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  1. balthazar

    Random Thoughts Thread

  2. balthazar

    Random Thoughts Thread

  3. balthazar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Not in 1948- article states that the unrestored one has 'crispy' wiring... IE; susceptible to shorts due to deterioration from being 70 years old. I know that well from the original wiring that WAS in my '40. Cloth wrapping gets brittle/dry and falls apart.
  4. Amazing progress. Hope major advantages are realized for US manufacturers.
  5. Not that; talk about unfair import tariffs / company partnering in the Chinese market. That's years and years and years ongoing. Chinese import tariffs were (until minutes ago) 25%; the same rate being characterized as a "trade war" from the US side of the issue.
  6. Talk about these issues far precedes April tho.
  7. balthazar

    Lexus News: The Uncertain Future of the Lexus GS and IS

    I want a Cadillac about 10 inches longer and 3 inches wider than the Ct6. Whether the next gen CT6 grows in size, or a 'CT8' appears, I'd like to see a range topper noticeably larger. As for pricing, overlap already occurs everywhere. Doesn't the E63 overlap the S550 by 10 or 15 grand?
  8. ^ Hmmm; an admittance that protectionism 'doesn't work'? Or a gesture towards lessening an existing trade war?
  9. Customers and other road users are already at risk with autonomous driving cars, tho. So far anyway.
  10. There's NO MONEY in electric cars tho. None.
  11. balthazar

    Lexus News: The Uncertain Future of the Lexus GS and IS

    I'm still standing here talking, and now you're way across the cornfield talking at the sky. We were talking size, now you're wrapped up in price. All I said is, there's room above the CT6 in size at Cadillac. Do I prefer 10,000 CT6 per year, or 100,000? 10,000 every time, as long as it's profitable.

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