgears.com/forums/index...showtopic=23867
  10. torobud

    My OLDS Collection

    I thought I would share a picture of my collect of 1:64 Olds - Sadly I only had my cameraphone with me... I have everything from a Matchbox Aerotech (1987), multiple Hot Wheels 442's and Auroras to Johnny Lightning 442, Toronados and more I had this all layed out as I will be trying to sell my collection at the Oldsmobile Homecoming show in Lansing next month (http://www.reolds.org/homecoming.htm) - Hopefully this sale will help the house/fun car fund
  11. torobud

    Olds Olds Buick

    Crap I gotta find me the '68 H/O and I will be the Cutlass... just because..
  12. torobud

    Rarest Last Gen Toro EVER??

    http://www.autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?car_...ax_price=&c It's a '90 Base It's a convertible... It's a leather bench seat... It's a column shift... This has GOT to be a one of one type of car.... very cool but I don't have $14K sitting around to splurge on it... EDIT: I just realized it has the digital dash too... hmmm my Trofeo had gauges...
  13. torobud

    Nice 1980's Oldsmobiles on Ebay for sale

    I dunno but we have an '84 sitting in my Grandma's garage with only like 34K miles on it... (Parents car)
  14. torobud


    FOUND! @ Meier
  15. Go re-read the post... if the PT switched to the Caliber 'platform' it could be made in Belvidere (or possibly Sterling Heights) as opposed to Toluca where they are building them now Unforetunately I don't think any of that matters as the decision was made years ago to axe the PT...

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