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  1. doesn't CARE..... a yugo? if it's broke then they don't have to care. you have someone else take care of it doesn't care.... tesla, minimum maint. limited range(mostly) and just plug it in so you can use it when you need to.
  2. just an idea if it fit in the mx-5, i6 based on the 1.5L 4, but with the sky-x power... 200hp/184.5lbft from 2.25L. 2.5L i4 power in a smoother i6... bring back the mx-6(but rwd)? the '18 mx-5 2.0L has 181 hp and 151lbft
  3. if this is based on the 2.0L with the euro spec outputs, a 3L would produce ~267 hp and 246 Lb-Ft. making it very competitive with non DI 3.5/3.6L V6s and turbo'd ~2L if it's based on the hypothetical 2.5L (222HP/205LbFt), 3.75L would put out 333HP and 307LbFt making it very competitive(beating) any non turbo v6 and even high performance v6's like the nismo 3.7L in the 370Z. 2L specs quoted below https://www.motor1.com/news/304616/mazda-skyactiv-x-engine-specs/ " At least in Europe, Mazda's new Skyactiv-X engine in the 2019 Mazda3 will produce 178 horsepower (133 kilowatts) and 164 pound-feet (222 Newton-meters) of torque. The info comes from a brochure available on Mazda Slovakia's website. Jalopnik first discovered the document "
  4. this could lend more hope for the 6 going RWD, or another vehicle above the 6, sedan or coupe(wagon please). an i6 in such a car would be sweet.
  5. a mazda2, i mean yaris (iA)? or are those really not in the same class?
  6. yeach. but if it keeps it kinda competitive.... w/e.
  7. from AC induction to DC motors? that's the opposite of freight hauling loco's, but makes sense for "city" driving. AC motors have harder time moving from a standstill. cool.
  8. a new conglomerate of Saturn Hummer Olds Mercury plymoth(pontiac) AMC - SHAMPO, they will bu(r)y FCA into the fold.
  9. '15 mazda 6. for the first 35K dealership changes at ~5K. After that castrol edge closer to 7500 and mazda filter. About to hit 78K in the next couple weeks.
  10. sounds like a very similar setup to how mazda tuned the 2.5LT. Give it lots of grunt way down where most people drive anyway...even at the expense of high end(5K+) power from https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a25693266/2019-mazda-cx-5-turbo-by-the-numbers/ " The turbocharged CX-5's appeal isn't really about scorching performance, although the 250-hp engine does send it to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds, nearly two seconds quicker than the base engine. But this engine is more effortless than exciting and is almost diesel-like in the way it doesn't like to rev. To maximize acceleration, the transmission upshifts at 5300 rpm—1000 revs short of redline—because the 2.5T's output tapers off so dramatically at high rpm. " if you want ease of driving, tune the engine this way. if you want highend power, you want it tuned differently...adding noticable turbo lag when not driven hard... or it'll be NA or super-charged...which it seems supercharged engines are only for the larger v-8s now...
  11. I always liked your analysis of things changing and technical options @dwightlooi.
  12. that wouldn't work... at least given the status of the 200, the dart and such. unless it's a generator with a powerfull EV drivline.
  13. why not, they almost have it anyway in the US... Yaris iA sedan

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