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  1. BlkHhr104

    2008 Mercury ________

    Wasn't this canceled way before the Montego went through its name change and facelift, and this is identical to the facelifted Sable, is it a sure thing its canceled?
  2. BlkHhr104

    Hummer haters strike again

    Um didn't the nickel from the batteries in the Prius cause cancer?
  3. BlkHhr104

    Spied: 2008 Chevrolet Aveo5 caught

    Wasn't there spy shots of a facelifted Aveo 5 way back when, it was white I believe.
  4. BlkHhr104

    2008 Cadillacs on Sale On Ebay

    I didn't know that the SRX was receiving the new steering wheel also.
  5. BlkHhr104

    The curse tapped me

    I don't like it by the Wantagh parkways entrance and exits.. ahh.
  6. BlkHhr104

    Confirmed NYIAS Debuts

    When will we see the Malibu hybrid?
  7. BlkHhr104

    2008 Impreza

    Soo you take the Honda Civiv Type-R and the Mazda3 staple it together... and well call it bad weather.
  8. Well no it said it was the only concept to NYIAS, but what you said makes a lot of sense, but that wouldn't be a debut?? hmm... mistake at autoblog or maybe Saab really is introducing a concept named E100?
  9. Nope according to Autoblog its called the Saab E100 concept.
  10. Nahhh the HUMMER H4 concept will not be there, GM said they only showing one concept and its a SAAB concept (again), soo I think NYC is HUMMER free.
  11. BlkHhr104

    G37 Coupe Revealed

    Although it looks great, it looks to Nissan like, but still it looks great.
  12. BlkHhr104

    Pop Quiz... *ANSWERS REVEALED*

    Am I the only one that thinks for the price that the Phantom and Mayback are, their door panels are jokes?
  13. BlkHhr104

    C&G First Look: 2008 LaCrosse Super (half) Revealed

    I saw a music video of Gwen Stefani, and she was being chased in a custom 07 Tahoe by police in a custom 07 Lucerne, I thought it was really cool to see the Lucerne amoung'st the celebrity world, I even saw a custom one on CRIBs, along with an 07 Aspen.

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