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  1. Irritating yes but without reading the license or agreement nor FCA bringing up any specific points I can't see Mahindra being so stupid as to break the license and agreement which is they're cash cow (no pun intended)
  2. Remember guys that Mahindra has a license to make it dating back to just after WW2 that and they're agreement of 2009. I haven't seen anything yet that shows me that Mahindra is in the wrong.
  3. 67impss

    Ford News: Ford Territory is A Chinese-Only Crossover

    50 new models , how many does NA or Europe get? Sorry sounds quite high to me.
  4. My understanding is that they have been building the same basic vehicle since the end of ww2 by license and this is not certified for hiway use. Now if they have violated the license agreement then FCA has a case if not it's just sour grapes. FCA is in the business of on road passenger vehicles not side by side off road toys. CJ3's are not in FCA's business plan last I've read.
  5. 67impss

    Dodge News: 2019 Dodge Challenger Adds More Power, Silly Names

    Years ago I was watching 60 minutes and Ford was running a standard engine on hydrogen without any modifications and no ill effect.
  6. 67impss

    Dodge News: 2019 Dodge Challenger Adds More Power, Silly Names

    But dfelt EV's have been around since the 1900's but the real game changer will be hydrogen powered either by way of an ICE or fuel cell. If they can get to efficient production and non porous storage tanks.
  7. 67impss

    Dodge News: 2019 Dodge Challenger Adds More Power, Silly Names

    If FCA has just about replaced all of the Daimler bit's then that in itself would be innovative by definition. Much like Holden's re-engineering the the Astra to make the Commodore. Only FCA has done it a second time.
  8. Cubical-aka-Moltar / You are the Prophet!
  9. 67impss

    Ford News: Rumorpile: Next Explorer To Go RWD and Gain ST Trim

    That would be an easy explanation, the horsepower of the top level v6 and the ST trim being sport biased. It's looking to be another trend.
  10. Then their are those who like it a kinda coupe and a 1/2 for young families or us old folks with grandkids to each their own
  11. Maybe that's the amount that they need to be able to meet the regulations that the government likes to throw at the energy corporations. See dfelt I to can put you on the defense, I read the articles and posts and I am almost always able to figure out who's going to attack whom. Drew used to police this stuff better but I understand that work and life in general take precedence over the internet. I have been on this board since before Avanti something sold it to Drew and have seen all of the bickering through the years,we used to have discussions with each other but now just attack each other. I'd move on to another board but I have come to like a lot of you guys and still value quite a few of their opinions even if it conflicts with mine. So maybe I don't share much for a while and just lurk till the climate changes and it's a bit friendlier. We have lost so many good minds because of the bickering already. (Off my soapbox) back to lurking, good night guys.
  12. I disagree with the credit there's no reason for me to pay my earnings to the government so an early adapter can buy a new electric car. I can't afford to pay for my own new auto let alone pay for someone else's. Early adaptors are making the choice to buy an auto that is much more expensive and really is a luxury item at this point. I don't mind paying taxes for my own share of the government but I draw the line at paying for my neighbors car and not being able to make enough money to pay for a newer used auto for my own family.
  13. Smk how in the world do you get that these electric cars are emission free. They are still causing the burning of fossil fuels in over 90% of all power plants and would use 50% more than gasoline in MN. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/electric-cars-are-not-necessarily-clean/
  14. And slower and less nimble and less sporting and less is more. Sounds like an old light beer commercial.
  15. But I thought we were talking about Europe?

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