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  1. nice OCN, depending on weight and gearing, that might make it kinda sporty with the manual. will the next ~5years get us to a new "golden age of engines"?
  2. i skimmed it. decent diet it went on. what are active roll bars?
  3. power handling of the CVT is unknown, right? best way to estimate it would be base it off the camry's engine(s), let's average the eco and "normal engine" performance to =~190HP from a 2.5L. a 2.0L could produce more like 152HP. not far off. /remindme when real specs for it are released. interior does look class competitive. mostly simple/straight forward. i wonder what the base will look like. exterior looks euro/scion/camry derived... mostly on the ugly side. this makes me glad the sedan market is shrinking.
  4. why not return to it's roots and use the new VC turbo engine and make another...260(ish)Z?
  5. it's a turbo 1.5L, duh. /s could it be the -x engine? not likely, not impossible. if it's HP peak is still 6K, means it needs to be modified to make ~158lbft at 6k. This would be an increase of ~16lb ft. how can an engine be tuned to produce ~12% more lbft? Vtec kicked in yo?!
  6. with high grade gas, make the same power(~1%) but mazda has like ~15% more torques. the 6 is slightly lighter for the '17 6 to the '18 accord. The tuning and transmission will be the deciding factors for FAST!
  7. loki

    Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    i'd say it all hinges (staying independent) on the skyactiv-x attempt being put in the other 2 engines(assuming the 1.5 would even be relevant) and if it's put in the turbo'd engine... along with how fast other hybrid/electric vehicles take over the market. their collaboration with 'yota for hybrid tech in mazdas will also be a big variable, hopefully to show up in '20 models. also, in terms of the video, i wonder how much the uls gasoline standard is a part of the soot reduction.
  8. loki

    Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    video for the NA engine
  9. loki

    Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    i don't have complaints about it, your comment was about a downsized turbo engine to keep CAFE up. i was giving an example of one, but i don't know how that would affect their CAFE rating. we shall see what the upgrades to the 2.5L engine do for power and economy. i think the rumor is up about 10HP, making it 194. The big question is if they've done much else to the powertrain...aka upgraded to an 8speed.
  10. loki

    Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    the 2.0L is the base around the world... if it makes nearly the same ~150HP, a turbo 1.5L should have 150hp based on the 250 the 2.5L T has. but, Mazda prefers to stay away from turbos because of it's driving characteristics.
  11. loki

    Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    indeed.... then let me drive it. did you test the sport, T or the GT? the '15's 19" tires were a sore spot for lots of people. is there anything wrong with an analog tach and speedo? other than looking like it should be calibrated sometimes, i don't think so. I've not driven a digital dash car yet, but i like the simplicity of analog. i guess being able to customize a digital dash to take away some issues with the HUD, if it's there or not, would be good....
  12. i used to drive a G-Body wagon....
  13. loki

    Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: October 2017

    is it surprising to me that chrysler sells as many as they do... being only 2 vehicle models...?
  14. loki

    Nissan News: Nissan is Non-Commital on the Z Coupe

    the next evolution is obviously a 390Z. 240-> 260-> 280 (then 80's/90's things), then 350-> 370->.... see?!

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