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  1. Sorry, I don't see it. I know what you're seeing, I don't think it was at all intentional. - - - - -
  2. You think a 335 HP, 10-spd, 3660 lbs car is going to do 0-60 in 7.5 sec??? Do you believe the BMW 330i sedan stifles showroom traffic/sales of the M3 sedan?
  3. As a concept, I like it. I didn't care for the rear 3/4 view, but the profile swayed the needle the other way. Reminds me of the Sunfire concept from the front 3/4 ~
  4. It's an embarrassment. Oh, and there is another old German military contract vehicle is looks a LOT like it;
  5. I wasn't aware the Z was still in production- I haven't seen any press/advertising it seems like in years.
  6. ^ I don't think that last statement is accurate, but 'truly wealthy' would need definition. I have a number of clients I would put into that basket, and tho there is no 'automatic' vehicle class choice tethered to wealth, my observation is that it skews heavily toward 'luxury brands' (mostly BMW tho).
  7. Fleetwood Body Division of Cadillac, Fleetwood Pennsylvania ~
  8. Because it's the W-Body Impala of Germany. Worse than that- it's older than dirt. Just imagine tho if the recent so-called 'redesign" of the g-wagon HAD been the ener-g concept, as shown; as the flagship it would have a pretty substantial trickle-down effect instead of being a left field Frankenstein of 1970s parts that you can't tell if it's a 1980 or a 2020.
  9. ^ I certainly get that sentiment, but if I recall the specs correctly, the '86 Mustang 2.3 (my wife had an '87) was 88 HP, the return of the '82 5.0 V8 GT had 225 HP, and the 2019 2.3T has 330! 330 is 3.9 times what your '86 had, and just remind yourself how often you open the hood on your vehicles.
  10. But the e-class starts @ $53K - no one is cross shopping that with a car that starts at $33K!
  11. A blinged-up production vehicle isn't a true concept. And this is still a "concept"- we all know how hard daimler pulled back with the new g-class after showing the ener-g concept.
  12. Daimler, doing it again; cookie-cuttin' design. Can't tell the bottom end from the top end:

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