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  1. pizzaguy

    ascent towing

    Trying to haul some scrap materials to my cousin and would tow it with https://www.subarupartspros.com/sku/l101sxc004.html. Any ascent owners who tried towing? Would extending until 2,500 be okay? Not sure if that hitch is okay to use or what other tow kit I should use. I think this would be helpful when just carrying some equipment here in our house.
  2. Random thought now is "What is happening"? We already have the virus and we have another fight (you know what I mean). #wecan'tbreath.
  3. Listening to the album of lady gaga now. Love the song with her collaboration with Elton John.
  4. What is happening in your area now? I headed that even in London there is a protest for him..this really became global. In LA there is now a curfew from 8-5. Any updates in your city?
  5. Because I have a mopar filter https://www.allmoparparts.com/sku/68492616aa.html I only change it every 13 months or sometimes even 14.
  6. Sometimes I question myself, why am I typing this.
  7. I went to samsung store just last week and saw a smaple model of that and the dent on the middle still bothers me. I would still go with samsung 20plus
  8. Took it to walgreens and went to a carwash shop to remove some dirt outside and inside.

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