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  1. Are those Camaro wheels?
  2. It is a single mode, as opposed to GM's two mode system but yes it is a true hybrid.
  3. Sorry FOG I normally enjoy your rants but I have to agree w/ this one. First of all Mazda was and has always been a pretty darn independent company from Ford (also I don't think Mazda has used any products on a Ford chassis, excluding the CX7 or CX9). Ford however has gained a LOT of things from Mazda: from the 6 platform sharing to 4 cylinder technology, though not directly sharing its engines. As for some peoples speculation that Ford could lose the best platforms it has, sorry I have to disagree about that. The C1 chassis may be a little more expensive than the 3's Protege based chassi
  4. It is funny that you say that because lets be serious the Solstice and G8 have no significance in sales and really that is what matters. The G6 is taking off and being as it has been unchanged since it went on the market what 4 years ago. That right there is as good of a reason to stick w/ Epsilon for the next G6 and not switch to Alpha, which surely everyone can admit will have lower sales than an equivalent FWD Epsilon model.
  5. Isn't GM Daewoo (which is a part of GM Holden) also working on some diesels?
  6. Some people can be so blinded by loyalty that they can't see what is plainly to many models. Try this on for size: Caddy: Sedan, Wagon Buick: Sedan Pontiac: Coupe Opel/Saturn: Wagon
  7. Who said Holden is working on small diesels? They could be considered 'medium' or 'large'. As big a fan as you are of GME, perhaps you should remember that it is a fiefdom w/in the kingdom of GM. This kind of attitude is what got Ford into the mess it was in before Mullaly came to them.
  8. I am surprised nobody else mentioned this. I would. Look if I am going out to buy a sports wagon I want RWD, nice interior, good looks w/ good practicality. I don't shop based upon a dollar amount up. I shop a dollar amount down. If I can afford $50k but can get 80% of the looks, features, and practicality for $30k why should I spend the difference?
  9. I am pretty sure I have seen that sketch before.
  10. That wasn't the Feretta was it.
  11. I use NoScript and sometimes it takes a second to get things I want to see to play because I have to click allow a few times but in the end I see almost no flash ads.
  12. Lets say the Commodore drops 200-300 lbs and uses only the 2.0 DI turbo (260/260) from the Kappa cars. Would that not work well?

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