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  1. yeah. if they got the 100HP/L they get in the CX-9, be interesting if they did that to the 1.5L to compare with the 2.0L, but that'll probably never happen. EPA should really just post numbers at several MPH increments and then a "city" cycle and agressive Highway driving cycle.
  2. best i've gotten was ~42.3, worst was 28ish. but i don't do a ton of stop and go and don't speed excessively. wondering how the skyactiv-x will add to this data..
  3. Just from the first picture i thought it might be a Lincoln.
  4. HCCI, mazda style, more info

    Patent drawings reveal Mazda's SkyActiv-X engine makes clever use of a non-automotive component to make it work. http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a12047232/the-secret-device-that-could-be-the-key-to-mazdas-revolutionary-gas-engine/
  5. Industry News: Nine Automakers Pass On Frankfurt

    i think Mazda is supposed to be doing something more there... perhaps the 6, or more info on skyactiv-x....
  6. FYI , ultra low sulfer gasoine was also part of the world standard they (mazda) wanted to happen before they could launch this tech. that standard was supposed to go into affect this year in the US. this standard is supposed to be the same as euro spec, Jap standard... probably more...
  7. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mazda-strategy-idUSKBN1AO0E7 Mazda's engine employs spark plugs under certain conditions, such as at low temperatures, to overcome technical hurdles that have hampered commercialization of the technology.
  8. i saw elsewhere that there maybe a super charger to go with the HCCI engine.
  9. HCCI in the past has always had sparkers to fall back on because the charge needs to be "just right" and that doesn't happen at start and supposedly drastic load changes.... just sayin. the '18 3 models have been on lots for a few weeks, but very limited news of other model's updates for the '18 MY. basically more safety tech lower in the tiers...
  10. hm, will Mazda get access to that 8-speed? will they help each other with adding the high compression tech to a v6 and v8...dreaming in the clouds....
  11. Hyundai News:2018 Hyundai i30 N Finally Debuts

    overall kinda mazda-ish...moreso with the dash...but kinda melty. like the screen and hvac slid down ...
  12. well, the '18's are stateside...but no news of what's different. http://www.jakesweeneymazda.com/new/Mazda/2018-Mazda-Mazda3-14c2853f0a0e0a6b3f0ee7391f0d0a14.htm
  13. June 2017: Mazda North American Operations

    guessing the '18 model info should be starting to show up in the next month or 2... curious when skyactiv gen 2 will make its debut.
  14. June Car Spotter Thread

    a blue/green tinted chromish audi. bently convertable i think
  15. June Car Spotter Thread

    we will. but now i'm working. contract job for intelligrated (honeywell).