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  1. I like the styling, clearly BMW but very modern. Got to drive it around in Gran Turismo 6, it's a fun car.
  2. Make excuses and miss out then, but until you've played the game I won't give your opinion much merit as all you've done in your post is make the focal point the flaws, you have to look at both sides of the coin. As someone who has actually played it, I can say the pros in this game greatly outweigh the cons. This is the best Gran Turismo yet. * Those 800 cars have been upscaled and have more polygons than the PS2 versions. They have as many polygons as a car in Forza 3 or NFS Shift. Some of them do look bad up close because of pixelation in some areas, but a lot of them(like my '70 Charger)
  3. What the heck are you all talking about? Most websites gave this great reviews in the 9's and 8's. IGN even said it was the best driving sim on consoles. The game is great and I've been playing it a ton since it came out. Not only is this the best driving game this year, it has also relit my passion for cars. I feel sorry for people who let reviews deter them from getting such a wonderful game. You do realize the only reason they are nitpicking this game to death is because of the massive hype? If it went by any OTHER name it would have been praised to high heaven because it has more content,
  4. Or 1969, or 1985, or 2020... I don't get how someone could say something so small could be out of date, it's like saying blue is so 2005...:¡
  5. He's just trying his best to not give away that he's having sex with his new Volt.
  6. Damn, I was hoping it would be a little better than this... :\ Still not bad by any means... From Leftlane News: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro laps Nürburgring in 8:20 July22 General Motors has officially taken the wraps of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. Although images and specs leaked on the modern day muscle car last week, we now have the official figures straight from the horse’s mouth. As expected, the Camaro will be available in LS, LT and SS guises. The LS and LT models will do with a 3.6L V6 – mated to either a six-speed automatic or manual transmission – and will produce 300 horsepower
  7. Didn't they say they needed to sell 160,000 a year to make a business case for it? Well I can see the Camaro selling well at first, but with gas at $4.30+ I don't exactly seeing it achieving those numbers. Maybe if gas was still at the $3.15 range... What do you guys think? Will gas prices make it go the way of the Gen 4? If Gen 5 fails, then I don't see it ever coming back.
  8. I never said it didn't look good, it's just a tired design, imo. I want to see something that looks different not a C6.5. This does not mean it has to radically change the shape to look like an S7. And I definitely think retro would be a bad mistake for the 'Vette.
  9. Too bad it can't beat the Gt-R. Or can it? I dunno... The Gt-R already went around the ring in 7 minutes, 29 seconds.
  10. That sounds like a personal problem but considering the strike cost them 100,000 sales(as stated in their press release) and cost them money, I wouldn't be laughing. Well not if I were GM anyway.
  11. Whatever, they're only so far ahead, because of the strike.
  12. The problem is that the C6 is already boring. The C4 was a lot different from the C3 and it had a nice freshness to it. Then we had the C5. It looked good, but was only a nice version of a bland wedge design in which a same year Firebird looked better(referring to the C4). The C6 was a C5 with exposed headlights and C3 design cues. It's stale already. If the C7 is just a C6 with minor details changed(like on the C5 from the C4) it'll just be even more stale.
  13. The difference between the 911 and Corvette is Porsche has many models so they can have on model that looks the same till the end of time. The Corvette is a different story. It's a single model with trim levels. You can keep the RWD, V8-powered, front-engined, 2-seater, long-hood, and hatchback rear deck and STILL make a revolutionary design. It doesn't have to change shape to do that.

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