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  1. Not by significantly much ($190B vs $150B). Daimler saw profits sink 21% last year in at least the one quarter, and they're trimming both models & budgets in response. With the looming hard push into unprofitable EVs, they would do well to join with BMW and spread out all the costs. But not 'buy out'; BMW no doubt is aware of Daimler's track record there of 'pump & dump'.
  2. They actually do not. Kinda a good reason no one brand has 10. Cripes- Jeep is a cornerstone of SUVs and they only have 5. What would make the most sense is for some of the mainstream luxury brands to congeal. MB & BMW as independents merging makes sense- they follow each other move-for-move in the market and they already share 2 of the same letters ('M' and 'B'). 'Bavarian Benz' has a nice ring, and they could use a DOUBLE 'B' and one-up Bentley.
  3. But each one of those has to be thoroughly engineered to work together, then tested & certified in each variant. Even 50 years ago there were 50 different 4bbl carbs @ GM alone.
  4. Those ‘common bits’ still have to be engineered into a fresh vehicle. With all the Johnny-come-lately consolidation in powertrains and platforms, it’s puzzling how OEMs have upsized that to complete vehicles. Or... how it was done years ago.
  5. Bolt would sub in fine for the example- same figures apply. Leaf is noticeably cheaper- anyone heard any estimates on how much nissan loses on each one?? Of course one can swap out different vehicles and drive different miles; it was merely an average, illustrative comparison using the car shown in the video & responding to the scripted dialogue within. Interesting sales to date in 2019 comparison : Bolt: 6622, Leaf: 4852, i3: 1734.
  6. At what cost to the OEM? Why not pair off SUVs that are adjacent to each other in size, and keep a reasonable size/feature difference between each tier? Who's to say what the ROI is in having 8 or 10 or 14 different CUVs under one brand? Ford only made $3.7B last year, is engineering multiple clean sheet 'gap' CUVs going to increase that?
  7. "electric cars save you money". Let's see... BMW i3 MSRP : $44,000 Chevy Cruze MSRP : $18,000 Cruze composite MPG : 36 Average miles driven per year : 12,000, gas price per gallon : $3 12,000 / 36 = 333 gallons x $3 = $1000/yr in fuel cost. $44,000 - $18,000 = $26,000 How long can you drive a gas-powered Cruze before you spend as much as you spent on the i3 to "save money"? Twenty-six years. No; electric cars do not save you money. - - - - - It's not charging time or range anxiety that's holding electric cars / hybrids to a mere 2% of the industry, it's the ultra high cost to get one.
  8. "No different than" is hardly a reason to do something.
  9. That was the point - there is no gap there. For if there WAS a gap in a 17" difference, then there likely is still a gap at 8"- meaning a CUV every 4 inches. 155”, 163”, 171”, 179”, 187”, 195”, 203”, 211” >> 155”, 159" 163”, 167", 171”, 175", 179”, 183", 187”, 191", 195”, 199", 203”, 207", 211” ...and continuing on such a slant- how to fill those 4-in "gaps". It would be ONE THING if these were approached in a 'ATS & ATS-L' manner, but each entry is largely unique. There's simply not enough marketshare for such a monstrous upfront investment. But even before that- who can't live with a 171" CUV, and NEEDS a 163" CUV instead? It's not driving/parking, it's not garage/lot space, there's no demonstrative reason to have so many mostly-different vehicles that all have the same power trains, same options and do the same things. Building cars is not the same as printing new bags and running some pineapple-ham flavored potato chips down your assembly line.
  10. Yet in this very thread we see the customers (John Q and the auto rags) IMMEDIATELY jump to the conclusion the Camaro is permanently cancelled, just like they did with the CT6. That jump is all on the customer.
  11. That’s only a 17” gap- there’s literally no marketing need to split that and have a CUV every 8 inches longer in length. 155”, 163”, 171”, 179”, 187”, 195”, 203”, 211”, madness.
  12. 5 months of sales under its belt and the i-pace is still only finding around 200 buyers a month. It could have 14 awards; it's a flop.
  13. I drive a '04 2500 HD - believe me; there's no "shifting of weight from side to side" around corners- these trucks are just too stiff for that nonsense. I can corner like a Porsche- just not as fast or as tightly. There's zero lean. Reviewer does seem like a clueless douche. He has an incredibly annoying, halting cadence to his delivery. He & Doug DeMauro probably drink together.

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