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  1. I'm a big fan of bustlebacks, I'd take a two tone Continental from 82 as well. I prefer the Imperial though.
  2. 1982 was a tough year but here is one off the Top of my head.
  3. Listening to the Steve Austin Show podcast.
  4. I like the new look much better, it reminds me of the layout we had previously. I don't really browse on my phone but it seems to be running fine on my pc using Chrome.
  5. I'm no fan of Honda, but to complain that a car is too sporty and that it should only be a boring 4 door sedan is laughable. If you're looking for another generic appliance there are plenty on the market already.
  6. Nothing exciting or new about this car in terms of styling and the interior is quite bland aside from gluing the top of a coffee table to the dash.
  7. I'm stunned, this thing is beautiful. I love the subtle Lincoln emblem theme in the front fascia and lights. The tail lights look awesome and wow that interior. I've never been a fan of blue interiors but maybe it's the lack of them in cars today that makes this one stand out. Either way I love it, those seats look great, and I know it wont make production but all that chrome is great. It's a retro touch thats not something you see these days, and I love it. I hope it stays as close to this as possible for production and keeps the name. Cadillac the CT6 better really bring it now, and sadly I don't think it will. At least not in the styling department, it's time for A&S to evolve some more, unless the CT6 is a sedan version of the Elmiraj I don't see it topping this.
  8. I guess I'm in the minority, I love Top Gear, I've been watching it for close to 7 years now. There's nothing wrong with shows like Motorweek and other car shows that take a more fact based approach, but Top Gear is just fun. The cinematography is top notch, the locations on the big challenges and road trips are all beautiful places that many of us would otherwise never get to see. The trio of hosts have a genuine bond and friendship as evidenced by the fact both Hammond and May refused to complete the final episodes of this series without Clarkson. Sure Clarkson can be insulting and obnoxious but thats what makes him fun to watch. I'm an American and I get a kick out of him insulting American cars and us in general. It's comedy folks, I'm so sick of everything having to be nice and sweet and approved for all audiences Clearly I'm not the only one as Top Gear is a global powerhouse.
  9. On a side note, my Oldsmobile which is pictured in my sig was a 1978 model, my friends and I called it the boat. Anyone who has driven old B, C and D bodies knows these things were built like tanks. One night at around 4:30am I fell asleep driving home in my Ninety Eight. I crashed through a steel fence and hit a tree. Not only did I walk away unscathed, my car was able to drive away and function mechanically just fine. Apart from scratches, some tears in the vinyl roof, a cracked passenger side marker lens and my rear bumper getting bent slightly on the right corner the only major damage was that the front passenger door no longer opened. Knowing myself and the speeds I normally drove on this particular stretch of road I can safely estimate that I was going about 40MPH when I hit the fence, and probably still going around 30-35 MPH when I hit the tree. In a real world accident my car kept me alive. However if it was put in a modern crash test it would probably be laughed out of the building. The point being even with the knowledge my car would never pass a crash test, I'd still drive it because it feels safe, its big, its solid, its heavy...and in my case I already know it saved my life once.
  10. This is the first time I've ever heard someone complain that their car was built like a tank. Where I come from that term is used to praise a vehicle. I'd much rather sacrifice some mileage and weight if it meant feeling like my vehicle was safer because it feels solid. The perception of feeling safe is actually a major factor in my mother wanting to get another Town & Country. I'm sure any minivan would offer her a similar experience but my point is that she enjoys the size of her van and thats why she just bought another one after owning a 1994 model for nearly 20 years.
  11. We recently picked up a gently used 2013 Town & Country to replace our old 1994 Town * Country which had AWD. It is my mother's vehicle and she loves it but has been missing the AWD this winter. This generation of Chrysler vans never had AWD due to Sto n Go. The next generation was rumored to have AWD return but that may not be the case now as that is space that will possibly used for batteries on the plug in models.
  12. I personally love the C3, even later ones. The styling of the C3's was just sexy IMO. As far as C5 and C6 go, if given the choice I'd take a C6 with a C5 interior. I always felt the C6 and basically all GM products during that time period had some dreadful interiors, not as bad as Chrysler products of the time, but close.
  13. Now thats a nice truck congrats, love the color.

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