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  1. I may be a huge nerd but the fact that you said the "ion doesn't have a POSITIVE image" is completly ironic....LOL....ions being the positively charged atoms that they are.....
  2. When I saw that picture I cried a little...
  3. And I might have them saved on my computer...I mean...you didn't read that... But in seriousness was the entire thread deleted or something? I can't even find it on the site...I can understand removing the pics, but removing the thread seems a little over the top.
  4. HAHA! "When Michael Moore walks in your studio, people tend to take notice" That's b/c the guy weighs like 400lbs. and is a slob...of course you're gonna notice him!
  5. there are pictures floating around on the internet of a hummer h3 with a 3.7Liter 5 cylinder inside the engine bay..i can find the link if anybody is interested...i guess it's safe to assume that the Colorado and Canyon would get this updated engine as well
  6. why o' why would you ever put the hideous 15" rims from a Colorado on there? I'm sure the originals were much better to start with
  7. your door is to stubby, have the door extend to the end of the back window and take out the partian between the two windows and then it'd look awesome
  8. it looks like a HEAVILY modified older honda prelude...but what do i know, i'm not into those kinda jap cars
  9. Went to the Foo Fighter concert the other night, AMAZING!!! I was front row dead center, we showed up 4 hours before the doors open for that spot and it was WORTH IT!!! Going back home and listening to them on the cd player made you realize that they are ten times better live it was the best money I've ever spent...
  10. 68panther i always wanted to ask you what if the 3 of the 5 were, RWD, RWD, and RWD....would you want it then? It could be a slow 3 cylinder like in the old Geo's with a slushbox and RWD would you still consider it a winner? LOL
  11. I may be partial to this b/c I own one, but maybe chop what the next generation Colorado should look like! You could have entries covering all ranges of truck model from z71 to SS!
  12. Foo Fighters tonight (9/11) in Tampa playing with Weezer, should be really good! I can't wait!
  13. those have got to be 22 inch rims, they look huge!!!
  14. I'm going to go see The Foo Fighters in about 2 weeks in Tampa! I can't wait! Weezer is gonna be there also but I really don't like them too much...
  15. please tell me they didn't put the fuel tank on the passenger side! I hate it when they do that... :angry:

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