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  1. Smk how in the world do you get that these electric cars are emission free. They are still causing the burning of fossil fuels in over 90% of all power plants and would use 50% more than gasoline in MN. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/electric-cars-are-not-necessarily-clean/
  2. And slower and less nimble and less sporting and less is more. Sounds like an old light beer commercial.
  3. But I thought we were talking about Europe?
  4. IDK what percentage of power is generated by coal and NG as the ev percentage goes up...
  5. Ford News: 2018 Ford Expedition Gains Off-Road Package

    I know I'm being picky but make that a 2 box design Drew;-)
  6. Drew you beat me to the point Suburban as of 39 wood body on p/u prior
  7. I never understood the reasoning behind the idea that because VW cheated on emissions that diesels were on their death bed. All of the stories of European auto makers one by one dropping diesels from their product lines. It made no sense, company x is found guilty of cheating people out of caffeine in their cola products so all beverage makers drop cola products yet there's a sizable demand for caffeine drinks. No other industry out there would leave a market demand unfulfilled.
  8. Yeah that's really a bizarre quote also the one about the shift speed automatics have always been faster shifting. What they did was built in slippage to allow for reliablity and not breaking parts. The technology and metallurgy have allowed the shift speed to reduce with out incident. As for the shift quality of American manual transmissions I fear the Euro's might be a little limp in the wrist. Shifting modern transmissionsare far from Muncie rock crushers or BW super T10's
  9. daves87rs what in particular scares you about the car, my understanding is that the car hasn't even been released yet nor have we seen touched or driven it. I don't want you to think that I'm beating their drum but Geely and Cherry though they knock off styleing from what I've read make decent autos probably on the order of 2nd generation Hyundai. A guy I knew had one and the power window regulators went out a lot.comfortable and good mileage. Like it or not the Chinese exports Buick and Volvo both premium autos.
  10. I kinda think that was the fail/fall of GM the closing of the Motor divisions the bean counters got their way and then it was just cut and paste all the way to bankruptcy. They rode a long and valiant ride but for every Ferro we got a Aztec (funny that both were Pontiacs) without divisional engineers who don't group think it'll be cut and paste all over again. In all fairness though the engines are pure GM There aren't any traces of Chevrolet other than bore spacing. If other manufacturers can do it that way ? The divisional engineers working with powertrain should work. Though I don't like the Corvette direction as it appears to be arcing (I hope that we will still have an entry level pushrod) there will be a premium V8 soon. I still think that you and others are very wrong on the Traditional American fullsize auto, while smaller volume of sales they are needed and as a plus would be a police usage. Agreed that Cadillac wouldn't wade into those waters this time but left to Chevrolet only. The whole reason that we're in SUV's is the downsizing of American autos then subsequent regrowth. Cars just flat out get better mileage it's physics of frontal area mass.
  11. Hyper just for clarification are we defining the Fleetwood name as damaged because of the last iteration D body or previous series. I'd agree with the assessment of the previous D bodys being in the float your boat crowd, but the last version could be thrown though emergency maneuvers better than cars weighing 1000lbs less and that lt1 was gold at that time. IMOHO
  12. Could they just get this name changing done and over with PLEASE! I mean we go all the way back to the DeVille changes and what the letters meant then the alpha numeric mishmash get it together will ya Cadillac you guys have no continuity instead of beautiful chiseled Art's and Science auto's we're served up some wonderful auto's with place marker names for almost 20years now. Every 3 years new names that mean nothing, what a shame.
  13. At the risk of siding with Smk on this thread ... I can't wrap my head around this they may be British but I can't see this as a direct competition to Bentley and Rolls. I do see this as a great competitor to Benz, they both make wonderful performance luxury sedans and Suv's but not over the top opulence with massave interior realestate apples to oranges.
  14. I think that if we were to use actual dollar valuation of the times that they were spent that we aren't too far from even now but that's just an in uneducated gut feeling I could be in the outfield with this but I don't have the time to research it properly. It's just so much money has been spent lately like the amount spent in Presidential terms.