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  1. June Car Spotter Thread

    Heading from Detroit airport & staying in Birmingham, MI this past week... 2018+ Jeep Cherokee prototypes masked over, cruising the highway 2018 GMC Terrains, all around, look great, especially the nose from the front Bentley Bentayga...in light gold...being driven by an elderly lady Always enjoy the car sitings in Michigan.
  2. My Experinece With Apple CarPlay

    I've used CarPlay a few times, and even debated putting a touchscreen unit in my 4Runner to have it. Then realized, why? I always have my iPhone plugged in, and always use a clip mounting it beside the steering wheel. Even in my 2-3 years of driving Acura TLX's with Nav, USB, Bluetooth, and 2 screens...I always used the iPod USB link, but otherwise simply touched on the phone, used the phone nav, etc. CarPlay can't replicate Waze, just Apple maps. Many functions are limited. It's an awesome system, and I loved using it in a new Cadillac XT5 loaner car once, but for me...it's limited, as I want ALL the Apple features ALL the time, and can see them on my screen already without taking an eye far off the road.
  3. Item: 2017 Dodge Charger RT

    Awesome ride!
  4. Item: 2001 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Sport 4wd

    I considered those too...after I locked onto the 4Runner. A later one, 2001 style, would be more carlike with unibody and the 3.5L. The 4Runner definitely drives like a bouncy old truck, but a very solid, perfectly sized one. Roll...down...back...window...huge...sunroof. And oddly? For me, very bolstered and comfortable front seats. Throw stuff in the back, keep cruising.
  5. It Ain't Easy...

    Awesome! Love the looks of these. So many Jeep's now, it's partially confusing, but this is a great setup. 6-spd and 4wd? Rarity, for sure.
  6. Item: 2001 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Sport 4wd

    Even with minor "old car" issues, love this thing. Awesome!
  7. Item: 2001 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Sport 4wd

    Fresher interior:
  8. Name: 2001 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Sport 4wd Category: Vehicles Date Added: 2017-05-07 Submitter: caddycruiser   2001 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Sport 4wd   It keeps going... Finally...a year after purchasing the 4Runner, it's back to looking "right". May 2016, bought this 2001 SR5 Sport Black/Tan with the Safari rack on top, and random odds & ends needed, but running perfectly for $2k. Front corner was hit, flare missing, bumper twisted, tires all worn down & mismatched, unevenly, driver's seat post broken off from rust (one past owner did a driveway audio system & pushed a rubber plug out of the firewall, so it had a constant drivers floor leak), and such. Over a year of tinkering, and a "Toyota whisperer" neighbor semi mechanic, it's back looking incredibly better. New bumper, new lights, new driver's seat, completely re-made audio system with an Alpine double din unit, Weathertech, etc. Still not that much $$ out, and love it. 245k going strong:rockon: Before: Now...with more updates to come. Steering wheel to stitch on, Dents, dings, etc, adds to the character. FJ Cruiser wheels, new tires, new audio, new fluids, new bumper & flare, a little polish...and now new Ventvisors. Keep it simple:
  9. 2001 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Sport 4wd

    2001 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Sport 4wd
  10. Review: 2016 Chevrolet Malibu 2LT

    I've seen SO many new Malibu's around Philadelphia, and not all rentals (you can tell based on stickers), the 1LT 1.5T seems to be the top combo. Had a chance to ride in a house guest's rented white LS model back in May. That car, straight from the factory, comfortable cloth seats, CarPlay and all, was very impressive. My guests were from Germany and even they enjoyed it, and the kids loved CarPlay and had it mastered. Smooth, solid, tight, great visibility out, felt roomy and that odd combo of feeling SOLID yet very lightweight and efficient at the same time. Kind of puts in perspective, for a car like this, even in LS trim, for mid $20k's and under...why you would even bother with some of the less than impressive compact sedans out there that cost just as much and aren't nearly as well designed or refined. It's not as posh as some, nor is the visual as impressive as a Mazda, or even the Ford, but it strikes a good balance. Much nicer than previous versions, and different than the Impala enough to make sense.
  11. The look, design, finish, materials, performance and total "package" of the new CX-9 really is an example of even what most luxury crossovers wish they could be. It's so well done, simply. Look at the center console and shifter (imagine that, a shifter, not $$$$ wasted designing some goofy button, etc. people will hate), a knob, and one screen. I had a 2011 CX-9 Grand Touring FWD myself with every option back in the day when I worked for Mazda and into Acura, and loved it. The driving dynamics, look, finish, feel, and everything about it was spot on. Yes, the 3.7L was heavy on gas, but as mentioned the Aisin 6-speed was perfect and the V6 roared well and strong, smoothly. Hope they do well with the new 9. It's really the only vehicle in the class, in the sub $45k mark, that can sell on "wow" merits alone.
  12. 2016 (new) Mazda CX-9 Sport AWD 2.5 test (and impression)

    This ute is incredible, and the thoughtfulness to every detail Mazda put into it shows. The interior, the styling, etc. are top notch, and even knock far more expensive luxury crossovers out of the mark. I wish an MDX, etc was nearly as well thought out and simple. Mazda interiors lately are the best, and their usefulness is proven. The turbo 4 in the new CX-9 is interesting. I had a 2011 CX-9 GT with the 3.7L and every option, and loved it. It wasn't easy on gas, but Turbos are variable too. That said, this car looks so good, it's the class leader to beat, period. Not too big. Not too small. Styled to perfection. Interior others wish they could come up with, and that recent "it's light it's great and wow cool to drive" Mazda knocks out of the park car after car.
  13. Rental review: 2016 Chevrolet Traverse LT AWD

    These things are old...but I have to agree. I tried to find any other idea for mom when she was tired of (2) back to back Terrains and wanted a 3 row crossover, but the Traverse still won. Her 2LT AWD has more features than even an MDX (and I work for Acura...) for a lot less money, and is built well. Push button keyless? No. She's good with that. It's an old design that's perfected at this point, and drives smooth, feels solid, and just seems like a big nice solid ute going down the road. It's nothing over the top, but value for the dollar, none are bigger, or offer as much. So GM did well adding features over the years, even if they never got push button, etc. To have Blind Spot, Cross Traffic, "Saddle" colored leather, awesome touchscreen nav, the smooth 3.6L, and more, for such a great lease, it was a no brainer. Good review, and hits on all the points.
  14. Lovin' That C.P.O. Warranty

    Warranties...YES. Doesn't matter the car, but especially if it's German, etc. Complication doesn't mean added reliability, especially long term. Your phone, your laptop, or especially your car, cover it. Especially on a VW or Audi. Keep it covered, buy more coverage when it ends, or switch cars. It's interesting to see Doug, the writer for Jalopnik in Philly, and his real world reviews month to month of his various vehicles and their minimal or extreme warranty repairs...it happens.
  15. How Much do I hate My Equinox

    Good review. I had actually never driven the 3.0L AWD 2011 one until the 2 years later when we traded it for the 2013. Back to back, not a big difference. 3.6L felt torquier, but the 3.0L seemed to have more energetic revs. Really minor differences in real world driving. Neither wins a fuel economy prize, by any means. Odd how the big Lambda's with the previous gen style 3.6L have the same EPA ratings, but won't do as well real world. Both platforms were still hampered by extra weight, but solid and refined.

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