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  1. The C4 Vette took the Vette to new places on the world stage of performance like no other Vette ever did. Whether most Vette fans will admit to that or not.  And every Vette ever since the C4 has evolved  that basic design and improved performance to awesome levels and the result would be the C7 ZR-1.

    The C7 to the C4, one could see the basic same design and silhouette and each generation looks so much different from one another. Another thing I like about the C4 is that it looks somewhat like a C3. And each and every Vette from the C4 to the C7 also looks like a C3.  A,azing what Chevy designers and engineers have done to America's Sports Car!

    My favorite Vettes would be :


    1967 427.

    1968/1969 427

    1986 convertible

    C5 Z06

    C6 Z06

    C7 ZR-1

    Anxiously awaiting for the C8 and what Chevy has in store for us. 

  2. I like the NSX.  To be honest, I prefer the NSX's looks that Ford's latest GT. Love the 2005 Ford GT. The new ecoboosted one...a lot less. Not because of the V6,  although that does not help. 

    I just cant put my finger on why I like the new GT less than I should. I honestly do not know why I like the new NSX as much as I do.

    I guess its the understated supercarness of it.  It looks like a gentleman's exotic car.  An exotic supercar a Japanese superspy James Bond type would be driving. 

  3. On 3/2/2019 at 5:14 PM, Robert Hall said:

    '60 Cadillac.  Looks like what Ike Evans would drive on Miami Beach in 1960. 

    To hell with Ike Evans!

    Id be driving this Caddy on Rodeo Drive or Sunset Boulevard! 



    Hudson Hornet


    Chopped '49 Mercury


    In all honesty, much ado about nothing about the bitchin' of 4 door coupes!!!

    Plus Ill add this one!!!

    The rake of the back windshield is just as extreme...only difference is that the W-Body is a long car and the designers had a trunk to work with but...cut short the trunk by about 5 inches and you gets the same effect like the Accord looks like...and by cutting the trunk by 5 inches,  the GP also gets to be about the same length as that Accord....in other words, extend the back end of the new Accord by about 5 inches and it becomes almost as long as a 1990s W-Body...the Buick Century in 1997 Im willing to bet would be the EXΑCT size with the current Accord length wise....



    Its just fast back styling!!!

    It gives a young vibe to an otherwise old fogey 4 door family car sedan!

    This is what you folk wanna go back to?




    Kinda bland and square, doncha think?


  5. 1 minute ago, ocnblu said:

    Plus... even though it is smaller and lighter than the current, I am sure the price will just keep going up and up... I think the current Terrain and Equinox are overpriced already... this will be much more than I want to spend I bet, even for an SLE AWD.

    I erased the post because I chose the wrong thread...I turned left at Albuquerque

    But yeah, window too small in the back, probably more expensive too...



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