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  1. This is why those "Coloroado destroys Tacoma" reviews were premature.
  2. GLS sedan...Black on beige interior w/ the 3400...everything that can go wrong did go wrong. Warped brakes every other year LIM gasket failure at < 60k miles Warped dash Even the freaking Hazard light switch went through the dash...as in: I pushed it to turn on the hazards and the button went inside the dash. Water pump Radiator and an Alternator...that may have been wear and tear
  3. The Alero was my first car back in 2001...it was a handsome POS
  4. Yeah...you buggin (tripping) with that one...the 7 series in general while the proportions are right that front fascia and the angle of it is............off
  5. ill rank em 1. Model S 2. Air 3. Celestiq - The profile doesn't translate well in photos because its gigantic 4. I4 5. Model 3 6. ID7 7. Polestar 2 8. Ioniq6 9. i7 10. EQS 11. EQE
  6. TBH...they (XT5/XTsux) shouldn't exist in their current form. Cadillac should've been looking at MB/BMW as competitors instead of the low hanging fruit FWD RX, MDXs of the world. This is why Buick is still around. They should've been going after entry level luxury. Cadillac dove downmarket to chase numbers and squeezed out it's own sibling brand. IMO GM should just be Chevrolet & Cadillac....Buick and GMC don't really serve a purpose but to only cater to truck guys that feel like they're too good for a Chevy.
  7. Can't argue with any of that.. that straight 6 would've been more useful in a RWD Mazda 6...but oh well crossovers for everyone. ?
  8. They also don't build as many Aviators as they build GLEs and X5s...the volume product out that plant is the Explorer...without a doubt. Margin per vehicle produced, I bet they're somewhere in the same ballpark. I remember having this heated debate on another forum where it was sworn up and down that the XTsux as I call the XT6 was the superior vehicle, and it'll sell more...it isn't and it really doesn't. Besides, sales isn't really the end all be all metric of determining which car is better. More popular/more attainable sure, but overall better? Not really. When I buy an auto, I want the best car that I can get for the job...for the money. Popularity be damned. Would you say that the Camry was the best car in the world at any point in your life?
  9. Just understand that whatever it is that you think about the RX and MDX...the XT5 is much worse. Re: choosing the Buick over the Lexus...I get it, when I bought my Mazda 6 I went to a Lexus dealer to buy a new ES350 F Sport in that dark grey color w/ the Red leather seats. Buuut problem was that they also had a used Mazda 6 Signature w/ 12k on the odo on their lot for almost half the price...27 vs 51k. Didn't end up going used, but I ended up buying a new 6 Grand Touring reserve...1 trim down. Now was the Lexus a better quality car....yes it was undoubtedly, but was it 24k better? Nope, not even close
  10. RWD based AWD optional...give it a proper layout. I hate to keep bringing them up, but look at what mazda did with the CX90 and soon to be CX70...they could've just mailed it in and done another CX9 and CX5, But they wanted that long hood/short overhang. Now being said, midsized CUVs are the bread and butter segment. The xt5 and this are also rans, the RX and MDX are the top dogs here...cede that segment, up your price and undercut the X5, GLE with a RWD based product. Sure the sales numbers won't be there but your ATP and profit margins would be higher. And as a side effect, you improve your brands prestige.
  11. On another forum I advocated for Buick to build a LWB C1 based Coupe Ute based on the Enclave...think this but almost full sized. You're getting warmer GM/Buick
  12. Still Wrong wheel drive at its core...don't understand why they couldn't just chop down the Wheelbase of the Aviator and make a properly proportioned RWD based CUV. Leaving money on the table by not doing standard box CUV and CUV coupe. Interior is nice though 10/10 there but hard pass due to layout
  13. Uh oh...I sense a generation gap ?...NGL = Not Gon(na) Lie I'm not turned off of the Silverado 2500...that first pic released of it a few years ago was intentionally from a bad angle to get people talking about it. After seeing it in the wild a lot now...it isn't a bad looking truck, the interior just sucked until this refresh.
  14. 500 miles is excessive, Give me a midsized sedan w/ a 200mi range for ~ 35k and I'll be all in. Ioniq 6 is looking tempting but I cant get over the front end.
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