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  1. gmhashope

    List of NAIAS Debuts [updated Dec. 10]

    If I were a betting man, I'd say New York. I tend to remember Saturn unveiling the Aura and Outlook there for that upcoming fall/winter which reminds me that the Astra is supposed to be here in the upcoming fall/winter.
  2. gmhashope

    2007 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra

    The interiors are huge improvements. I can't stand the interiors in the F-150. I'm beginning to like the Sierra more than the Silverado now.
  3. gmhashope

    Aura and Outllook colors

    Anyone have any ideas why the Saturn website won't load for me? I haven't been able to get it to load in about a week.
  4. gmhashope

    Saturn's Second Liftoff?

    I've heard November 2006.
  5. gmhashope

    Aura ordering guide is up!

    Now all they have to do is release the prices and the I'll be able to decide on which model to get.
  6. gmhashope

    Outlook Horsepower/Torque Question

    Maybe the XR will have 279 hp like the Enclave Concept and they are just trying to surprise the competition.
  7. gmhashope

    The Aura needs better wheels and piano black

    The only thing I would change is make the concept's wheels in 18 inch form and make them an option on the XR. Other than that the Aura is awesome.
  8. That's where Chevy's and GMC's Lambda minivan comes in.The Outlook is great and I can't wait until dealers get it so I can buy one. Any word on prices?
  9. gmhashope


    I love the Sky Redline. The car is beautiful.
  10. Nope, it's on Epsilon. According to MT Auto Show coverage, the Outlook is on the Theta platform. The only thing I don't like on the Aura is the 14 spoke wheels. Saturn should have just downsized the concept wheels for the XR. I think I'm gonna buy the XE just because I can't stand the XR's wheels.
  11. gmhashope

    GMX002 Cancelled

    That article also says GM might build a Saturn Astra in the U.S. or rebadge one from Europe but either way there should be an Astra in the U.S. by fall '07.
  12. gmhashope

    The 2007 Saturn Aura

    From talking to various people, including some that work at the Fairfax plant, it sounds like the base engine will be the 248 hp V6 (3.5 VVT makes 211hp so it can't be that, 3.9 VVT makes 240-242 hp so it can't be that, but the 3.6 makes from 240-255 hp currently). I'm guessing the the 248 hp V6 will be the 3.6 and from what I've heard is that the top of the line non Redline version will have 270-ish hp. Now is it a coincidence that the Buick Enclave debuted a new 3.6 that makes 279 hp. This is all pure speculation but I'm guessing all 3.6s; one making 248 hp and another making 279 hp, both mated to 6 speed autos. It also sounds like the 3.5 VVT idea has been scrapped and production will begin in late April or early May, not July. BTW, the chrome bar looks wierd just because of the lighting. The chrome bar will look like the concepts, its not silver plastic.
  13. gmhashope

    Aura pics from the Chicago Auto Show

    Here are more pictures I took at the Chicago Auto Show. They're not that great. The lighting around the Aura display was really bad (it wasn't that great at the Sky display either) and went from being dark to being really bright and was playing tricks on the flash on the camera. Oh, well, the Aura still looks great and I can't wait until it debuts in New York and for production to begin on July 24, 2006. BTW, the first Auras are on the assembly line. http://www.saturnfans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71909
  14. gmhashope

    Ion's final days...

    True. What I've heard is that Saturn will continue to build the ION through the end of the 2006 year which means that the ones made in September, October, ect. will probably be considered '07 models. They will try to produce as many as possible so Saturn dealers can still have a compact car on the lot.But by the time the ION production stops, Saturn will have the Sky, Aura, and Outlook to go along with the VUE and RELAY. BTW, I fixed the link but I posted the whole story.
  15. gmhashope


    It's RWD, right?

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