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  1. 1. 4 Silverados, 1 TrailBlazer, 1 Tahoe = 6 2. Two
  2. It just looks DUMB, like the current car. Odd proportions, dorky spoilers and body kits on an antiseptic little sedan. So stale and dumpy. Maybe that's why I see Corollas plodding along at 10 mph below the speed limit, the new darling of the AARP.
  3. Is there any chance that the Atlas inline-6 from the fading GMT360 might find a home in Zeta? It's always been a magnificent engine begging for a decent chassis.
  4. Thanks! I was wondering if these '07 Classics on the lots were the last...and there are plenty of them. I guess incentives on the 900 will stay slim 'til these 800s are gone.
  5. Does anybody know when GM will discontinue the GMT-800s?
  6. Isn't the retention rate for OnStar subscribers very low? I myself have two vehicles hauling around inactive systems, and consider it a liability. Do people really buy these nav systems, or is it just a gizmo?
  7. BowTieFarmer


    The Tacoma and '07 Tundra look so stupid.
  8. Ugh. A big ugly one to match their little ugly one, undoubtedly built like a clock by our own Texans. They will work fine hauling flats of pansies, furniture, bagged leaves, and affluent suburbanites. But leave the real work to Silverados, Sierras, F-Series and Rams - hay, fertilizer, seed, concrete mix, etc. No working man or respectable hunter would be seen in this overstyled, reptilian pretender.
  9. Wonder how many vehicles it is in? The last figure I saw for OnStar was an 11% subscription rate after the first year, and Acura (I think) has already dropped it. My Silverado and Impala have it, and I'm glad for GM that someone finds value in it!
  10. Maybe this is the spiritual successor to the futuristic GMC Motor Home that was produced in the '70s. That's what I thought of when I saw it.

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