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  1. why not, they almost have it anyway in the US... Yaris iA sedan
  2. do you say that of opinion or because of the infrastructure?
  3. loki

    First Impressions: 2020 Mazda 3: Comments

    https://www.caranddriver.com/news/2019-mazda-3-sedan-hatchback-photos-info just the 2.5L will be offered in the US till the 2.0-X comes. 2.5L slightly upgraded to 188hp&ft-lbs. found this info elsewhere... i'l try to find it
  4. loki

    2019 mazda 3 reveal website

  5. just another probable point that the EPA cycle doesn't do a good job of showing real world gas use. and another that any company can claim the cycles aren't representative.
  6. loki

    Mazda News: Next Mazda3 Will Feature A Mild-Hybrid Setup

    this isn't really NEW news. it was at least hinted at in prior sky-x videos/literature. will it be more like the GM BAS or the FIAT/RAM hybrid? the first crossover will be the CX-3. (rumor) maybe the cx-5 (sport?) would get the engine, but that doesn't make sense for it being a premium (base) engine quickly. i only say the sport model because it used to have the 2.0L as standard.
  7. i think a better view of it is they may plan to redesign the cx-5 next year or for 2020...? it does ride on the 3 platform, right? the new 3 will be shown at the LA autoshow. maybe they were a tad disappointed at all the R&D it took and , maybe glad they did it, but don't want to deal with them out in the consumer space here in the USA/Canada. and will instead put more resources into the next gen cx on the new platform. yeah, the turbo is better known and has very similar performance to the diesel.... while being very different targets, most people know gas, don't want to be confused with a diesel option. it's just understanding what is their target and what is the upkeep for warranty and dealer training... cost benefit is... lots of cost, very unsure benefit.
  8. there is also an option guide out there on reddit too.
  9. mazda also has eternal blue, not available on everything, but i would take that over my deep blue mica if i could.
  10. loki

    Quick Drive: 2018 Mazda6 Signature

    I liked how the sky looked more than the solstice. and compared to the miata.... driving dynamics would play a part in that decision
  11. CX-5 also gets the 2.5L turbo? The sky-x does actually excite me. I wonder if they'll preview any other displacements too.
  12. perhaps they will also show the skyactive-x at LA!!!! ...just sayin
  13. loki

    Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: September 2018

    perhaps, but they have a turbo cx-5 coming, and the skyactiv-x engine around the corner. rumor has it the 3 and the cx-3 will get the 2.0 x. it will be interesting what the market will do with these products...when they hit lots.
  14. loki

    Jeep News: 2019 Jeep Renegade Comes With A New Turbo Engine

    it'll be a steal with how efficient it is. /s

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