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  1. performance upgrade, or actual towing ease? i think these are class 2 rated....nvm, 1 ton towing. but anyway... much easier towing. aren't the gm twins... using a smaller displacement and more gears? can't compare apples to apples, but i understand, intended market and such.
  2. loki

    Review: 2018 Toyota C-HR XLE Premium

    just the powertrain, if upgraded to the same as the corolla, would be a huge upgrade as far as driving and efficiency.
  3. ah, that makes it clear. i don't understand how this would work since it's directed at auto manufacturers and not directly at china, or it's exports, but we do keep hearing that Chinese brands want to export to here, sometime in the near future.
  4. do you mean through direct taxes, indirect taxes or that their refineries are state owned? not that i agree with subsidizing these things, but i generally think that as wealth increases and production and tech ramps up with better and more batteries, EV's have to get more prevalent.
  5. any/everything is in the national security interest. /s is the just a tit for tat policy @Drew Dowdell? is that why you support this?
  6. loki

    June 2018: Mazda North American Operations

    i wonder if the mx-5 sales were affected by the news of the '19's hp increase.
  7. loki

    Mazda News: Rumorpile: Turbo Power for the CX-5?

    the 2018 cx9 is 4,166 to 4,361 lbs the 2018 cx5 is 3,527 to 3,655 lbs 600lbs to 700lbs. having 2-3 adults less weight would be noticable. it's late, not googling the turbo engine weight difference to N/A engine
  8. loki

    Lincoln News: Rumorpile: Lincoln MKC to Become Corsair

    but how much RGB will it come with?!
  9. more so with the 'nox diesel. it'll be interesting if mazda puts the x engine in the CX-3 soon. 29 city / 34 highway now , but add ~25% makes it ~35/43 This will be why the small CUV/Crossovers(?) may continue to dominate even in $3.50+ gas prices
  10. would be interesting to see some $/mile for vehicle categories,brands,industry average over, idk, quarterly timescale. it feels like the last 10 years big jumps have happened in all but the biggest SUV/truck groups.
  11. have you driven an mx-5 recently? it really doesn't. I drove the ND club sport for about 2 days back in, march. only thing i was surprised by was how you couldn't putt up a hill in 2nd at about 10 mph.
  12. helping the earth, one human at a time....? j/k
  13. i nearly hit one a few months ago on a road barely lit and no side walk... admittedly i was also a tad distracted.
  14. just gonna add night joggers and such. sometimes its more the pedestrian being visible before having to swerve/slam on the brakes.
  15. nice OCN, depending on weight and gearing, that might make it kinda sporty with the manual. will the next ~5years get us to a new "golden age of engines"?

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