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  1. I didn't see any interesting posts on the upcoming Turbo-x or Black Turbo so here it is. http://www.autoblog.com/photos/2008-saab-turbo-x/391859/ supposed to be limited production 280 HP turbo V-6 with XWD... 0-6 mph in 5.7 sec Intelligent Saab XWD for superb handling and roadholding Rear eLSD gives torque transfer up to 40% between wheels 2.8 V6 Turbo with twin-scroll turbocharger, variable valve timing Sports tuned chassis optimizes all-wheel-drive benefits Engine: 2792cc. V6. Aluminum cylinder heads and block. Twin-scroll turbocharger, intercooled. DOHC, 24-valve
  2. More photos of the facelift - in convertible form at the following link http://www.leftlanenews.com/2007/02/21/spi...lift/#more-4818 and closeups of a facelifted 9-3 SC ( wagon) with a pic of the underside showing a rear drive axle and talks of AWD??!!! (nevermind talks, it shows in the pics) omg! lookiieeee here: http://www.leftlanenews.com/2007/02/06/spi...-inspired-face/ [
  3. Wow, nice to see what everyone thinks and I agree with most of you. All I have to say is never rebadge another GM product as a Saab cuz it spels disaster AND dont even think of selling the brand cuz it will hurt just as it did with Oldsmobile.
  4. True.... I was simply making the association to more parts to worry about as well as complexity with D.O.D. considering its overall gain in eficiency vs. a turbocharged or supercharged powerplant of smaller size. Allot of factory turbocharged cars have torque at the low end and dont even need to be brought up above 3-4 grand to get what you need, therefore no buzz. It'll give the 4 banger (or 6) a flat torque curve at relatively low rpm..... someone mentioned that earlier about turbodiesel engines. Thers allot of great engine designs and combinations out there, weither it be a su
  5. Well, this sums it up quite nicely.... and personaly, juging by the way things work in the world, technology advances and people evolve. Sure people like their big rumble and their big V-8 but when it comes to your kids, and then theirs, there won't be enough V-8 glory for anyone to care to bend over backwards for. If a person can get the same power out of a smaller, less complex and more efficient powerplant, then that would seem to be the logical direction to throw yourself in. By having 2, or even 4 extra cylinders your adding that extra amount in weight and raw materials. If you want t
  6. Whoa.... I could have sworn I remember reading 2.2L somewhere in the specs a while back.... I did take a quick peek under the hood but didnt spend much time looking at it since it was just a big plastic cover over the engine. Well then, this puts a new perspective on the 2.4L for me! But yeah, its a heavy car for that engine I guess..... Can you tell I havent been following much of this lately? lol
  7. Wow, its been a while since I've started a toppic, let alone post here! I prommised Ven that I'd write about the G6, so here I am. Basicaly, 2 weeks back, my 9-3 went in the shop for some warranty work and they needed the car over the week end. After speaking with the sales guy, he agreed to pay a rental for me over the week end. I was lucky enough to get a G6! YAY! I had never got in one and haven't driven any new GM vehicles in a loooong time except for my dad's silverado and 9-5. The only thing I could compare it to, to see if they had improved a great deal was my long gone, '99 olds a
  8. well, I always said it this way.... with the short "E"..... maybe because I'm french canadian...eh?!
  9. TurboRush

    BLS Cadillac

    how about Built Like Saab
  10. what is the point of doing a poll if you want us to mention our car brand anyways if its not up there? You could have started with all of GM's brands offered here in north america, then all of ford's brands and DCX's brands..... No point in participating 4 me
  11. I realy like the G6.... especialy the new coupe...... but not shure I like the stripe though.
  12. Thanks guys... not shure.... the SE has the crome handles on the interior and the S has black plastic handle with a white line on it. Or are you talking about the door pull? I could get the door puls in carbon fibre to match the dash overlay.....
  13. I'm not too woried about how it measures up to what is currently on the market..... Styling wise, yes its sort of outdated but then again, it is a USED car. And being that I got it right from the saab dealership, they do all of the certified stuff like new brakes, new tires, new battery, new allot of things realy... but anyways, it was a bit more than I wanted to pay, I was looking at another that was automatic with basicaly same package and 10000km's more on it and that one was only 179000$. The 5 spd's are more in demand and the dealers tend to sell them for a bit more than the autos. So t
  14. I love the canopy top.... its a great idea for ease of entry and very unique in a style aspect. On the other hand, it could present long term problems with seal deterioration, more hinges to lube and worry about.... generaly, more moving parts means more maintenance and expenses for repairs. Regardless on how afordable GM could make it or how durable, it will still be subject to speculation and doubts from buyers who think long term. The average rich guy who can afford anything and wants this car wont care, but GM needs volume right? Like someone else has said, it could become a huge su
  15. Alright... so after everything happening and all the recent changes/moving...etc.... I needed a car. Also will be putting on tons of mileage with the new job so.... here it is: For anyone who cares to know, it's an '02 9-3 SE..... the SE in 2002 had a 25th aniversary Turbo package. Came with 2.0L high output turbo rated for 205hp and 210 ft-lb of torque. I love stick!

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