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  1. Just a typo but GMC is shown in red but sales are up. GMC - Up 9.8% - 151,700 QTD / 277,277 YTD
  2. Yes it took forever to get up and running but they are a major employer in the Miami Valley and still growing there are a few other companies in the old complex also but tiny in comparison. FUYAO was always Chinese though, also a plant in Mt. Zion, IL FUYAO GLASS AMERICA WE’RE AN OEM GLASS SUPPLIER TO ALL MAJOR AUTO MANUFACTURERS General Motors, Ford, BMW, Honda, Bentley and more all use Fuyao glass in their newly manufactured automobiles. When top of the line auto glass is required then Fuyao glass is what’s needed.
  3. Sorry to correct you but Moraine truck assembly was not demolished it lives on as a glass plant.
  4. You know things are bad for Fiat when Alfa sells better
  5. Torino 4dr hatch and wagon like a 70 or 72 gt sport two of the best looking mid sized Ford's that were also very sporty , the hatch would be what Ford's thinking I'm betting
  6. Does anyone else who looked at the picture under the hood with the yellow cables think back to the Accell spark plug cables in the 70's and the 800volt battery pack has to be code for a V8 package Z/...?
  7. Hey I'm just down the street in Dayton an hour away from you. Maybe if there's a cool car event near us we can get together. But let me get the Escalade brakes fixed first the Dakota is on its last legs 289k mi running on 5 out of 6.

  8. GM has been eating Mustang's breakfast for years my 90 Grand Prix STE Turbo ate body's all day and the Roadmaster did all night. But I get ya a lowered Burbon with that set up would be way too much fun
  9. I'm not so sure about that Horse the way drag racing drive lines work now the transmission limits torque output to allow tires to grip and not go up into smoke. They use centrifical force to engage the clutch pack and add extra clamping force once it's fully engaged (I'm thinking that you knew that but was thinking of others) One things for sure this sure will add to a very expensive sport already
  10. I kinda like the tech of this, all driveline bolts up to a standard Chevy bell housing. Though other than reaction time at the light and maybe axle ratio's the races will be hundred thousands differentes I'm thinking that you won't see who's the winner other than the lights. So how many motors can be coupled together, I'm channeling Tommy Ivo!
  11. Irritating yes but without reading the license or agreement nor FCA bringing up any specific points I can't see Mahindra being so stupid as to break the license and agreement which is they're cash cow (no pun intended)
  12. Remember guys that Mahindra has a license to make it dating back to just after WW2 that and they're agreement of 2009. I haven't seen anything yet that shows me that Mahindra is in the wrong.
  13. 50 new models , how many does NA or Europe get? Sorry sounds quite high to me.
  14. My understanding is that they have been building the same basic vehicle since the end of ww2 by license and this is not certified for hiway use. Now if they have violated the license agreement then FCA has a case if not it's just sour grapes. FCA is in the business of on road passenger vehicles not side by side off road toys. CJ3's are not in FCA's business plan last I've read.
  15. Years ago I was watching 60 minutes and Ford was running a standard engine on hydrogen without any modifications and no ill effect.

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