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  1. balthazar

    Random Thoughts Thread

  2. balthazar

    1956 Continental Mark II & 1971 Buick Riviera | S 12 E 26

    '63-73 was a great run of quality, aspirational Riviera coupes.
  3. balthazar


    Someday I'm going to sit down and try and figure out how Pontiac gave up on their full-size cars right about this period. 'Tumblehome & turn-under' - BLECH.
  4. balthazar


    Notice the Pontiac taking off harder than the 300-H- a LOT less weight and a 4-spd auto. But note that the 300-H is packing a 380 HP 413, and a 4bbl Pontiac is commonly s 303 HP 389- the 300 quickly overtakes it. Olds would have a Jetaway 3-spd, and the Invicta a Twinturbine- video says it's a 2-spd (which it technically is), but L is a planetary gear that's NOT accessed in D, so it operates as a continually variable '1-speed'. Chrysler TorqueFlite 3-spd is a very good performing unit. Could've had the optional handling suspension package and the finned aluminum drums on the Pontiac- would made noticable differences- about 10-11 feet shorter distances 60-0. Buick should've whomped the 300 in braking tho. 300 letter series cars were great, cutting-edge cars.
  5. balthazar

    August Auto Spotter

    I've known about this 'old car' for some years, but this year the tarp shredded itself and revealed what was underneath; a '53 Buick Special 2-dr hardtop.
  6. balthazar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    1953 Roadmaster ~
  7. One of the main demographics for AD vehicles is supposedly the elderly, but they are going to be the LEAST likely to accept such a scenario. AD is going to have a WORSE take rate than EVs over the same time period. OEMs should focus on the EV obstacle first, THEN turn to AD... but always with the reality that it'll never become mainstream.
  8. ^ And they're not hot now? It took decades for SUV sales to get where they are now, not months. Cadillac has 3, and the 4th is on the way. Frankly, that's plenty. Stay out of the bottom feeder CUV segment, please, Cadillac.
  9. balthazar

    Random Thoughts Thread

  10. Numbers from C&G December 2017 YTD charts : c-class : 20,669 3-series : 59,449 (Images are down again right now- can't double-check, but thtose were the numbers I scribbled on a piece of paper). Cubical : Then, once again; none of us would know about it. Me, I've convinced such a claim was never made privately, either.
  11. Sure, but where/when did Cadillac state it was planning on eclipsing it's sales? For that matter, has MB ever claimed its c-class 'will eclipse the 3-series sales'? in 2017, the 3-series outsold the C-class 3:1. If selling in the #1 spot = 'success', aren't, by definition, all other entries in the same segment 'failures'? Or is that just ridiculous?
  12. I love it when random people claim to know the "thoughts" of an inanimate entity / company. Short of a specific official public release, it's fantasy.
  13. What REALLY would make sense is MB having an 'A', 'C', 'E'... and then to maintain consistancy- make the CLS the 'G' and the s-class the 'I'. Every other letter of the alphabet... for consistancy's sake. Would like to see that happen.
  14. CT4 = ATS. Same segment, next generation, new name. So where are you looking for 'memorable styling' in sedans from the last 30 years?
  15. ATS & CTS have not "failed". ATS is selling 80% of the volume of the A3, but it starts 20+% higher in price. It has also set the segment benchmark in driving dynamics, and has far better packaging than the identical-sized MBCLA. Model 3 was unveiled in March of 2016, and only finally had 2 decent and 1 really good month last month. But the lug nuts on Tesla are loose and backing off, and Model 3 deposit cancellations have skyrocketed.

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