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  1. A Stelvio is more than an option...it works. If I one more time hear the GM Derangement of "but there will be rebates". Some people on this forum and in the world are so set in old ways, that's their immediate reply to anyone saying a GM is high priced or under featured. "But there will be rebates". No, not always. It's just overpriced and not great. Go see what's on the market. Here's a $50k Stelvio...NO WAY, in any way shape or form, vs. any $50k Blazer...should anyone ever buy a Blazer when things like this exist, and real world, is just a different level of vehicle, drive quality, features, etc. If it's too special for you...spend less...and go get a loaded Grand Cherokee, Edge, etc... https://www.alfaromeousaofdowningtown.com/new-Malvern-2019-Alfa+Romeo-Stelvio-Sport-ZASPAKAN6K7C31682 More important...if everyone stuck in GM world wants to keep saying "but there are rebates...". Sure. Go compare an actual transaction price and lease payment, real world. May be alarmed. I've yet to see any of these have any semblance of a "deal" GM over thinkers want to keep claiming. Those base & LT 2.5L ones are set for Enterprise, before long, as will the high end $50k ones.
  2. The $29,995 "L" with clear back glass and a 2.5L... https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/761059683/overview/
  3. If you were to BUY any of these, you would need to be committed to an asylum. Real world transaction prices and method is key. The point the "higher end" Cadillac ends up costing less, no matter what way you cut it, is key. No one buys the base. And, being GM, even when you're at Cadillac level...you're still not getting features standard on a Corolla. Safety stuff? Blind spot? "Our focus groups say people don't want that stuff". The base FWD cloth 2.5L Blazer is not going to be the seller. There's so many options on the market right now, unless you get a $10k GM Card bonus randomly...and have to have a squat Chevy crossover, keep shopping. This will be an interesting one. Every time any new product comes out it's almost always expensive, YES. But for this combo of vehicle...does anyone even care about it in the first place...
  4. The poorly tuned dynamics of these have never even lived up to the previous gen's 4.0L & 5-speed. Not one review praises the current Tacoma, and it usually brings up the back of the pack. Strange for sure, "for a Toyota". All the smaller trucks are interesting. This one, most of anything, needed a reset to the engine/transmission calibration and features. Steve Hammes reviewed it the best (as a previous gen owner): https://testdrivenow.com/2019-toyota-tacoma-video-review/
  5. This is the worst driving and worst performing mid size truck, when it used to be one of the best. The fact it got a new radio, and not internal gut improvements is the odd part.
  6. We got this back at the start of October, by the way. It's "in the family" and I bought it through my consulting firm. Back in June of last year, with 6 months to go on the Traverse lease and a checklist of "I don't like...I don't want...but I do want", I made mom drive a checklist of cars: Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo/Limited (what she said she wanted before driving) Subaru Ascent Limited (loved it, just too big) Buick Envision Turbo (too small, too narrow, didn't like the drive) and looked at a GMC Acadia ("don't need to drive it, thanks") Mazda CX-9 Touring (beautiful, comfortable, and not too big. She just didn't want it) 2019 Kia Sorento EX AWD V6 (another one she really liked) Toyota Highlander Limited (minivan, meh, and not a fave) Waited another 3 months, then off with the Traverse and into a late model year 2018 JGC Limited.
  7. GREAT truck. In the big truck market right now, people talk too much of the "interior" (it is by FAR the best), but the overall package, drive, etc. of the Ram is by far also the best. Good move!
  8. For the cost of an Equinox...a more refined Grand Cherokee with a silent silky V6 and crisp 8 speed, that can get better mileage real world, is far more comfortable, etc. isn't that much more. See what's possible. I had a base-base 2016 GC Laredo 4x2 as a rental, also, back in 2017 and it was just as nice, aside from few features. Also the first one I averaged 27.5mpg on a highway trip in.
  9. We own a consulting firm now for vehicle purchases, nationwide, and usually stay away from the higher end trims for those reasons. Air ride, few want nor is it recommended, and at the end of the day, not much else is different vs. a Limited. Go Limited Luxury II with panoramic, cooled seated, etc. and you have it all. Get ANY 2018+, 7.0" or 8.4", and you have the latest UConnect with CarPlay anyway. Lots of trim options. to choose. Great mix. FCA "reliability" is no different than any other modern vehicle. I worked for Honda/Acura for 6+ years, and came to realize, driving dynamics aside, the build quality was a mix (or a mess), the refinement stunk, and still issues. Before the Jeep, there was a 2011 GMC Terrain, a 2013 GMC Terrain, and a 2016 Traverse. None went in for any issues, per say, but all had miserable infotainment that would crash, black out, or stop working (aside from the 2011 without a touch screen) and poor powertrain dynamics. Buy a 1st 6 months Alfa Giulia...it'll be finnicky. Buy a Grand Cherokee, you've been fine for 8 years, and each year the powertrain tuning is even better.
  10. Another great point. The XT4/XT5 siblings aren't even wowzers, but for the same price...or less...than a "OMG it's a Blazer!" why would you not? No doubt, also, the lease on an XT5 right now is lower than a Blazer as well. This may be, one of the worst bizarrely overpriced products GM has intro'd. $42k max, for a V6 RS. Great. With an Equinox Premier 2.0T maxing at $36k... Who'd think. They might even sell more vs. "but the transaction prices end up closer to there after random rebates, AARP and GM card..."
  11. A friend is up to 110k on her 2014 GC Limited...with original brakes, a set of 20" tires changed once, and not much else. Great tanks, with mileage and capability to match. A lot changed in 2016 forward, with engine modifications, tuning, the shifter, the front fascia, etc. so each year there are improvements that not everyone notices. Great car. To be continued for the 2020 model year...as the next gen isn't ready yet, until 2021.
  12. I always talked people out of adaptive cruise...but now that I'm a road warrior daily in NY, I get it. Good move. Glad it's becoming standard now for normal car makers. You know, unlike GM focus groups and "our customers say they don't want those features"...where even blind spot is optional in a $50k+ Cadillac. Thankfully, unlike GM again (also), the blind spot system in an FCA vehicle is functional, and vs. you having to stare at it because it does nothing but maybe light up, if its on and you signal, "beep beep beep!". Add adaptive cruise (easy not expensive bundle on a Limited), and you're set, including auto parking. The difference in feel and platform between a Cherokee and GC is huge. So, auto stop is rarely noticed in the GC. She loves it...and that's saying something. We test drove a new Toyota Highlander Limited that would shudder on off on off every time, followed by a "what is wrong with this car?" reaction. Jeep, never notices, and likes it.
  13. The entire system was a mess, and in both the Terrain and Traverse, whether USB, Bluetooth, or FM, would repeatedly crash, freeze, black out or lock onto Pandora by default at start up. This is a different world, however. After putting 5,500 miles on a 2017 GC Limited rental I had, all over NYC, update NY, western PA, etc. repeatedly, definitely one of my favorite new vehicle packages. 550 miles to a tank, getting 23-26 mpg effortlessly in something silent and perfectly sized doesn't hurt either. Mom, who was terrified of Start Stop, and I said "you can turn it off" now says "absolutely not. It's so cool. I'm in traffic or stuck all the time. Is that why it never needs gas? It's better than any of my cars...and so fast". Boom.
  14. Limited is the perfect combination, and the best lease in the lineup. Everything is standard, and now for 2019, the further updated flush 8.4" UConnect and Blind Spot are as well. Mom wanted nothing to do with in car Nav after the mess of a MyLink radio in the Traverse (and Terrain before it) so the 7.0" with CarPlay has been perfect for her. Better gas mileage than any car she's had...and rips through the 8 speed, flawlessly. This is a package, 8 years in, that never seems to age vs. the competition.
  15. Name: 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 Category: Vehicles Date Added: 2019-02-23 Submitter: caddycruiser 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4

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