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  1. balthazar

    April Car Spotter

    Got to drive the aforementioned '68 Catalina convertible about 5 miles today. Front end was a little squirrely- needs some bushing replacement IMO, but the 2bbl 400 easily spun the tires from the stoplight. Nice, wide & floaty. :)
  2. balthazar

    GM brings Cadillac back into the fold

    85% of the mercedes (above pic) is also black plastic, they merely have 4 colored plastic downlegs. I suppose visually, I get the point- I did visually note the lower XT4's valance the moment I first saw the pic.
  3. balthazar


    For the life of me I can't understand how PDL still gets coverage/ a platform.
  4. balthazar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    "Is there Yooni-body out there?"
  5. balthazar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Well, toyota is probably a poor decision based on all their quality/engineering issues, but you're free to buy what you want. I got my Buick when I was 23, but it was only coincidence it was the same year my father got his first Buick, as his was an '89 and mine was a '59. I'd liked the B-59 for years beforehand. However, I will say I very likely came to Pontiac thru my family: grandfather: '55, '57, '63, '66, '69, '72, '76, father: took his father's '63, then '70, '77. After all of that, me: '64, '64, '64, '65, '65, '66, '65, '60... but you can see by the above I'm in for the specific car, not the brand per say, otherwise I would've had '80s & '90s Pontiacs (no thanks).
  6. balthazar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    This house is about 10 mins from me. For about a year plus, I've been keeping an eye on it, have dubbed it 'The Mannikin House'. I scrolled side-to-side before I took this screenshot; there's 16 mannikins posed all around the house. Maybe there's more out back. Most I've ever counted is 17. They change frequently in number, position & dress. Sometimes during hard/long rainstorms, those staying outside cluster on the 2 porches. Recently my son was sitting in his car in front of the house, waiting for the light to change. The guy was getting out of his PT Cruiser. He saw my son looking at him, pulled his passenger mannikin out of the car and made it wave at my son. Between my wife & son, he's always seen wearing a 'Deny Reality' t-shirt (I've yet to see him). Don'tcha just love characters?
  7. balthazar

    Buick News: Buick Enspire Concept Makes Its Debut in China

    ^ That's actual seven syllables ("7700"). Nah- too cumbersome. 4.35 bore x 3.95 stroke = 7693cc / 469.9 CI
  8. balthazar

    April Car Spotter

    Early 50s IH pickup, lightly hot-rodded, matte black, rollin' Pair of nissan GT-Rs within 20 secs of each other. They crossed the same intersection but were travelling 90 degrees from each other. Fox-bodied Mustang notchback done up in period police garb.
  9. balthazar

    More content for the price...

    Of course you know I tend to look at this from the vintage perspective. Walk up to a given car and there's zero bundling- no way to expect Option B because it has option A. Much more configurable / individually custom. That's 'luxury' right there. Cadillac should move to ala cart options on upper tier models : CT6 / XT6 and above. Would blow the luxury consumer's mind.
  10. balthazar

    Random Thoughts Thread

  11. balthazar

    More content for the price...

    ^ Agreed. But along the same lines, they don't "have" to bundle a sunroof, heated steering wheel, power trunk & light up grille ornament together when they have nothing to do with each other.
  12. balthazar

    More content for the price...

    I certainly don't see or would classify what I said as "1st world problems". I would greatly prefer unbundled options, and further; the choice of choosing (or, as in my case; not) some 'safety' features in the same manner. Where can I buy that??
  13. balthazar

    More content for the price...

    Things I'd like to get in a car mostly aren't available, then other things I don't want, are standard. Nobody can ever be happy, it seems.
  14. Encore have this system, DD?

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