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  1. I think NASCAR should allow the teams to add air conditioning and automatic transmissinons. Then the drivers could just drive around for three hours and the sponsors could all the exposure they want. It's just not racing anymore! If anyone remembers racing from the 70's and 80's you know what I'm talking about. With the addition of toyota next year I know I will no longer have any interest in this sport.
  2. Pontiac would have most likely sold more Solstice. A dealer in New Jersey is asking $31,000 for a Solstice with a $24,000 MSRP. I talked to a friend who ordered a Sky for no added cost after stopping at that Pontiac dealership!
  3. I have a 03 Monte Carlo SS as a daily driver,and can't wait for a nice day to bring my Corvette out. The Monte will be going soon for a used Z28 or GTO!!!
  4. Congratulations!!!! Best of luck with it. I think it's one of the best looking cars on the road.
  5. I did drive past the salvage yard, on Jernee Mill Rd, and did not see the Solstice. I wanted to get a better look at it. From what I saw of it in the morning I don't think there was much left to salvage!

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