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  1. • MB makes no money on EVs, and they are grossly late to the party. Some might say they should have foreseen and beaten Tesla to the punch, or at least answered a 6 yr old product by now. • Their reputation -as you claim it- is built on excess and V-12s, not 84-mile 2-ton compacts. • Are consumers currently rejecting MB EVs suddenly going to go 'Hell Yeah America!' and buy them because they're built here? MB has no EV cred; actually its the opposite. Right now, Ford offers far more TRQ than any Tesla (792 vs. 925). Tho it's possible to exceed that in an EV, it's easier to turn up the TRQ wick in a TD. Also, what penalties any EV truck would encounter under load is unknown, but given those EV cars see with HVA/C useage... it's likely to be a major factor (moreso than 1 or 2 MPG differences focused on here).
  2. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    • Stock price is the ONLY thing keeping Tesla's lights on right now. There is nothing of higher importance to the company- it's a pure revenue generator and the primary one. • Most OEMs don't make most of their components- outsourcing is the way of the industry today. It's part of how Ford, GM & Daimler turn huge profits. • 1 EV that just went nation-wide in sales 3 weeks ago. More are coming. Let's see how the Model 3 launch goes.
  3. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    Ahh, was inter-misled. Bolt interior: Still seeing any Cavalier bits... but it is below that of the Volt's via the pics.
  4. I don't think it's "hiding" anything- it doesn't seem to hurt MB that they list 51 individual models that are rated between 11 and 18 MPG. HD truck owners spend huge coin on trucks; they know what they like and what to expect. Duramax, Powerstroke & Cummins have all been around for going on 2 decades, and while they've gotten better, it's been incrementally. Duramax has gone from the Allison 5 gear auto... to 6 gears. In 17 years. In the same time frame the 1/2T has gone from 4 gears to 10 (2018 Escalade).
  5. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Ford has bigger pressure to maintain $10B in profit than Tesla has to SHOW any sort of profit at all?? Investors buy stock for 1 basic reason- to earn a return. Returns are garnered 2 ways- selling at a profit and earning dividends beforehand. Tesla dividend : $0.00. Now, I'm well aware of Tesla's stock chart, frankly it's amazing.... but it's amazing not so much for the price (today: $351), but for the disconnect between it and the company's financial condition. Model X and S are high priced and of small volume. Model 3 is the 'everyman's Tesla'- it's how orders have reached a volume representing nearly 5 years of current Tesla volume- the advertised MSRP. Reasonably achieving a timely filling of those orders in a solid product launch will potentially realize a economy of scale that could turn the blood loss tide into the black. Potentially. If the Model 3 provides the revenue and profit to make the company solid, the stock may double or more. If it does not, and financially the Model 3 is yet another Model S/X... who knows but IMO a lot of the 'positive mojo' may evaporate. Tesla has no cash for a take over. Tesla also doesn't WANT to buy Ford or GM- it goes against their proclaimed mantra. And GM HAS answers already on the market. Bolt has a solid chance at being the #1 selling EV in 2017- a stat I know means everything to you.
  6. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Would like to see the link to the Corporate PR showing there were no base or near base MSRP Envisions at production start-up. And how many pre-orders did Buick take on the announced MSRP of the Envision before showing the vehicle?
  7. CR has long been suspect for refusing to lay out their 'formulas' for calculating their rating system.
  8. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    ^ And that's a very valid point; is the Model S interior worth $30K more than the Bolt?
  9. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    FoMoCo made $10 billion pre-tax profit in 2016 and miscroscopic Tesla lost three-quarters of billion. You tell me if the same pressures are in play.
  10. If you say so. I don't trust anything coming out of the Far East- lots of shaky stuff there. - - - - - Here's an '81 F-150 half ton ad. 300 CI I6, touting a thoroughly unbelievable 21/29 MPG. I had the same truck in a '94 (300 I6 but w/ FI, 4-spd auto, 2WD, 3.08 gears). Still have the window sticker- it was rated at 15/20. I charted every tank of gas from 6 miles to 146,xxx, and it only averaged 15. 23 years later the 'same' truck ('17 Sierra 1/2-ton EC/standard bed, but with 5.3L AFM V8 & 6-spd auto) is rated at 18 vs. my '94's 15. Again: this is the most unchanged vehicle segment...
  11. I didn't say it was bad, but that it was inconsequential. My buddy has a brand new Sierra ext cab/standard bed 4x4, 5.3 AFM V8. Says he's getting great MPG, 24 on the highway (rated @ 18/24). But there's a clear delineation between half ton & 3/4T & above buyers. This article addresses 3/4T & 1T trucks- a segment that perhaps has the highest per capita product awareness in the industry. People who buy these either absolutely need them, or know going in what to expect. Also keep in mind this class of vehicle changes the least out of all segments of vehicles because of function dictates, which brings stability in awareness. Self-appointed 'advocacy' entities such as CR here market their cause as protective, IE: in this case a theoretical 2500HD GMC buyer will end up regretting their purchase because a F-250 Super Duty is rated to get 1 MPG better on the highway. While no one will refuse better MPG on the face of it, the Big 3 are so close that it's not going to drive any sales shifts.
  12. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    The Bolt and Model S are not remotely in the same price range. That said- they are widely compared by both the press & consumers because the main purchase factor for both is being a high range EV. Different buyers have different criteria.
  13. The point the benevolent do-gooders @ CR apparently have no idea of is, full-size truck buyers, ESPECIALLY at the HD range, aren't cross-shopping much at all, and of the mere 3 brands available- are very comparable in a criteria that HD truck buyers just do not care about.
  14. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Common sense tells you cars start at all different prices. Point is not the base price, but from the standpoint of the business side; why a company would not build a base MSRP entry level model until sometime later, esp when that is how the brand got the bulk of it's pre-orders (when a car wasn't shown until much later after orders were opened up). Even if an OEM 'front-loads' higher priced models to take advantage of the 'Gotta Have Nows', the point is still if the the company is taking advantage of consumer activity or is dependent on it for survival. We all know Cadillac is profitable whereas Tesla never has been.
  15. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Tesla's profit point is difficult to pinpoint, yes. But obviously it's well above the current scenario of losing three-quarters of a billion /yr. Adding a much lower priced model with a margin so thin they company decided to bar selling at the advertised base price for the short term is NOT a good sign. Further, continued development on other vehicles (Model Y, semi, small truck) will just continue to suck capital. Where did you get this 'information'?