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  1. Dodge isn't working on it. They're using the GM system. It's really not even GM's anymore. GM started the development, and Diamler Chrsyler, BMW, and Mercedes all jumped in on it. It's a joint venture thing, but it started at GM.
  2. I'm leaning toward Chevrolet on this one.... They've been advertising and declaring "Gas Friendly to Gas Free: Fuel Efficiency, E85 Ethanol, Hybrid, Electric, and Fuel Cell". http://www.chevrolet.com/ Main page, don't even have to scroll down. That along with their Equinox test hydrogen cars... I think it will be them. Saturn is still too much of a niche brand, and GM will want the hydrogen to go mainstream as soon as the infastructure is there.... more sale, more money, less overhead. It'll be a Chevy.
  3. Lol, I know what you mean. I struggled with the SmartSlide (tried it at least 15 times), but my wife didn't have any trouble at all with it...... it was the same vehicle, and we tried both sides, I guess I just did it wrong. Either way, I love the outlook, and that's prolly gonna be our next vehicle.
  4. Blowing up a GM vehicle is no easy task though. Lol. Maybe it'll just take 2 million dollars worth of TNT. In reality, maybe the car will get some awesome publicity in the film, maybe the main car that gets driven around in a chase of some sort. I just hope it doesn't end up being some random, barely even in the movie, side of the road, exploding car.
  5. Side signals appear to be in the mirror housing.
  6. To all the people at GM who fought to make this a possibility (*cough* SCOTT *cough*) I say thank you.
  7. Why would we take a step back to the old style?

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