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  1. http://www.topgear.com/uk/car-news/ford-gt-detroit-motor-show-2015-01-12 I'm pretty pleased with the looks, it's pretty McLaren inspired. I wouldn't mind a more unique Ford look, but who can turn down the likes of a McLaren. Any opinions? On the looks or specs?
  2. Hey there. I'm Jessica, from the Midwest US. I'm really excited to find this forum - I love cars and keeping up with what's happening in the car world, from new cars, old cars, mechanics, and sports. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing here!
  3. I think the same thing comes into play with any question about "would you let your kid.." I think it's all very subjective on the child themselves. Can they handle the responsibility? Do they take it seriously? Do they know when to goof off and have fun, and when to not? As long as the basic safety precautions are in place and you can trust your kid - absolutely! I plan on teaching mine all the safety elements and opening up the world of motorsports to them.
  4. Is there any news about what will be unveiled, debuted, or otherwise uniquely displayed? I heard last year that Mazda planned on debuting the Miata, but I'm not sure if that's still accurate. I go every year and I'm really excited. One more month!
  5. I absolutely agree with the general opinion of "boring". I don't hate what Subaru puts out, but you'd think they'd try to do something to stand out rather than fade into the background. They're fading quicker and quicker, and I hope they have something in mind to pull themselves back to their roots.

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