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  1. michaelv13

    I'm a PC ...

    No Money for Steve Jobs. Macs were good in those good ol' days. PC is awesome (Vista Still sucks). Dual Quad Cores with 64X and 16GB can own those mac workstations and run circles around them without a drop of sweat and yet be half as much as Macs when it comes to price and I am mightily impressed with Dell's service for workstations. I agree with siegen - get refurbished and still have performance beating the Macs. As for the viruses it is the scale effect - 87% of world uses windows - so lot of losers have spare time trying to outsmart the PC.
  2. michaelv13

    MKS Wagon

  3. Very good vehicle. This will do the job perfectly as HHR and even sub Theta. Is Delta II AWD compatible?
  4. michaelv13

    Detroit's OTHER Nightmare is finally over

    Kwame, Millen etc. going. Looks like we may turn the corner in Motown. Redwings already have in that respect.
  5. michaelv13

    evidently we're code yellow/orange

    Because demand is way up from Gore's mansion.
  6. michaelv13

    Escalade Lambda Confirmed Again

    Ring is a track that generally favors FWD biased cars when the power, weight and other factors stay same.
  7. michaelv13

    Escalade Lambda Confirmed Again

    On a side note GM bought the full rights to manufacture Tata Nano under Chevy badge and shall have a car on the same architecture for Cadillac to be called Cadillac Pico - Oh wait it is a RWD - change in plans the architecture shall be modified to spawn FWD models to gain 0.00005 mpg in fuel economy.
  8. michaelv13

    Escalade Lambda Confirmed Again

    How about Cadillac badging of the Beat?
  9. michaelv13

    Slighty Red

    B-Pllarzzz T3H cork soakers. Very good solid piece of machinery. Did you get the premium package and navigation package? Do you have the BO audio system too?
  10. michaelv13

    Same job, new locale

    How much is the 25th anniversary for, PM me if you do not want to tell the details.
  11. michaelv13

    Tattoo or Nipple Ring

    Those are great dogs. Very loyal. My guess is that you probably got her before Milo ran over from the Big Screen into the hearts of the people.
  12. michaelv13

    Tattoo or Nipple Ring

    Sorry to hear about that. No replacement yet or that it is difficult to find one?
  13. michaelv13

    Tattoo or Nipple Ring

    Thank you sir for piercing my mammary. Is she okay?
  14. michaelv13

    Tattoo or Nipple Ring

    Forgive my memory Mr. Blu. But didn't you have an avatar with a thing (cat or dog) sitting on your lap? :AH-HA_wink: Wasn't there an incident few months ago somewhere when a girl was forced to take her nipple piercings off at the airport and she bled while being done so and in turn has sued the TWA?
  15. michaelv13

    Only in Texas

    A great story in a poorly written article.

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