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  1. Random Thoughts Thread

    Probably tough to see via my schitty phone camera, but apparently this Odyssey has the very rare 'Duct Tape Emblem Package' :
  2. 1940 Ford plastic : distributor caps (2), coil housing, steering wheel, headlight switch knob, starter button. DONE!
  3. Correction. There was a very limited sharing in the A-Bodies beginning in '61, when the Tempest & F-85 got the Buick 215 V8 as an option, but that only lasted '61-62 @ Pontiac & '61-63 @ Olds. The next instance was '70, after Pontiac dropped it's OHC I6 and went to the Chevy IBC I6 250. But this was only in the Tempest / LeMans/ base Firebird- the GTO, Firebird Esprit, Trans Am, LeMans Sport, GP, Cat, Executive & Bonneville all ran Pontiac-only engines. There was scuttlebutt in the mid '70s when GM, due to production constraints, put Olds' 350s in other brands, and vica-versa. Got sued. It was the genesis for the legalese "some engines built by other Divisions of GM". Next instance would be the Olds'-built Diesel 350s in the other brands starting in '78. These were still singular scenarios. General Motors 'engine homogenization' didn't really begin until GM Powertrain took over all Divisional engine development- this would be 1982. Pontiac Division built it's last V8 in '81; the T/A offered it's 301 4bbl, 301 Turbo, or the Chevy 305. In '82, it was only the 305 "Corporate" V8. Tho some singular Divisional engine physical production continued (Buick still built the 3.8 V6 for many years, for EX), they became 'Corporate' engines. GM engine homogenization began corporate-wide in 1982. Cadillac was the most proprietary for the longest... but that too has fallen by the wayside. Unfortunately.
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    Godspeed, Malcolm Young.
  5. Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

    Saw a short spy video of it taking off and it was quick & silent, but who knows.
  6. You're alright with me, Bill; I respect your preference. To each his own. It's NOT that it'd be 'unprofitable or wasteful'; it'd be a tremendous financial hardship to so many, and a grotesque criminal infringement on individual liberty to all. Short of an open dictatorship, it CANNOT be done.
  7. Ram News: Spying: Ram 1500 Sporting A Split Tailgate?

    It doesn't stick below the body of the bumper; it's WITHIN the body of the bumper. It's also only about 4" below the top of the bumper, which is in the same spot it's been for 60 years; at the bottom edge of the tailgate. It's simple, it's functional, but I'd not go so far as to call it 'brilliant'. Ford's 'Man Step' is embarassing, IMO. Wonder if some sort of ratcheting tailgate-lowering platform is possible. Crank a lever and the 'gate remains horizontal but extends out & downward half the distance to the ground. That would be 'brilliant'.
  8. Random Thoughts Thread

    1960 Buick Daytona 83-hour endurance test gauge readings, 120 MPH average : water temp : 180 trans temp : 210 axle temp : 240 oil temp : 260
  9. Tesla doesn't have a cash flow (revenue) problem, they have a spending problem. Company needs to strike a balance, yesterday. This is over extension. Sure; it's cool, gee-whizzy, and it keeps the buzz going (or is it merely taking focus off the Model 3's disastrous launch? Roadster looks pretty cool, claimed specs are ridiculous... but it's not affordable. And it's not a move toward balance. Where is the Model Y? Where is the Model 3??
  10. Ram News: Spying: Ram 1500 Sporting A Split Tailgate?

    • MoPar swivel seats were only around I believe 2 or 3 years. The funny thing is that they were on those huge full-size cars, where there was plenty of room to bop in-n-out. They might be useful on a -say- accord today. • The Silverado bumper step is only a few inches lower than the bumper top- not much of a noticable difference at all. I strongly dislike the Ford step, but at least it's lower...
  11. Ram News: Spying: Ram 1500 Sporting A Split Tailgate?

    It's the lifting, which any tailgate design discussed here doesn't address. The sliding in & out is not the majority of back injuries. Frankly, the closer you can get to a heavy item the better, and a fold-down tailgate bridges any bumper protrusion, so that's a better scenario, not worse. I think Cubey & ccp nailed it- it's a product differentiating feature that answers a question no one is really asking.
  12. 42-gal barrel of oil only yields 20 gals of gasoline. Rest~ ultra low sulfate distillates : 11 jet fuel : 4 heavy fuel oil : 1 hydrocarbon gas liquids : 2 heating oil : 1 other products : 6 IF there is a widespread move to a majority of EVs, this move is insurance against future fuel price spikes. Demand would be halved and prices would fall below where they are today. Gas might be 1.00 gal again.
  13. But they don't use buggy parts & typewriters to make 1000 other products, like they do with petroleums. Petroleums are irreplaceable for the foreseeable future- they will continue to be processed / refined. Their use will decline (slowly) in automobiles, but they aren't 'going away'.

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