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  1. Palmer

    Richard Branson's SAAB Story

    188 views, and only one comment on a pretty positive article?? Besides the post above, it appears to me that you do not want saab to succeed, or do not want to embrace change. Come on people. Go drive one. Please. Help GM live.
  2. Palmer

    Saab loses $300 million in 2005, report says

    Hows that? I changed it to "sales region" What about the "oldsmobile option" that was mentioned before? Come on now.
  3. Palmer

    Saab loses $300 million in 2005, report says

    Are you kidding? Oh yeah, the saab drivers would have fallen right into those SWEET Achievas. Or the Aleros. Hmm. Oh, wait. this sales reigon is the only one that matters.
  4. Palmer

    Saab 9-5

    Why? The Benz C280 is 33k, the Audi A4 with the v-6 starts at 34k. The only thing I see that the Audi has over the 9-5 is 4wd, and they seem to adressing that in the next few years. Audi reliablity is garbage, and benz is no better. My father used to drive an E500 that was in the shop so much with brake and electrical issues that under the Minnesota lemon law, he got to return it. Ask a quattro owner (or any Audi owner) about c/v joints, or the four catalytic converters the cars have, or the electronic issues, and then run away. As for the "dated" comment, what other cars are you comparing it to?
  5. Palmer

    Saab recalls nearly 300,000 vehicles

    ...that must be nice. I have not heard a peep from my dealer.
  6. Palmer

    9-3 Hatch review

    That writer is kind of funny. Nice write up too.
  7. Palmer

    Saab News

    Hi! My first ride in a saab was when I was 6. So I may be a bit biased, but people should drive before they judge. I too, had a bonneville, and found it to be reliable but bland transportation. With my saab, I am exited to drive anywhere at anytime. Different strokes I guess...

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